What Are the Top Startups in Oceania?โ€‚by@startups
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What Are the Top Startups in Oceania?

March 4th 2022
by @startups 1,297 reads
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At HackerNoon, we pride ourselves on supporting startups because we know how hard it can be to start and run a company. So congratulations to all of the participants in our 2021 Startups of the Year! You did a wonderful job showcasing your incredible startups and powering through a global pandemic. NOW is the time to celebrate the startup scene in Oceania, which includes Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. A continent with beautiful islands, breezy beaches, palms, volcanos, and diverse nations. It is also home to promising, thriving tech startups! With such a vast range of innovative products and ideas, weโ€™re sure it was difficult for you to choose a favorite.

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