U.S. Champions Action-Oriented Cyber Norms Implementation at the UNby@whitehouse
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U.S. Champions Action-Oriented Cyber Norms Implementation at the UN

by The White HouseMay 15th, 2024
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The U.S. is advocating for the implementation of responsible state behavior in cyberspace through focused UN discussions. A proposed Program of Action (POA) aims to address cyber norms and confidence-building measures globally, complemented by engagements in regional security forums for broader cybersecurity collaboration.
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Line of Effort 1: Pursue Action-Oriented Discussions Focused on Norm Implementation at the UN

Sustained engagement over almost two and a half decades and across four previous administrations has yielded a framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace repeatedly supported by all members of the UN General Assembly, which affirms the applicability of international law to states’ use of information and communication technologies, endorses adherence to voluntary norms of responsible state behavior in peacetime, and proposes practical confidence-building measures to help reduce the risk of conflict stemming from cyber incidents. The framework is the core of our vision for a cyberspace in which states behave appropriately, manage the risk of unwanted escalation, hold bad actors accountable for irresponsible activities, and work together to respond to and recover from significant cyber incidents. Implementation of these norms, however, is critical to their effectiveness.

We will pursue more action-oriented discussions at the UN focused on how member states and institutions can work together to implement the framework’s essential elements and build all states’ capacity to manage cyber-related threats. To accommodate this evolving conversation, the United States and its partners have proposed a more action-oriented forum, a Program of Action (POA), as a future permanent mechanism for dialogue on cyber issues related to international security at the UN. Designed to be flexible enough to address future threats, with member states setting its direction over time, the POA will also incorporate the views of civil society, the private sector, and other non-state stakeholders.

As part of advancing responsible state behavior in cyberspace, the United States and our partners will also continue to work together in regional security and other fora, such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation, Organization of American States, and the ASEAN Regional Forum, to develop and implement cyber confidence building measures.

Figure 4. Four components that make up the UN framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace. (Australian Strategic Policy Institute/United Nations General Assembly illustration.)

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This post was originally published on May 6, 2024, by the U.S Department of State