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Top 7 Proven Ways for SaaS Growth Hacking

So, now your SaaS product is ready to go live and you are excited to get your first customer on-board and kick off the show. But have you considered the marketing strategies you would be implementing?

Getting from 0 to million customers is what every entrepreneur dream of and achieving those results requires systematic and right execution of growth hacks techniques.

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Let’s pull off the curtain from this so-common buzzword and discuss some the proven strategies to get you started.

Free Trial

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When is the last time you heard that “ Nothing comes for free”?Well, I guess most commonly. But in case of SaaS, where customers are not spending too much on hardware or infrastructure you can give a slice of your cake for free.

Giving free trial of a limited number of days proves to be effective in customer retention and engagement. Now it’s all up to your product and service quality that you offer your customers.

Free Trial as offered SaaS Help Desk UVdesk

If everything goes well, customers will keep on coming and asking for trials extensions and you can then convert them into paid ones, once they are satisfied.

Refer a friend

It’s not a hidden fact what Dropbox, PayPal, Airbnb and other few companies have done with the referral technique — certainly increases the number of signups on their platform.

By providing additional benefits to customers for a successful referral, you are not only encouraging them to get more out of your platform but giving them a chance to earn more by bringing more of their known ones.

Source : ReferralSaaSQuatch

It’s a common scenario that referral from a friend proves to be more trustworthy than the ones sent from a company. You can be assured that your platform will be getting more reach and traffic using the referral links.

Get into partnerships

Getting into a partnership, sponsoring a product or becoming an official partner of some well know community or organisation can help you create a good user base.

Working with a reputable product not only increases your notability but also generates customer trust by working collaboratively with the product they are using.

Content Marketing

Content has always been the key to organic search results. Educating your users with relevant content, how-to videos and hosting webinars not only generate traffic but also increases your network.

Content Marketing Strategy by Top 4 SaaS Companies

Before a user goes on to try your product, it’s very important you are actually describing what exactly is your product, what it serves and the problems it alleviates.

Creating right content for the target group increases your reach and build customer trust.

Track your competitors

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It’s not a good plan to follow your competitor’s footsteps but keeping an eye on them can be valuable.

The tools like Hootsuite allows you to add up your tweets, Facebook pages and LinkedIn profile along with your competitor and you can check the latest trend going on the market that you are missing or posting about the specific new features.

Source : Hootsuite App Directory

You can also write about the positives that one gets using your platform in comparison with the key features of your competitor.

Exclusive Access

One of the best features of SaaS product is customisation. You can customise as per customer needs and implement it for a particular customer.

Based on this you can create features and promote them as an exclusive feature which requires invite only access.

This not only creates a buzz amongst customers but also generates enthusiasm amongst the mass to search for this feature and way to get it.

Enrich User Experience

Once the user is on your landing page, it’s all up to your relevant content and website user experience that keeps your customers engaged.

Make use of tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar to regularly monitor your user, page bounce rate and session rate.

Sample HotJar Recordings as used for Booking Commerce

These tools give an overall insight of user on your page which helps you determine the improvements you need to make.

You can also make use of exit pop-ups, widgets and call-to-action button to collect email IDs and make the best use of time spent by the customer.

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