Treasure Island NFT Game Releases this March by@treasureislandnft

Treasure Island NFT Game Releases this March

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Treasure Island NFT

We are approaching the NFT scene from a unique angle now and in the future.

TL;DR mint your island, build a ship, recruit an army, fight sea monsters, sail through storms to the Treasure Island and beat your rivals to win a huge amount of ETH. Winner takes it all.

We are excited to announce that our upcoming NFT game called Treasure Island is going to launch in a couple of days! The game will be played directly from our website and it’s deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that its state is stored fully on the chain. The minting phase is limited to 11,111 islands, so join our Discord or follow our Twitter and you won’t miss your opportunity to join the race!


Treasure Island NFT will introduce some unique concepts which are never before seen in the NFT space. First, from every mint that is done, a hefty 20% goes automatically to a prize pool and second, the prize will be fully claimed by the winner of the game. So, the winner takes it all and yes, the prize will be in real ETH — this is what we proudly call Play-to-Win instead of Play-to-Earn.

In the game, every player mints an island builds a ship, recruits an army, and sails through a vicious sea to the Treasure Island to battle against other players to win a huge amount of ETH. The game itself is a combination of strategy and a bit of luck: the minting phase will randomly give different starting values for the island resources and the difficulty of the journey ahead, and it is up to the player to select from minted islands the strategically best one, or ones, to play with. The initial values are balanced with math to make sure there will not be too much advantage for anyone, and player attendance is needed at the right times throughout the game.

So, even if you got lucky in the mint it doesn’t guarantee anything if your strategic choices are weak. A recurring element of the game is the balancing between speed and capacity — the player should be fast because the Island will only allow up to the first 128 players to land! Then again, if you don’t spend enough time gathering resources and training a strong army, you will have a hard time enduring the voyage and the final battles fought.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to be both fast and strong. Thus, it’s the player's duty to make the right decisions to find the optimal balance and trade-offs between the two.

Game Mechanics

After minting and selecting island(s) to play with, players gather resources (gold, wood and iron). With gathered resources, the player must then recruit an army and build a ship that will carry the army overseas. Once done, they leave the home island and start the voyage over a vicious sea. On their voyage, armies will face different adversities but if the army is strong enough, and the ship fast enough, they will eventually make it to the Treasure Island.

Those who make it all the way to the island, still must fight for their lives — in the end, there will be only one army alive. The strongest, or the luckiest, army, will defeat others and conquer the Treasure Island and sail home with the ETH treasure.

Treasure Island NFT is played in different phases: 1) Minting, 2) Collecting resources and preparing for the voyage, 3) Voyage, 4) Final battle, and 5) Announcing the winner. We will be covering these in more detail next.


2. Start of the Voyage and Home Island

Your island provides resources at the speed that is determined already in the minting phase. The amount of resources you will get per hour is shown on your island card, and your current resource balance is shown in the game UI. Iron and wood are used to build your ship(s), and gold and iron are used to recruit and equip an army. When building a ship you must consider speed versus capacity, and when recruiting an army it’s balancing between speed and strength.

The player must choose the optimal moment of using precious resources. The thinking part is better be done beforehand and should include things such as: How much time will you waste on your home island gathering resources to achieve a bigger army and a faster ship? Or would it be better to head towards the Treasure Island as quickly as possible with a smaller army and higher risk of failure? These strategic choices will determine the nature of the upcoming voyage.

3. Voyage

The long journey consists of several phases on which the player will face different obstacles. Between phases there is a “time penalty” applied with a certain base value. Time penalty is then affected by the number of casualties from obstacles such as sea monsters, storms, illnesses and possible mutiny on the ship. All of these take their share and only the strongest ones stay alive. This part is also balanced with statistical methods where good strategy gives you better chances to survive but you also need a bit of luck to succeed.

Some may get luckier than others and fortune favors the brave, but the sea favors no one. There is no way to escape the sea monsters and storms so the only way is to go through. Hope your army is strong enough and ship fast enough to manage your way through these obstacles with minimal casualties and thus, time penalties. Naturally, a battered army with some illnesses usually has lower morale testing your crew’s loyalty — this will most likely take some more of your soldiers down.

4. Treasure Island and Final Battle

Only the strongest of the players will even be allowed to land the Treasure Island. This island is limited to up to 128 very first players to arrive who will then fight until there is only one man standing. There’s absolutely no room to be sluggish to make it to the final battle!

The stronger the army the better the chance to beat other armies, but as always in the Treasure Island — being outnumbered is not a direct death sentence, as you also need some luck! Final fights will be done in knockout rounds to determine the victorious player, who will then sail home with the grand prize of ETH!

5. Announcing the Winner

The Treasure Island winner will be announced and their wallet address will be automatically assigned to the smart contract for claiming the prize. We have built it so that even the team itself can’t withdraw anything out of the contract until the price pool has been assigned to the winner. We could say this is a win-win situation — it is simply implemented to build trust between the team and players.


After the game

We strongly suggest players hold their island cards after the game has ended. After the game we will issue an ERC-20 utility token that will be distributed to all island owners. The amount island holders will receive is a combination of minting order + final standing in the game. These token holders then form our community and they will have significant benefits in our future releases as well as exclusive access to our original art releases!

As the game itself is a one-shot, we as a team, are aiming to be in the scene in the long-term. Treasure Island NFT serves as our first showcase of what we can deliver and we already have initial concepts for upcoming projects. We also want to incorporate our community as much as possible to design the future with us!

We are publishing a total of 5 articles before our game launches. Our next article will be published in two days from now and it covers the balancing of the game — stay tuned!

With years of experience in tech and crypto working separately, we decided to form a team to combine our power and interests. We are approaching the NFT scene from a unique angle now and in the future. We have previously launched NFT projects and are involved in crypto in general too. Follow and stay with us as we explore the endless possibilities of these new technologies!

Connections: WebsiteTwitter and remember to join our Discord for discussion about launch, tactics and more!

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