Browser Mining — An Effective Revenue Generation Alternative to Advertising by@tanveerzafar

Browser Mining — An Effective Revenue Generation Alternative to Advertising

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Browser Mining : An Effective Revenue Generation Alternative to Advertising

Advertising revenue is an important income source for the internet domain; even tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, etc., rely on it. Advertisement mediums such as premium-posting, pop-ups, banner spaces, sidebar ads, etc., generate commissions via click-through rates or sales. However, these advertisements come with a fair share of pitfalls. The revenue generated from ads is considered intrusive and adversely impacts the overall user experience, resulting in higher bounce and dropout rates. Websites that become too dependent on these ads end up losing visitors and potential customers. Below are some more critical setbacks of generating revenue through online advertisement.

  1. Impacts the Viewing Experience


When there are too many ads on a web page, it tends to negatively impact your current audience’s viewing experience and drive them away. Excessively large postings or pop-ups that take a majority of the website space can force visitors to bounce to another page altogether. Additionally, hidden exit buttons showcase that a website is not giving users any other option but to click on the ad or not visit the webpage anymore.

2. Ads are Spammy


Brimming a website with multiple ads increase the chances of it being vulnerable to spam. This can certainly impact the brand reputation of the website on search engines as well as project a negative perception in the minds of the targeted audience.

3. Pop-up Blockers


To combat the inefficiency caused by too many advertisements, users are increasingly using ad blockers that as the name suggests, restrict advertisements from displaying on their browsers, thus nullifying the overall impact of the advertisement. Therefore, website owners who rely excessively on ads might be able to generate revenue and can significantly lose their customer base.

Browser Mining


The concept of browser mining is relatively new and challenges such as lack of user control, transparency issues, security threats, etc. are impeding its growth.

If you are a newbie, looking to experiment in cryptocurrency domain and wish to explore without spending out of your pocket, tools like Gath3r can be handy. This tool eliminates the aforementioned setbacks of conventional browser mining and can be very easy to setup and run for a beginner. On the other hand, the website benefits by reducing its dependence on advertising revenue by offering a more profitable form of monetization.

How it works?

Once you install the code provided by Gath3r on your website or App Platform, it enables the administrator to earn a commission based on passively mining. Browser mining is basically a form of cryptocurrency mining that is executed inside a browser through java scripts. It extracts coins using software that is integrated on the website’s server and uses the CPU power of the user’s computer. You can also ensure optimum transparency and control, by providing the users to decide whether they wish to participate in the mining process or not. These systematics is completely powered by an underlying Blockchain Technology making it the very most effective over other generic tools available online.

Revolutionizing Website Revenue Generation

Considering the drawbacks of online advertising, website owners are gradually shifting towards browser mining as an effective medium to monetize their websites. Browser mining allows users to generate greater revenues without impacting the user browsing experience.

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