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Web Design Ideas For Startups in 2020

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In today’s digital world, businesses have built a dependency on websites and applications. Be it a retail site for buying clothes, food ordering or almost anything you imagine, there’s a website or app for everything!

Statista reports that the global digital population as of 2020 reached almost 4.54 billion. Countries like China, India and the United States are the top countries in terms of internet users

So, it’s clear that the potential to earn remarkable business revenue through the web is huge. Despite the growing number of website users, we can expect to see the rise of emerging technologies for web development such as AR continue to attract users.

Do You Have A Unique Web Design Idea?

So yes, as you have a unique website design idea to work on, there’s a high probability that you can gain sustainable business revenues through a website despite the heavy competition. This post is written precisely to help you with just that.

If you’re a newbie and thinking of creating a website for your business, it can be a big challenge with so many different approaches to design a website. It’s really hard to say what will stand out in front of your target audience. Here are some website design ideas to start with and you’ll find the missing link to great website design.

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Clean & Modern Look 

  • Image Source: Mockplus.com

This is one of the most common approaches for website design. This style of website, you can add minimalist layouts, intuitive navigation, clear fonts, and a flat aesthetic. This often feels like a more business design of a website, so if you’re doing business in the fields such as technology, e-commerce, education, or consulting, consider this approach. 

E-commerce Website Design Examples of 2020

Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs website is a great example of a clean and modern look to take inspiration from. Their website has eye-catching details of professional photography with a clean aesthetic and responsive design.

Molly Jogger

Molly Jogger’s website is simple and unique. But it has a great website design that makes this website easy to browse and easy to navigate through,


Helbak website design is a perfect fit for a small business with a simple and intuitive design. The products on their website are presented in a beautiful and clean manner. The website design makes use of the white space in the background and uses the color of the products to make them look like artistic products. 

Fun and Friendly Website Design

  • Image Source: Blissworld.com

Go with this design if you’re in the field of restaurants, food ordering, food products, travel vacations, or entertainment. You can add bright color palettes, playful illustrations, exciting fonts, and detailed infographics to your website to make it look more friendly to users. Businesses like to use this web design for a more immersive online experience. This web design also works for businesses in any industry that want to make their website look more approachable.

Fun & Friendly Web Design Examples


Poketo have added vibrant colors throughout their product options. You need to simply scroll down to see their box style patterns of product presentation.


Grovemade web design included lifestyle shots of their products. They look so beautiful for their wooden accessories. The composition of the photos looks great and adds fun & friendly feel too.


Bliss web design idea is based on fun elements, as it’s an ecommerce store selling in-spa products. They have used bright colors, fun graphics and gifs to make their website look more friendly to users and let them explore, engage and buy.

Vintage/Retro Style Website Design

  • Image Source: SmashingHub.com

Vintage style website design brings familiarity with your users. On this kind of website the user often feels so familiar and digital. You can use faded textures to your web design with old vintage style fonts, and skeuomorphs to evoke familiarity emotions. For reliability in your business, you can use vintage style design if you are a baker, photographer, or apparel brand that sells classic vintage style clothing, then this web design is a perfect fit for you that can give your customers a sense of reliability.

Best Retro Websites Design Examples

Tennessee vacation

Tennessee Vacation web design was created for all lovers of the Tennessee state and nearby areas. The site design implementation in retro style is a great thing.

New York Moon

New York Moon website is full of retro design, illustrations in pastel tones. The vintage-style design of the website creates a sense of a past when people were reading the news.

Magneti Marelli 

This website is telling the story of Magneti Marelli in twelve chapters in vintage style design. The website is created using retro graphics, animation, and vocal narration.

Add Animation to Your Website Design

  • Image Source: Mockplus.com

Adding animation to website design can be a bit more costly to achieve. But adding animation can be a great way to create a memorable website experience. Adding some AR/VR technology movement to the image can also help draw people’s attention and make them more interested in your website.

For example, Zara a Spanish clothing retailer, they have used a mix of animation and AR/VR effects to display its clothing range on the web page that’s triggered by scrolling. 

It adds something visually appealing to the user experience of the web page that will help draw the attention of users on brand products. But you have to be careful when choosing to use animation on your website as it supports the larger part of your branding message that you’re trying to communicate to visitors. 

Few Examples

Teatr Lalka

The web design can be a great inspiration for startups looking to add animation to their website. Moving your mouse triggers the puppets to swing on the web page.

Pelizzari Studio

A simple, responsive, and elegant web design that you’ll definitely love. On every click of the mouse, the page pops with its use of animation. The website design is simply fun to navigate.


This website has all sorts of animations and interactive 3D elements. The sliding text offers a more natural look to the web pages here. 

A Web Design that Works

If you’re working on a new business website, we hope this guide can be useful for you as your starting point. According to your business category, get some new website design ideas from the corresponding points. By doing so, you’ll be making better connections with clients and customers from all across the internet.

What’s the Right Design for Your Website?

Providing a unique user experience is nice, but it should never be at the expense of your site creativity and web design. You can use website builder tools to make sure you always make it clear what your business needs and what your visitors want from your brand and products. 

(Disclaimer: We at Syncrasy, a global IT solutions company and PIM solution provider have worked with various clients on various website design ideas for e-commerce businesses. Our 5 years of expertise in this domain has helped us gain deep insights into everything that works in the web development space. Get in touch with us here for more information on website design ideas.)


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