24 Best JavaScript Blogs and Websitesby@natashatsybliyenko
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24 Best JavaScript Blogs and Websites

by December 24th, 2021
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Developers are people who tend to follow the latest tech news very carefully. They have to stay up to date to remain competitive and sustain their expertise. In this overview, we have compiled a list of popular sites, as well as JS blogs that are worth reading and keeping under the belt. We start from the sites full of IT information: Stack Overflow, HackerNoon, Stack Weekly Weekly and HackerNoons. The list is also a good place to find an outsource developer for your project.

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Developers are people who tend to follow the latest tech news very carefully. They have to stay up to date to remain competitive and sustain their expertise. A new JS framework or library is likely to appear every other day.

  • Communities of developers are very rich sources of information, as they unite colleagues and IT enthusiasts who are ready to share the knowledge and reviews on the latest trends in the world of technologies.

  • Another source of information for IT specialists is a wide range of blogs and sites.

In this overview, we have compiled a list of popular sites, as well as JS blogs that are worth reading and keeping in your bookmarks.

We start from the sites full of IT information.

Stack Overflow

**__ **A true giant in this overview. This platform is one of the 50 most popular websites in the world. The platform includes articles, podcasts, news updates, ratings, research, as well as the opportunity to ask a question on the forum or even become part of the team and place your materials. This is the place where “developers learn, share, and build careers”.

**As you already know (being on this site as we speak). HackerNoon is a tech publication with various articles related to IT and software development. A distinctive feature of this platform is its old-school font and acid green color.

**Well-known open-source storage of available web solutions, as well as an online platform where various freelancers, remote developers, and other IT specialists place their projects. There can be found snippets, code examples, updates, as well as contact details in case you decide to find an outsource developer for your project.

JavaScript Weekly

** **

A weekly subscription to the latest JavaScript tutorials, reviews, tools, and so on. You need to provide your e-mail and useful information will be sent right to your device. The subscription is easily terminated.

** **This is a platform for Russian speaking IT community. Includes a wide range of helpful information on developing, coding, maintaining, as well as blogs of big IT players.

Webix JS UI Library
Webix is a JS UI library. Their blog includes information on the widgets of the library, as well as case studies with the customers and more general information on creating apps and enhancing UI performance.

DHTMLX One more JS library with a well-structured blog. The articles are mostly about the products and the ways of their integration.

Echo JS

This is a community-driven news site. All the articles are related to JS, HTML5, and front-end news.

Ember JS

The blog has regular releases of Ember Times Issues. Those issues include articles and posts on the latest updates, new releases, as well as other related topics.


This is a rich JS UI library. The blog is focused on Angular, React, Vue, web components, and HTML5 widgets. Updates can be found by tags and categories.


One more vast collection of IT-related articles grouped by topics. Texts cover specific topics like JS, cloud technologies, AI, and more general topics like a career path, Black Friday, and marketing.


This is a platform for creating JS apps. The articles of the blog are about their products releases, updates, and Meteor news.

React Native

This is a blog focused on React and creating native apps with JS.

Finally, we share a couple of worthy personal blogs.

David Walsh Blog

Mr. Walsh was Mozilla’s senior developer. In the blog, there are hundreds of articles on the most popular languages, frameworks, and tendencies. The range of topics includes HTML, JS, WordPress, AJAX, and so on.

Raymond Camden Blog

Another personal blog. Mr. Camden is a senior developer for Adobe. He mostly focuses on JS, document services, and cat demos.

Ben Nadel’s Blog

As Mr. Nadel states himself, his blog is a “platform for experimentation and community interaction”. The posts feature JS, UI/UX, Node.js, and other topics.

Stefan Judis Blog

The blog has posts, talks, and screencasts about JS.

Jack Franklin Blog

A blog that is organized in a very simple way. The articles are about popular frameworks, coding, dependencies, and so on.


A blog by Sergio Martino, a front-end software engineer. The topics include JS, Typescript, HTML/CSS, Frontend Tooling, and Software Engineering.

JS Diaries

This is a blog created by Gareth Dunne. It produces high-quality articles and applications focusing on Angular 4 and Ionic 3.

Zsolt Nagy

Another blog of a software engineer. Articles are about JS, HTML, frameworks, libraries, building web applications.

Bonus: video sources


There are thousands of YouTube videos not only about JS but about all the programming languages ever created, as well as videos on building web apps and integrating them into any environment.

Ted Talks

This is a collection of short and long videos on any imaginable topic. Ted-Ed videos are educational videos on various subjects. IT and programming fields are among others that can be found in the search.


Another huge platform for sharing various ideas, not necessarily connected with IT. Any person or company can become a member to get unlimited access to all the materials of the site and to post their own articles.

To sum up

The range of sites and blogs is stunning. Every developer is likely to find a couple of useful and interesting online resources according to their tastes and preferences. The only requirement is motivation. Who seeks shall find.