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Betting on the Web

I have always loved the web and a few years ago I decided to go all in on web and really embrace it. It is a decision I have been happy with ever since. After reading this article I felt even more certain that it was a good decision to make. The web is a fantastic platform and in ten years it might not look like it does today. However, it will still be just as important.

Are programmer brains different?

Do programmers think differently compared to people in other fields? This article wants to think so. The author has during the years as a programmer noticed that many of the colleagues have been musicians. I thought itwas interesting because it is something I have noticed too. Think about your colleagues, how many are musicians?

Modernizing the DOM tree in Edge

The way we write websites today have changed much since the first website was ever accessed on the internet. Of course, that means the web browsers have changed a lot since then as well. For example, Microsoft have done a complete rewrite of their layout engine. The rewrite was necessary because the old engine was tuned to handle how websites were written 20 years ago.

Writing effective software

Writing effective software is hard. I think the best way to understand how to write effective software is through other peoples’ mistakes and learn from them. Also, when you make a mistake yourself, share it with other people. Or summarise what you have learnt from the 12+ years in the business, just like this article.

ESModules in Node.js

ESModules were added in the latest release to Node.js behind a flag. It is still early days for modules but it is getting closer. The discussions have been long how to tackle the new module system in Node.js and the community agreed on to add the .mjs extension. Although, I heard that Ayo, the recent fork of Node.js, might solve the modules differently. However, download the latest release and see what you think about modules.

My name is Emil Billberg and I work as a Fullstack Web Developer in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow me on Twitter or check out my GitHub account.



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