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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

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These days, everything has gone digital. Businesses are conducted online, we make meetings over digital platforms, and this means that conventional business tools like paper, fax machines, and even physical offices are beginning to lose their meaning.

However, of all the conventional business tools that we’ve had, business cards have still not lost their importance.

Here are a few reasons why:

They are awesome tools for promotion and marketing

Business cards present one of the easiest ways to promote yourself, especially when you’re running a small business. You hope that the person you give it to will use the information on it to contact you, and maybe even refer you to other people who might need your service.

However, why keep things there?

You can easily turn your business card into a brochure to tell your prospective clients what you can really do for them. Or, you could also turn it into a memorable promotional tool that will remind people of your business.

Remember, not everyone has a smartphone

Yes it might be difficult for you to understand how these people get through their day, but there are actually a lot of people who still don’t own their personal smartphones.Some people just have their computers in their homes and get what they want to do done from there.

If you meet these people and you need them to contact you, a business card really is the best way to go.

Business cards give you legitimacy

You might not know this, but people will very much like to deal with brands and businesses that they feel they can trust. To wit, most people tend to do one thing whenever they are faced with businesses that don’t have strong reputations or long histories; they judge them based on how they look.

One of the best ways for you to tell people that you run a trustworthy and reliable business is to have a professional, acceptable-looking business cards.

Business cards keep you accessible

With business cards, you stay accessible at all times.


Things like Internet breaks or power outages, which might affect modern ways of passing information and communicating, don’t affect the good old business cards. If you go on vacation or into the woods and you meet people, you can slip them your business card and rest assured that they’ve got your details and can contact you when they want to.

Also, if you’re on a flight and you need to turn off your phone, business cards present a proper way for you to meet and exchange contacts with people.

They’re culturally appropriate

There’s the ritual of exchanging business cads hat has been a long-standing part off business proceeding. A lot of people expect business cards back when they give you one, and there is a large percentage of people who still believe that business cards are appropriate business tool.

When you meet these people, you better be ready to hand them something.

In some areas, people make judgments about how you can conduct your business based on how your business card looks. So, apart from just possessing a business card, you actually need to have one that looks good.

Ease and simplicity

These days, a lot of people believe that they can simply mall their information to others. The only problem is that this still necessitates getting your email information.

Ergo, the need for a business card.

In today’s world, it is extremely easy to have information shared, especially now that a lot of digital devices allow people to share information by “beaming” them from one device to another. However, even with that, you can never be sure that people you meet and get to contact in the future are making use of the same device that you are.

In order to ensure that they still get your details, you can as well slip them a business card and save yourself the stress

They help with networking

These days, a vast majority of business networking activities happen virtually. However, while it is impossible to deny the level of expansion that we have all seen with virtual networking among people, this trend has been unable to exceed the levels of in-person networking that has, for a long time, been the most efficient means of developing relationships with prospective clients and other business owners.

In-person networking is the best way to source for business opportunities, and it also helps a lot with boosting your sales.

In cases like these, business cards play a significant role.

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