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The long awaited “PLAYGROUND” FOR FORTNITE WAS RELEASED Wedensday, BUT WAS NOT WORKING AFTER A FEW HOURS; announced on twitter read“The Playground is closed for repairs while we investigate some issues with our matchmaking services.”

By MyDisrupt __ June 27th, 2018

Playground mode is finally here, and map maker is one of the great features, but don’t rush, it was not working soon after the release. It has many new features!

Fortnite, also got dual pistols, which shoot simultaneously with one trigger

And new skins!!

The new Playground Mode, brings more realistic scenes with cleaner or less of a war zone. Players who have good skills for erecting vertical and horizontal, can develop structures like a Fort, much faster than their opponents. Being strategic is key in the building because requires lots of skill and creativity.

Matchmaking was spotty while playing, but I took the opportunity to plan the erecting of my fort without anyone shooting

Playground mode gives all players an hour of free time to explore the map and tools. Is the perfect training, required to learn all needed skills and explore the game to a full potential. When mining the game players get ten times the normal resources. There are some cool new weapons and equipment to be discovered, I found some that are very cool, but I am going to let the players, enjoy the finding of treasures. Players are able to learn how to use the game without having to kill anyone or defend themselves in the process which is a ++

Another new feature of the Playground mode is a training option on weapons, this allows squad of players to practice aiming to each other without killing one another.

Respawns happens almost immediately, as soon as gamers dive off the Battle Bus Gamers can find friends in target practice with rare weapons yet not mastered. Or you can dive off ramps with shopping carts, fun!

I am happy the designers of the game understood what was missing, Playground mode, should have been incorporated earlier. It works! When is working. The practice space is just excellent to improve skills and allow the players to take further risks. War games sometimes become monotonous because the player has no time to fully explore the game, Fortnite developers understood that. Now playground mode allows for creativity which as a player I expect to explore in full.

Now don’t think Playground Mode, means play nice, is still a war game. The player will need to learn how to use the free-form mode with others as there are no rules yet. But it's great to see what players can do when they have all of Fortnite’s features at their disposal.

You can check out Fortnite’s playground and download if working or wait because it's worth it!

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