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We Don’t Have a TOS — We Have a Bill of Rights

While Google, Facebook, Twitter, and everyone else, are updating their Terms of Service to “comply” with the GDPR, Ciph is focused on developing more great features that actually benefit our users.

Ciph did not have to change anything about how we operate in order to comply with the GDPR because we don’t collect or store ANY personal information. We don’t use cookies. We don’t store IP addresses. Nothing.

At Ciph we don’t have a Terms of Service. Instead we have a Bill of Rights.

Ciph Bill of Rights

  1. All users have a right to free speech. The platform operator shall not intervene in any way to restrict or promote the speech of users.
  2. All users have a right to privacy. The platform operator shall not record or store any personally identifiable information for users nor shall the platform operator record or store any information regarding the content accessed by users.
  3. All users have a right to ownership of their own data. The platform operator shall not assume any rights whatsoever over user data that is uploaded or transmitted via the platform.

The Ciph Bill of Rights is not just some cheesy slogan. The Open Source code that powers the Ciph platform has these rights baked in at the algorithmic level.

Does your social media platform have a Bill of Rights?

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