WALLET PROJECT X “WPX” The First Peer-to-Peer Decentralized & Secure DApp, NO FEE Exchange…

With Real-Time Market Data, to Provide the Best Exchange Possible in a Secure Environment

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By My Disrupt, June 25th, 2018


The cryptocurrency market experienced exponential growth last years. With the ongoing development of new currencies the industry is expected to reach even more heights this year. Furthermore, the market cap of both individual virtual currencies and overall market continues to expand worldwide.

Given this unprecedented growth, still today is difficult to acquire cryptocurrency. Most likely fiat currencies need to be deposited oversees to be able to buy cryptocurrecy directly, or avoid paying $2500 in fees every $50K of Bitcoin or Etherum to Coinbase. WPX is to remove all these fees, and allows using most currencies without middle men Peer-to-Peer Exchange.

As more funds poured into the cryptocurrency sector, the exchanges have become more vulnerable. Over the last few years, many of them have experienced cyber attacks that resulted in huge losses for investors. Moreover, in order to avoid the risks of cryptocurrency trading, current platforms charge high commissions for their services or significantly raise exchange rates.

WPX, is a new project that aims to change the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem. The key element of the service is a WPX aggregator, which enables users to exchange fiat and virtual money at the best price directly between each other without any intermediaries, a Peer-to-Peer system in Real-Time and secure application.
While providing maximum security, WPX ensures no fees other than gas cost of the smart contract for each transaction. There are no membership fees or minimum or maximum, is up to the buyer and seller.

Each deal on the DApp is executed manually by the seller and buyer, with its price being calculated in real-time market data build in at an average price of deals on the main cryptocurrency exchange markets. Another future is we will allow buyers and sellers to include new coins, ICO schedules with recommendations, and crypto capitalization. For instance, to exchange a BTC for ETH, a user has to enter #BTC in the “sell” window and the market price will calculate the exact amount of ETH in the “buy” window and enter both bitcoin and ethereum wallet addresses. After accepting the terms, the DAPP will issue the smart contract to conduct the exchange and transfer of coins.

PXOS cryptocurrency (PX) can be used as any other currency, by using PXOS Wallet “WPX” users can convert tokens to another currency commission free. Once PXOS, user downloads the WPX wallet and set up an account, he/she will be able to buy, sell, and send PX tokens directly to any linked account (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.). The funds will automatically convert into the local FIAT currency of choice, for example, US Dollar, Mexican Pesos, Euros, Pounds, etc., no fees added other than the gas or hashing fee used to make the blockchain transaction. PXOS Wallet APP “WPX”, can be used as a bank account, you can check your balance of every token owned, our DApp is to be released soon, come back for updates.

Our legal team is working with the given regulation to make sure our services fit the given rules.

Currently, PXs tokens are projected to be sold at $0.02 each. PXOS.org has not held an ICO yet and only released reward tokens, users who possessed tokens will get to use services as well as other system privileges.

WPX team will announce the launching, those interested can sign up now for the early release version coming soon.


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