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UICollectionViewCell selection made easy..!!

I have been working with UICollectionView and UICollectionViewCell for quiet a long time now.

Showing selection of a particular collection view cell is a very frequent issue faced by those working with collection views. I am refering to something like this,

How to ?

In your custom UICollectionViewCell subclass, just override isSelected property, i.e.

isSelected is a UICollectionViewCell’s stored property that represents the cell selection state. The selected state is toggled when the user lifts up from a highlighted cell.

In your UICollectionViewCell subclass, you just need to override this property and provide your custom implementation. Example: You can set property observers on it so that you are notified of any changes made in the property for a particular cell, i.e.

How does isSelected works?

Whenever a particular UICollectionViewCell is selected by the user:

  1. isSelected = true, for the selected cell.
  2. isSelected = false, for the rest of the cells in UICollectionView.

So, as a result, the isSelected will be set either true/false for all the cells , every time a cell is selected by the user.

How to respond according to cells’ selection status ?

To achieve the desired result:

Now, to show when a cell selected/de-selected, you just need to change some of the properties of the cell according to you requirements.


I have used cell’s transform, backgroundColor and a custom imageView isHidden state properties to highlight the cell’s selection state. You can use others as well according to your requirement.

Watch this space for more on UICollectionView and UICollectionViewCell. Feel free to drop your queries if you have any.

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