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Voice Interface For Editing and Publishing

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@igor.petrovIgor Petrov

Today publishing on the web became very simple and intuitive. There are a lot of good looking and functional editors that much closer to the WYSIWYG concept than ever before. For example, Medium’s editor. But anyway, writing an article takes a lot of time. At least, for me. So this article is about thoughts on possibilities of making this process more efficient and productive.

Here is the process: before writing a word or sentence, I think, trying to build the best sentence or phrase (that actually goes from already accepted thought). Next, I type it with a keyboard. After this, I’ll take a look at just written text to check if everything is correct and maybe some changes needed. Then probably it may need some styling — bold, italic, underscoring, adding links, images and etc.

My first assumption: what if I’ll think as less time as possible — similar to if I’m speaking with someone. And writing thoughts immediately, leaving them badly organized, but for future organization. This should cut off publication writing significantly. And this is what could be done using voice recognition technologies.

I’ve found many voice dictation services and apps, but most of them just do recognition. What if I’d like to go further and want next steps described above to be processed automatically or via voice commands. For example, automatic grammar correction, applying styles by voice, and editing like “Hey, paste an image with iPhone here” or “Hey, go to the third paragraph and add a link to google.com for word Google” or “Hey, cut off the second sentence in the fifth paragraph”. And finally, you’re doing something like “Hey, publish this on Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn”. You probably could end up saving as Word or PDF document straight to your cloud storage provider like Google Drive.

The second assumption and improvement are to add some AI to this: you often do internet search while writing a publication because you need references or facts so why not to ask a bot for doing this by providing a topic and several keywords.

Does it sound good only for me? :-) Well, nowadays this is completely possible to create an app or service similar to described above. Would it be useful for you?

If you feel like this may be interesting and is what you’d probably use, leave your thoughts in comments or email me to garik.piton@gmail.com


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