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Turning Visitors Into Customers: Five Useful Lead Generation Tools

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Even launching your website and getting people to visit it does not mean you are done. Engaging visitors and collecting their information for crafting personalized offers is key to building the sales process. Right lead generation tools might help you grow revenue and get more customers. Today we will take a look at five services that will help you solve this task.


Lead capturing form is one of the most important elements in the lead conversion funnel of every business. The form helps to separate leads from non-leads. Thus, it is crucial to not only install a form on your website but to optimize it as well.

Leadformly is a tool that helps businesses to build high-converting lead-gen forms. It allows going beyond the standard functionality offered by CRM and marketing software with no coding. Users can create interactive forms in a drag and drop builder and include questions (more than 10 styles), multiple steps and progress bars, conditional logic for lead segmentation etc.

The tool is also integrated with about 600 CRMs, landing page builders and marketing platforms which makes further work with captured leads easier.


Having a good lead generation form on the website is crucial, however, people usually do not like spending time on such things. This is why it is also important to give your visitors an alternative way of communication. One of the most popular features here is a live chat.

There are tons of such tools, one of them is Drift. It is a tool for a “conversational marketing and sales” as it is stated on a project’s website. It allows communicating with potential customers in real time either in person or set up a chatbot which will ask questions and record collected data. As a result, you will be able to cover those visitors who were interested in your offers but did not want to fill out the form.


Having an alternative way of communication is good as it can be seen from forms vs live chat example. However, there are still people who prefer to speak to a real person by phone. A simple phone call allows building a personal relationship with potential customer much faster than email and easier than in chat.

Zadarma service allows installing widgets for phone communications on websites. There are two types: a callback widget and a “click to call” widget.

The first of them can be used to capture visitors that are about to leave your website and show them a pop-up offer for a phone call. Sometimes potential customers get confused or just can’t find the needed information of the website so they decide to leave. However, if a company’s representative reaches out and provides answers to their questions, chances are that they will change their mind. According to stats, after having a conversation with a manager the visitor is 75% more likely to become your client.

The second widget allows potential customers to schedule a call from a company. The user picks up the time he or she wants to be contacted at, then this information is sent to the sales department. Calls are made via the internet, and users do not need to set up any additional software to be able to talk. Thus, the Zadarma system allows contacting “hot” leads and prevent the loss of potential customers.

Lead Forensics

Even if people come to your website, browse it and just leave without filling in forms or contacting you via chat or phone, it does not mean it is important to turn them into customers. You just need more information to understand how to cater to their needs better.

Lead forensics is a tool that helps in solving this problem. It uses visitor IP address to identify information like a company where this certain person is working, demographics and financial data.

If you understand who is browsing your website it is much easier to understand the real needs of such customers and talk to them. For example, you can get in touch with decision makers in the company whose employees have visited your website, and pitch them with a personalized offer.


Nowadays video is one of the most popular types of content on the internet. According to stats, 87% of marketers use video to promote their brands, but it also can be turned in an awesome lead generation channel.

For example, the Turnstile by Wistia allows seamless emails collecting right in your videos. The system integrates call to actions and opt-in forms right in the video. For example, you can set it up to ask the user for an email before accessing the video content or to continue viewing it.

Turnstile can be used on a website and on Twitter, which is good as 82% of Twitter users watch video content on this social network. Also, the service can be integrated with a CRM and email marketing services which makes it easier to engage with collected leads.

Final thoughts

Sales process on the internet revolves around constant research, tests, and optimization of everything from the website to communication tools. The better your forms, the faster you respond to requests, the more ways of getting in contact with your reps are available to leads the higher chances of turning them into customers are. Using specialized tools is crucial to achieving this goal.


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