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We're Jointer, Get to Know Us!

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@defiauctionsJointer DeFi Auctions

World's First DeFi DAO based on Commercial Real Estate

With a $5B+ market cap we want to welcome you to the future of cryptocurrency - Enter Jointer DeFi

We like to think of ourselves as the future of decentralized finance and syndication utilizing blockchain technologys to increase liquidity and improve returns.

At Jointer, we make it happen under the BUIDL mentality laid out for Binance Smart Chain.

We created a Fund of Funds Syndication Economy utilizing decentralized blockchain mechanisms while providing uncorrelated returns, instant diversification, and unlimited liquidity. This Syndication Economy is powered by a patent pending multi layer reserve system that encompasses over 52 smart contracts.

Jointer created the flagship token, JNTR as a liquidity bridge that serves as a transfer of value between traditional commercial real estate equity and blockchain based digital currencies. Tokens like JNTR/b and JNTR/e provide the JNTR liquidity bridge greater access to cross-pool and cross-chain technology across Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

To put it simply, we help remove barriers in Commercial Real Estate investment.

How was Jointer Born?

The original idea for Jointer came from our Founder and CEO, Yoda G Regev. Yoda has a passion for Decentralized Financial Mechanisms and creating complex solutions that are simple for everyone to use. His passion led him to build an algorithm for personal use to solve how to properly identify Real Estate Opportunities, which progressed into more calculations that could be carried out on the blockchain. 

This algorithm led to the creation of Element Zero Network. This network provided users a solution for a stable social currency, decentralized cryptocurrency swaps, and anti-manipulation currency.

Taking the underlying financial instruments, Yoda began to further connect Commercial Real Estate and decentralized finance. When Yoda would reach a roadblock in development, he would seek the advice from experts specific to the field. 

He had many discussions and mentorships with some of the brightest minds to this day, each bringing a unique perspective to solve the Jointer puzzle.

This includes:

  • Dee Hock, Founder and former CEO of Visa Credit Card Association
  • Mike Lorrey, The co-creator of the prototype of Bitcoin
  • David Weild IVV., Chairman at NASDAQ and the “father” of the JOBS Act
  • Ken Goldman, Former Chief Financial Officer of Yahoo!
  • Sam Bourgi, Chief Editor Hacked.com
  • Koen Maris, IOTA Advisor Cybersecurity
  • Alon Goren, Founding Partner at Goren Holm Ventures
  • Robert Neivert, Venture Partner at 500 Startups Head of blockchain program
  • To name a few.

Once Yoda had all the financial engineering in place he was ready for his first auction launch.

The auction is a primary channel that offers investors and other individuals group discounts based on position and investment level surrounding Game Theoretic modeling. 

The goal of the auction is to raise the total amount of funds gathered the day before. Once the goal is reached, all investors receive a 50% discount. This number is found by looking at the previous day's total contributions and dividing it by the face value price of JNTR (Jointer tokens) at the end of the day.

JNTR’s face value changes based on the liquidity reserve’s calculation every time investors participate in the daily auction. JNTR’s face value holds large return potential along with a low risk profile due to the liquidity reserve mechanisms that prohibit the face value from decreasing.

The auction begins at midnight GMT and ends at 11 AM GMT. In order to participate in the auction, investors will need to hold equal to or greater face value of unlocked JNTR in their wallet

Daily, total investments are capped at 150% of the previous day

Up to 90% of the gained funds are reserved for Commercial Real Estate property investments and the remaining 10% is used for powering the liquidity reserve system main reserve, side reserve, turnover reserve, and overflow reserve.

Back to Yoda’s Plan

Once Yoda had a plan for how we wanted to run his auction, it was ready to go live.

Within the first two hours of his auction, the cost of JNTR tokens went from one penny to 39 cents! A great success.

What else?

Jointer provides uncorrelated returns, diversification, and unlimited liquidity. 

This means that  the JNTR token price does not go down and it’s not affected by the Stock Market, USD, or Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that jointer tokens carry the cross collateral for Commercial Real Estate equity, and  52 smart contracts built on top of the basic unit swap pool protocol.

Jointer also offers daily incentives through the daily auction. 

For example if you rank first in the auction, you can get up to a 50% discount and infinite liquidity through the multi-layered reserve system.


At Jointer, our mission is to simplify the Commercial Real Estate Industry. 

We want every investor, even one with zero knowledge or experience, to have the opportunity to syndicate funds and invest in this historically lucrative asset class.

Our syndication platform is scalable to other industries. So in the future, some of our goals include solving insurance issues-making it free for everyone as well as decentralized lending. We would also like to eventually dive deep into the student loan crisis and see what solutions we can come up with.


We’re in it for the long term.

When we open new pools on Unit Swap or  Pancake Swap, all LP tokens are burned. No exit scams. 

In other words, we burn the key to the liquidity pools access. We do this to protect investors' funds from exits. 

At Jointer, we strive to make Real Estate investing easy through our Funds Syndication Economy. 

This economy utilizes the Blockchain while providing uncorrelated returns, diversification, and unlimited liquidity-all powered by our patent pending multilayer system.

Jointer was created by bright minds joining together with a common goal in place: Open access to decentralized finance. 

Don’t go yet!

After learning more about Jointer, we invite YOU to join our daily auction and check out our new De-Fi Suite, one click swap between cryptocurrency. 

We recently invested $5M into STEX to bring the Jointer Auction and JNTR to the secondary market in a safe and regulated way.

Also, be sure to follow us on our social platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more exciting news and company updates!


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