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What Is Bottleneck in PC World

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In the last article, which you can read here, I was talking about which PC components are crucial for programmers. Basically, I listed all the components to worry about, but I’ve also said that you need to keep the Bottleneck in mind. Because, there’re a lot of people who don’t know what is a bottleneck, in this article, I’ll try to explain what that is.

What is Bottleneck


So, the definition of bottleneck is that the speed of your computer will be determined by your weakest PC component. So, it doesn’t matter how powerful your graphics card is if your processor is weak, your computer will run as fast as that processor can go. Basically, your graphics you’ll have a graphics card that’s as powerful as Bugatti Chiron, but it’ll run as fast as Toyota Corolla.


Which PC Components Affect Bottleneck

Not all PC components have an effect on the bottleneck. The main components that play a role in the overall speed of your PC and so as in bottleneck. Those are Processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), RAM, but not as much as the other two, and the last one is the storage, which can be either SSD or Hard Disk. What storage you use won’t affect your PC performance in games and in other CPU and GPU intensive tasks, but it’ll have an effect on boot time, that’s how long you need to wait for your PC to turn on, and on the time it takes to open programs.

How To Detect A Bottleneck

If you are not sure if you have a bottleneck, the easiest solution would be to use a Bottleneck Calculator. It’s a website where you list all the PC components that you have, and then it says you if you have a bottleneck, and how big the bottleneck is. It also says you what PC component you should upgrade to fix the bottleneck.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is thinking about buying a new PC, but you're not that much into computers and don't want to mess with the bottleneck, I would recommend you to either buy this PC or this laptop, depends on what you need.


This was a quick article about the bottleneck. It’s not a topic that’s that related to programming, but if you like these types of articles where I talk a little bit more about computer and PC parts, leave me a comment, and I could start making more of them.

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