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What is an Evergreen Seminar?

by Syed BalkhiMay 25th, 2021
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Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site. He explains how to create an evergreen webinar that brings value over and over again. The difference between live webinars and evergreen ones is that you can reuse your webinar content. Using the right software, you can create a top-notch webinar including live chat made by your audience and then schedule it so that it replays to your audience. It especially makes sense with topics you need to cover frequently.

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Live webinars are powerful. 

They allow you to create a live virtual seminar where you’re connecting with people in real-time. It lets your audience learn more about you and your brand. And because they’re seeing a real person and hearing your voice, your audience will trust you faster. 

When you hold live webinars, you increase the chances of getting more leads and boosting sales almost instantaneously.

Why live webinars are limited

The trouble with live webinars is that they are not scalable. It takes weeks of work to create a script, market the webinar, create your presentation deck, collect leads, and more. 

You can engage with your audience during the webinar and follow up with them over the next few days. 

If you want to engage more people, you have to start the marketing process all over and put in hours presenting the same content over and over again. 

The solution 

This is where evergreen webinars come in. The difference between live webinars and evergreen ones are that you can reuse your evergreen webinar content. 

Using the right software, you can create a top-notch webinar including live chat made by your audience and then schedule it so that it replays to your audience. 

This is an absolutely scalable way to make use of live webinar content. It especially makes sense with topics you need to cover frequently. 

Let’s look at how you can create evergreen webinars. 

How to create evergreen webinars

To build an evergreen webinar, you need to have high-quality content and the right tools. Let’s break down how you can easily create an evergreen webinar that brings value over and over again. 

Choose an evergreen topic

For your webinar to be evergreen, it has present information on a topic that’s relevant over a long period of time. 

Content that refers to a unique event or time is not something you can reuse. For example, ‘How to grow your business in 2021’ won’t be interesting in just eight months from the time this post is published.

Here are topic ideas that you can build your webinar on:

  • Case studies that highlight how your audience can solve a problem. This is typically an opportunity for you to showcase your product features and abilities. 
  • Tutorials that help users work with your product or services. 
  • Onboarding for people who have signed up for your service or subscription
  • Educational webinars that teach people about fundamental principles in your industry
  • Problems that will exist for most people no matter the era they live in - like how to make more money or how to improve a poor relationship

Make note of frequently asked questions and issues that you need to address with a live webinar time and again. Resurfacing issues can inspire great topics for evergreen webinars. 

Create a script

As confident as you may be in your knowledge of your business, it’s critical to build a script. One reason is that it helps you stay organized. You can track how long your script takes to read out and edit it so that it doesn’t go over the time you’ve scheduled for it. 

When you build a script, you can use it as a reference for future webinars and also repurpose it to create videos and blog pots. 

Use the right software

To create an evergreen webinar, you not only need to record your live content. You also have to store it, schedule it, collect leads, and publish it at the right time. 

To help you do this, there are several tools available in the market that lets you create and distribute evergreen webinars. 

Here are the features you should look out for when picking the right tool for you:

  • Easy registration process so that your audience can sign up for your webinar without a hitch
  • Integrations with email marketing, lead generation tools, and contact management
  • The ability to add calls to action
  • Reports and analytics
  • Private and public chat options
  • Scheduling and automatic publishing of your evergreen webinar

You’re looking for a tool that lets you automate the process of getting participants, sending emails, holding the actual webinar, and taking follow-up action. 

It’s when you can leave these steps to an automatic process or tool that you create more time. This is time you can use to personally connect with people, strategize your business growth, and create new and innovative solutions. 

Back to you

Live webinars offer a more powerful experience than emails, social media posts, or blog content does. The major limitation that came with webinars was that it wasn’t possible to scale it up. 

However, thanks to the development of new technology, it’s possible for anyone to build one terrific seminar but reuse it with newer audiences.

We’ve looked at the key factors that go into setting up your own evergreen webinar. And we’ve covered why you should build one. 

Get started with creating your own evergreen webinar today and you stand to boost your business growth with the power of automation.