What do we expect in innovation and technology by 2020

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With the beginning of a new decade, many users set expectations for the new year. But what are the novelties that will be in technology and innovation
There are a few weeks left before we say goodbye to 2019 and welcome a new decade. A beginning where we all ask ourselves many questions, but surely there is one that stands out the most: What will be the new developments in technology in 2020?
In 2019, many technological innovations have emerged that have had a leading role in society affecting other areas such as labor, cultural, commercial and even political.
Technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain will be protagonists in 2020 and will transform our lifestyle in the coming years.
Building a personal brand in the technology industry.
Whether you’re an experienced tech professional or simply starting in your career, you'll get to be familiar with the need to have a strong professional profile. It’s also even as important to possess an excellent CV and a well-crafted cover letter but if you would like to face out from other job hunters then investing time in your personal brand are often the difference between getting an interview and hitting the reject pile.
Having a multifaceted and finely tuned personal brand will allow you to regulate what others see and skim about you and may assist you in a showcase and demonstrate your technical knowledge and expertise. this is often particularly important in tech and IT as developments and innovations tend to maneuver sooner than in most other sectors. If you would like to urge ahead, you would like to indicate you not only understand the newest updates, software, and processes but can keep up too.
However, it isn’t all about controlling your online presence, it’s even as important to network offline also. such a lot of the tech sector is conducted online but relationships with people you meet offline can convince be far more powerful.
But standing for building a corporation that has it's brand (a software package or physical product company, for example), building a personal brand still has its edges. The universal public is a lot of fascinated by following people than they're in following specific firms. Therefore, building an audience for you. BrandMe will truly help you to build personal brand for your company.
So if you’re thinking of building a private brand in tech and IT, here are 3 useful tips .
How to create a private plan.
• Stay on top of your skills
• Go to conferences
• Clear up your social media


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