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Transforming the AI Industry with Next-Level Data Collection

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The world is changing at a rapid rate and we have artificial intelligence to thank for this. Industries and markets across the globe are being reformed and reshaped because of this advanced technology, and daily living is improving as a result. Before AI was a common concept to the world, people thought the term referred to super-charged robots and flying cars. But today, AI is all around us.

Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri, are examples of artificial intelligence implemented in daily living. Every time a person speaks to their smartphone, car or designated smart speaker, they are making use of the speech recognition tool that powered by artificial intelligence. Speech recognition allows computers to understand voice-based inputs. This is how Siri, for example, is able to call your mother when you say, “Siri, call Mom.” That is artificial intelligence at work.

Chatbots are another example of artificial intelligence that assists our daily activities. When you log on to popular ecommerce sites, you’ll find that you’re often greeted by a pop-up chat screen, with a person greeting you. That person isn’t actually a person. They are a chatbot — artificial intelligence programmed to offer assistance with any basic problems you may have on the platform you are using.

What makes all of this possible? How is artificial intelligence able to work in such a proficient manner? The answer is simple: data. The raw resource that powers all artificial intelligence use cases is data. It allows computers to connect dots and understand when X means why. For example, on retail sites, frequent users are often met with a tab that gives them recommended products to purchase. These recommended products are compiled through the search and purchasing data computers collect when a user is browsing and buying through the site.

The problem most companies within the AI industry are experiencing, however, is attaining data that will assist them with providing services and information that are more accurate. Smaller companies struggle with gaining access to sufficient data because they do not have the same resources as bigger companies. A small-time online retail store will not be able to collect the same data as Amazon because they simply do not have the same customer base as Amazon. In order for all companies to have an equal opportunity to showcase their technology, there needs to be equal access to credible data that can be used to power their respective AI use cases.

Bottos has stepped up to the challenge and created a decentralized AI data sharing network that is set to transform the AI industry in a revolutionary manner. The network is based on blockchain infrastructure, which will ensure that the data collected is transparent, secure, and accessible to all interested parties. Transparency is a key factor in data sharing. The concept of data collection has gathered a great deal of concern, especially after the Facebook scandal, where it was found that the social media giant had provided a third-party application with the data of over 50 million Facebook users. To make matters worse, this third-party application, Cambridge Analytica, was hired by the Trump campaign, causing the public to wonder if this collected data was used to influence the 2016 elections in the US. In order for users to be comfortable with the idea of mass data collection, they need to know that it is being done in a transparent and trusted way. That is what Bottos is offering — trust, transparency, and accessibility.

The company aims to offer a better way forward for the AI ecosystem, where companies will not be limited by the inability to access widespread, credible data. Industries across the globe will be able to tailor their technology, making it accurate for both the users and the developers, thus creating increase efficiency for all.

The system aims to reward both the AI companies and its own users with its own payment system. Everyone who takes part in the Bottos network will be rewarded for their contributions — making the industry truly valuable. Improved artificial intelligence will benefit industries on a global-scale. Machine learning will be taken to an advanced level, meaning functions such as speech and pattern recognition will produce results that will be far more accurate than they have ever been. Assistants in smartphones, cars, and smart speakers will become more life-like because of the added data the AI companies will have access to.

This is a simple description of the impact the Bottos network will have on the world. The key factor to remember is that all of this is possible because of blockchain technology. This next-level tech continues to offer the world global solutions that will truly transform human living for the better.


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