Web Development Trends 2021 For Startups by@rshar
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Web Development Trends 2021 For Startups 

by Rashmi SharmaApril 24th, 2020
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In 2021, artificial intelligence has become the main trend of modern web development. Chatbots are trending on the web as well as on mobile. The use of the IoT-enabled devices and their sensors are in trend today and can bring huge success to your business. Javascript, Python, and PHP are the best programming languages for web development in 2021 in all indicators by GitHub and The stats are supported by, W3 techs, W4techs and

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A website is a doorway to success. For business owners, web design is really important. It shows everyone in the world what your business is all about.

To make your eCommerce website design as impressive as possible, I suggest that you read about the latest web development trends.

Trends and technologies have shown us that the constant evolution of this digitized world shapes the environment that web developers find themselves in. Last year, web development trends were marked by static & single-page websites, mobile responsiveness, chatbots. But in 2021 what major web development trends do you need to consider? Here are the top web development trends you need to look out for in 2021.

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Top Web Development Trends 2021 For Startup Firms

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Artificial Intelligence can enhance your website’s appearance, strengthen its user experience, search settings, organize your information better, and improve interaction with visitors. A good number of web developers shifting towards AI-based design practices. In 2021, artificial intelligence has become the main trend of modern web development.

The recent growth in the use of AI technology for web development, allowing web programmers to combine AI applications into websites and create a better user experience, performance, and functionality. Websites such as Adobe, Grid, and Wix, are using AI in their web design. Their website design software is based on AI that helped web developers to make this website modern-looking based on project-specific needs and the client’s personal preferences.

The growth of artificial design intelligence (ADI) systems has influenced the way websites are designed today. Developers can now transform user interface design right from a picture to an HTML markup code. Here, AI technology provides full control of the overall content of your web design including visual elements, text, typography, animations, and graphics.

This is particularly useful when you need software decisions for specific types of websites. For instance, for an e-commerce website that receives thousands of clicks every day, you can optimize your website with AI-based features to improve its everyday interactions with customers.

If you follow the AI trend for web development, you should also turn to the chatbots that are everywhere these days. Chatbots are trending on the web as well as on mobile. With the AI-powered NLP systems, they’re becoming more efficient, intelligent, and responsive.

While a few years back chatbots on websites only offered pre-programmed conversations that can’t understand emotions and can only solve a limited range of problems. Today, chatting with is like chatting with a customer support specialist.

2. Internet of things (IoT) For Web Development

Internet of Things is a concept that can’t be ignored in modern web development. The use of the IoT-enabled devices and their sensors are in trend today and can bring huge success to your business. 

IoT in web development can now transform the front-end interface of your website along with user interactions. It is possible because most websites today use the front-end interfaces to communicate sensors, cameras, other devices that are available on the Internet. For example, Amazon’s Alexa is a virtual assistant with the ability to search the web using a browser at its backend. Hence, it clearly shows how IoT changing the modern web.

The continuous growth of IoT has a huge impact on further trends in web development. As seen in the Statista report, approx, 31 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2021. Today, there are websites and web applications that have IoT integration. Among them are brands like Google and Uber. 

Now you can call the car through the Uber application and confirm the trip with some voice commands and clicks. So, web development with IoT is moving in a new direction of success.

3. JavaScript, Python, and PHP For Web Design

When talking about web development trends 2021 it is impossible without a programming language. No doubt, Javascript, Python, and PHP are the best programming languages for web development in 2021 in all indicators.

The stats are supported by Github and Back-end programming language Python breathes in his back. The reason for this popularity is the following advantages:

  • Better performance;
  • Easy integration of codes and toolboxes;
  • Safety of codes;
  • Powerful frameworks;
  • Allow execution of multiple tasks at once;
  • Creation of multi-functional websites;
  • Offers easy scalability;
  • Support large and active community;
  • Highly extensible;
  • Support low code development;
  • Opensource;
  • Easy to build prototypes.

Among the web developers, Python is for developing web applications. Stats show that Javascript, PHP, and Python will be the top programming languages for web development, which will remain relevant to the programmers.

4. Shifting Towards API-First Approach

Modern web development trends and technologies like web apps, IoT-enabled devices, smart cars, smart homes, driverless cars, wearable tech, and smartphones are all built on APIs. Businesses can have great benefits from using these technologies. The web development of these connections is a bit tricky for developers, as they focus more on the user interface and then integrate the web APIs.

Some of the popular web APIs that could be useful for you are -

  • Chute API
  • WebDam
  • Slack
  • Houndify
  • Lusha
  • Nasa API

Web developers build interactive web pages and web-based applications by using APIs and data from multiple online sources. Web APIs provide advanced performance, functionality, and features that web developers use to integrate into the websites that they create.

You can have greater customization and flexibility on your website with Web APIs. For end-users, a web API enhances the website’s usefulness by making it interactive and more enjoyable. 

The API-First design is widely used by web developers for its features:

  • It helps increases website performance
  • Provide useful tools
  • Convey company messaging by automatic content generation
  • Help anticipate changes on your website

This can speed your website performance and also eliminate the need to re-write the code.

5. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Trend 

A progressive web application is a type of web page that has the functionality of a native mobile application. PWAs are still in trend because it can be “installed” easily on any kind of device. These web apps can be placed on a smartphone’s home screen and you can access it at any time, even in offline mode. 

Secondly, they are responsive and can adjust to any device’s screen of any size and mode too automatically. PWA’s are safe to use as they are served via HTTPS and occupy less space on your device. Progressive Web Apps are easy to build and easy to maintain, which is why they’re trending in 2021 web development and will certainly continue to trend in the coming years.

6. Say ‘Yes’ to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMPs are nothing but the type of open source library for creating websites, web apps, and web pages. It also helps to improve the overall user experience of a web page by adding instant page loads. With the use of the AMPs on web pages, you can make them more appealing, lightweight, secure, and more responsive on any device.

AMPs based web pages are rendered using restricted HTML/CSS and JavaScript, which is the reason that they make the web page load faster. Similarly, if your web pages are AMPs enabled, then it caches automatically on Google and providing faster load times on Google search. Additionally, AMPs enabled web pages also increase website traffic, as more users will spend time on your pages. 

This is useful for e-commerce websites and they have seen around a 20% increase in sales compared to non-AMP pages. In 2021, businesses can take advantage of AMPs to improve the performance of mobile websites.

7. Web Page Load Time & Data Security

If you’ve read this article, you might have noticed the trends listed here are focused on better user experience, website performance, faster page loading, and faster everything. As we all are always in a hurry to browse on the web, and when a page loads slow, we abandon it and look for an alternative. After all, there are plenty of websites. 

Hence, the loading speed of a web app or website will always be trending in web development and in the next few years. You should also need to look for new technology aimed at speeding up websites. Similarly, data security is a future trend and it will only become bigger with time.

Bottom Line

So if you’re looking to develop a web application or website, you need to keep your eyes open. So, this is complete info on web development trends 2021 that I also expect to be trending over the next year.

Thanks for Reading!