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Welcome to Jare.Cloud: Let's Make Some Introductions

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Well, well, exciting day…
I have a real blog on it’s own unique domain name: Jare Cloud. I paid the $0.01 entry month fee and am prepared to pay fullprice for EasyWP because it makes life easier not having to worry about permissions on wp-content/uploads or FTP access for WordPress to upload plugins or themes on Google Cloud Platform, yuck!
I’m going to use this blog to illustrate my days in a technical sense for a technical crowd. From interviews for places like Rebel Mouse or my spalunking for Coindex Labs while they approach their capital event or even my many variations of crypto bots as they exist in open-source, before potentially becoming Intellectual Property of Coindex – such as my baby where I might create fake volume for people on subscription fees, which was a more tame arbitrage bot – called, mysteriously, updatedProveBot.
I’m negotiating fees for my first fake volume bot sub – a series of clients for a friend who’d approached me via my Crypto Growth Hacker Telegram group, and seem to agree on $1k USD/month. Exciting! I’ll see if I can get them to pay me via GitHub Sponsors, once I’m approved into their Beta.
Who’s RebelMouse? I found them through a WeWorkRemotely.com post, which is now >30 days old and removed – but mirrors this LinkedIn job post – advertising for a Tech Evangelist role. The responsibilites match a lot of what I’ve done in the past – especially my time with OpenWater as a Technical Account Manager, where I’d supported as many as 20 client organizations at a time. I was responsible for 1-15+ client team members on each call, bringing them through a series of learning modules culminating in their successful use of the software. Being a Tech Evangelist for RebelMouse would be fun, productive and intellectually demanding – helping their client’s dev teams and executives to see the value in their software. I made it to the top 5-10 out of 1000s+ applicants on the short-list, and seemed to wow them to no end on the call – a CxO and a Director – and the next call with CEO and others will be scheduled for next week. Let’s Build! Sent them this email to improve my chances today:
Who’s Coindex Labs? Ryan, CEO, approached me (unbeknownst to him) on my birthday with this glorious email:
I’ve since come onboard as a founding team member – Lead Engineer responsible for Liquidity and Trading. Hodl! They’re approaching their capital event and might even bring me to cozy Atlanta in the process of bringing me on with a salary and other such benefits. They’ve been at their software for years – in as Lamen’s as I can, a (pantented!) neural evolutionary aritificial intelligence that trades smarter than any human can by reacting to market conditions in real-time based on a p2p novel search algorithm.
Here’s the non-NDA teaser:
Check out the final name on the Executive Bios, folks!
So, we wait for Coindex to wow their funding interviews in early Oct and run into a tidy salary – while I simultanously wow some more executives with RebelMouse and run into a tidy salary, and max out the productivity on both positions while doing what I love for 60-80 hours a week – it sounds like a lot, but it’s sitting on my computer for 80 hours while my friends pull 100-120 on oil rigs for sustained periods. Comparatively, remote IT work is a breeze – I was in the Canadian Military Reserves as an Infrantryman for 2 years, and that’s objectively even worse than oil rigs (read: military not subject to labor laws).
What I’m doing with the glorious proceeds? Get ’em to pay me via Bitwage.com and put ’em on Compound.Finance and watch my crypto compound interest and borrow against the total – long ETH long BTC – for my immediate needs. Long story short, barring a Coindex exit sooner or BTC or ETH mooning, I’ll have enough ‘banked’ (yet unbanked) to retire comfortably in 1-2 years or in luxury in 3-4 years on DeFi stablecoin interest alone, not touching the capital. 

Hooah! Hodl! Build!


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