What is a Bitmoji and how can I get one on Snapchat? by@almilner05

What is a Bitmoji and how can I get one on Snapchat?

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Snapchat Bitmoji

Snapchat Bitmoji

The eagle-eyed Snapchat user might have noticed something a little different in Snapchat settings after the last update.

Bitmoji in Snapchat

Bitmoji in Snapchat

Not so secret Bitmoji settings in Snapchat

Introducing Bitmojis.

Now these may look familiar and that’s because a while ago they were all over Facebook as Bitstrips. Well, in around March 2016 Snapchat bought the app (now focusing on personalised emojis and stickers) for a deal reported to be in the ballpark of $100 million.

Well, Snapchat has introduced Bitmojis within their app. Here’s how you can make and use one.

First of all, it’s simplest to just download the app — Bitmoji — from the app store. The app is free and once it’s downloaded you can sign up using Snapchat (as far as I know, this is one of the first apps where you can sign in using Snapchat).

Once you’re into the app you can start designing your Bitmoji. Choose a gender, a face shape, eyes, nose, hair, etc. Finally, choose your outfit. Don’t worry, you can change anything about your Bitmoji at anytime.

Alan Bitmoji

Alan Bitmoji

Lil’ Al Bitmoji

Okay, so you’ve got your mini me. How do you add it to a Snap?

This couldn’t actually be any simpler. Take a picture using Snapchat and click on the little box in the top right hand corner where your normal emojis are kept. Along the bottom of this screen, tap the face and your Bitmojis will appear.

Swipe right and left to choose different themes and simply tap on the one you want and it will appear on your Snap. You can re-size it by pinching and move it around by holding it. It works just like any other emoji.

You can go back into the Bitmoji app (or click Bitmoji in Snapchat settings) to edit it’s appearance or it’s outfit.

Bitmoji Friends

Now you’ve got yours, go grab a friend and teach them how to do it. When you’ve got a friend with a Bitmoji, you can snap each other and choose from a selection of images with both of your Bitmojis in. You can send these to each other or to anyone else in your friends list. You can also add these to your story.

Bitmoji highfive

Bitmoji highfive

Bitmoji five!

So go out and have some fun. Be creative and share this article so that others can enjoy them too!

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