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Replay of “Zach Coelius on 1st Billion Dollar AngelList Exit and Building a Top Tier Syndicate”

Zach is a 4 time entrepreneur, full time angel investor and all around good and helpful guy. His Cruise Automation syndicate was the first billion dollar exit on AngelList and he’s invested and advised several more startups well on their way to the coveted unicorn status. Before starting investing, Zach’s company Triggit raised ~$18M in funding before being acquired.

Listen and Learn:

  1. Why it is better to be good and lucky
  2. The value of social proof with co-investors
  3. How to build a top 10 AngelList syndicate
  4. The massive opportunity in South East Asia
  5. Why competitive markets kill startups
  6. Poker and meeting startup founders
  7. The way to add value to entrepreneurs
  8. How to invest unicorns

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