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Web Weekly #24

Custom Elements

Firefox have started to implement Custom Element in Servo. Great news! This article is from the implementer of Custom Elements in Servo and dives in to the process of implementing it. If you haven’t heard about Servo it is a new browser engine written in Rust and is sponsored by Mozilla. Firefox is currently moving over more and more components to Servo.

Sindre Sorhus

Very good well written article about Sindre Sorhus. The article is about what he’s doing today and how he got there. I always find it fascinating to hear how people got interested in programming. It is probably one of my favourite questions and everyones answers differ.

Chrome 61

This week Chrome 61 was released with ES2015 modules implemented without a flag. Very cool! Both Safari and Chrome have modules implemented in their latest releases of their browsers. However, Edge and Firefox are currently implementing it. Modules are here to stay!

Headless Mode

Not too long ago Chrome released their browser with the ability to run it headless; without any GUI that gets in the way. Now it is time for Firefox to follow along. On Linux it will be shipped from version 55 and on Windows/Mac it will be out from version 56. It is an awesome feature and will really help improve testing tools. Or maybe create cool packages like Rendertron.

From callbacks to async/await

JavaScript has really evolved during the years and become more mature. We have gone from callbacks, to promises, to generators and lately async/await. It is very neat to see how the language has evolved. This article goes through and explains all of these concepts.

Yarn 1.0

Alright, Yarn has reached 1.0 and the adoption rate has been quite remarkable. People seem to enjoy Yarn 1.0 and it is now here to stay. I think it is good to have two package manager competing and pushing each other. I’m a true believer that this will help us and I’m sure both NPM and Yarn will be both better and more stable in the coming years. Competition is good!

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