Hackernoon logo[Video] Tim Draper, Jimmy Song and Kyle Samani Roundtable on The Value of Cryptocurrency and… by@mattward

[Video] Tim Draper, Jimmy Song and Kyle Samani Roundtable on The Value of Cryptocurrency and…

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Tim Draper

Tim Draper is the founding partner of Draper Associates and DFJ and widely recognized as one of the most prominent venture capital and entrepreneurial leaders in the world. He was listed as #46 of the most outstanding Harvard University alumni, #7 on the Forbes Midas List among other awards. Tim has been an outspoken proponent of Bitcoin and blockchain and is regarded as one of the first VCs in the space.

Jimmy Song

Jimmy started in Bitcoin Development in 2013 and has worked on numerous Bitcoin projects such as Bitcoin Core, btcd, Armory, pycoin and colored coins. He is now a venture partner Blockchain Capital (a leading crypto fund) and has served as a developer and programmer at more than a dozen start-ups. Most recently, he served as principal architect at Paxos and vice president of engineering at Amory Technologies, where he managed the development of enterprise-level Bitcoin wallet software. Jimmy is also the editor and author of popular blog, Bitcoin Tech Talk and YouTube Off Chain with Jimmy Song runs a seminar Programming Blockchain teaching developers to build on blockchain.

Kyle Samani

Kyle Samani is cofounder and Managing Partner of Multicoin Capital, a venture capital-esque crypto hedge fund with at least $250M in assets under management (AUM). Prior to starting Multicoin Capital, Kyle ran Pristine.io (a Google Glass company for surgeons) as CEO, raising $5M and ultimately being acquired. Kyle’s writing and thought leadership has built him up as someone to follow in the ever evolving industry.


  • Network effects in a cryptocurrency world
  • How token incentives drive value and adoption
  • Ways to cryptoassets
  • Why network is a key factor in determining crypto value
  • The importance of first mover effects in blockchain
  • What to expect on the future of Bitcoin
  • And much much more

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