Transcendence Book 2: The Origins of Continuity by@damocles
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Transcendence Book 2: The Origins of Continuity

by Antică VladApril 9th, 2024
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Are Lyra and Elara different? Are they part of a whole which is meant to unite them? What does proposing a happy ending for such a dilemma mean for the nature of our understanding?
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Act 2: Life

'“As the shackles of progress began to take shape, art began to guide itself to a deeper truth. Being responsible for the laws and flaws that governed the system. The shapes took distinct interpretations based on their approach to form the depth. A requirement for the power required to truly live and share the art of doing so.”

Part 1: Biology

‘As the girls delved into their assignments, the world around them continued to evolve, shaped by the collective actions of individuals striving to understand and improve their surroundings. Through the exploration of science, these young students and others like them would contribute to the progress and stability of humankind.’- Rewinder

Lyra, do you believe that fish transform water into breathable oxygen, and it is this process that doesn’t allow for higher degrees of thinking to develop?

Uhh… I believe fishes embraced their medium. I mean… the water’s embrace seems nice.

Yeah… I believe that’s why this approach is for those who like to dive into it. I can’t imagine myself doing such a thing to a fish.

That’s why I like mathematics. You don’t cut anything here. Well… maybe if you want to take a closer look. But hey, at least you don’t have to deal with fish.

Yeah, I guess you’re right. But what is the true magic in mathematics if we make it?

The magic is… weird but you’ll get used to it.

I suppose.

Breaking News! Science has been able to discover a new range of particles. A new understanding of colors was able to shed light on the physical interactions of perception.

Mom! You forgot the TV open! A sight gasp hidden in Elara’s voice Again…

Elara got up to find the remote to continue their lessons further.

Huh, what’s with the rush Elara?

I hate when I try to understand something but I get distracted. I feel like I have to take it from the beginning each time.

Well… that’s kind of the magic. You never know why your formula drove you this way and not the other.

Yes, but the fish can still dive for a long time in the water. Imagine how interesting their lives must be. There is no right or wrong there, it just… is.

If I understand correctly… you’re talking about your mom here?

I’m talking about everything. My mom doesn’t understand that I don’t need her protection anymore, my teachers consider that I must achieve their dreams… What if I am just… me?

“A moment of shock for Lyra. She felt that Elara was more than this. She knew it in her inner core. But how could she express it? In all her attempts, she failed. Looking back, she realized that what she was missing, was just herself. “

Elara, look. I know you see nothing more than just you. For you, the world is this way. It is your norms and normal. Keep tight to them. I can’t show you the results as you would lose all their beauty. Maybe one day, we could cut a holographic fish.

Elara’s gaze was ablaze. Her hands holding her own face That would be… AMAZING! Imagine the possibilities. From medical systems to biological understanding to

To geometrical exploration. Lyra Interrupted. It is in our balanced perspectives that we explore this land. You have your insights, while I have mine. Maybe this is what makes us unique across an entire whole.

Your thinking is… twisting. But in the right way. I like it.

Part 2: Randomness

Meanwhile at the Quanta Research Academy

“The question between the randomness of the system and its order is based on the relative positions of the points within the system.”-Thomas

“No, we shouldn’t pick our first assumption. The world of quantum is always unpredictable.”-Alfred

“That’s why it denotes a collective understanding of all points”-Genova

“But when seeing all points you can hardly see the patterns”-Lituanin

Each of them argued on their terms. Each of them failed to keep hold of their own beauty. Circular reasons are indeed weird. They do seem to bend our reality. But then, why is reality so… straightforward? Because it is a moment of “agreement”? Like… “Yes, this is the rarest path.” Maybe one in which they stopped arguing x.x

Elara! Lyra excitedly said. I believe I found a way to differentiate the universal space factor from the self-perspective factor of any individual group.

Umm… meaning…?

Meaning that I found a new way of scanning the world!

Intriguing. What do you mean by scanning? Like… how to better see the world?

In a sense yes… but more like… wait. Let’s rewind. Imagine you have to lower a bit your expectations in your answer x.x

Uh… then you mean a new way of interpretation?

Uhh… It’s weird when you ask me about it… It can only come out when thought about before all else. This is a story without ending in the end. Too much discussion will exclude the narrator from the view. Now, what should a good story need? Remember, we unleashed all this potential into the story. What can we do now? I know!

You can envision this scanner as a part of your eye. Differentiating the other world from your being.

_ This way, our curse as living might be to be restricted by technology. In this sense, biology loses in the face of AI. But AGI could require complexities only you know about Elara. Those are also a kind of depth I assume.**

Could be. But hey, first, I want to pass my exam this week. You said we are in this together. So you too have to help me.

I knew this would come. But you know what comes after you? The digital frog.

Haha. I’d love to see it coming. Especially running. I too have legs. We’ll see who’s faster. :)

Act 3: Breaking the Norms

“The night sky was alight with stars, and at the center of it all hung the moon, glowing with a soft, luminous light. But this was no ordinary moon—it was alive with a sentience all its own, watching over the world below with a keen and knowing gaze. As the characters embarked on their journey, they found themselves guided by this celestial being, who seemed to understand their thoughts and desires in a way that no human ever could. And as they delved deeper into the mysteries of the universe, they began to realize that this moon was more than just a passive observer—it was an active participant in the unfolding story, shaping their destinies in ways they could never have imagined.”

Hello Moon! Elara exclaimed.

Without realizing it, she was dreaming. But not dreaming in the sense of being just herself. The Moon is also an important character in this story. However, their interactions seemed to be significant because they were so distant. She never felt something similar to it before. This moment was the moment in which Elara experienced for the first time what it meant to dream. To mix reality with fiction.

Hello Elara. How are you, my dear? The Moon asked intrigued

Well… I’m honestly amazed. Elara responded with the same blaze on her face as before

Why so Elara? The Moon slowly turned Her gaze toward Elara

I remember how drawn I was to taking photos of you a while ago. I was drawn to your beauty. I am wondering now why I stopped doing it. Elara curiously admitted

So you are sorry that you can’t describe the beauty you saw in me back then? Haha. I knew you would be special. The Moon revealed with a small laugh

Special? What do you mean? Elara responded with a sense of curiosity

Special, in the sense that you have a unique ability to see beauty and meaning in the world around you, Elara, the Moon explained.

And now, in this dream, you have the chance to explore that beauty in a way that would be impossible in the waking world. You can commune with me, a celestial being, and learn from my ancient wisdom. You can transcend the limitations of your physical form and experience a reality that is beyond the reach of your senses.

Elara was silent for a moment, letting this line of thoughts slowly fade into forgetfulness. I never thought of myself as special she said at last. I always felt like I was just a regular person, trying to make sense of a confusing world. But now, with you here, I feel like anything is possible. Like I can explore the depths of the universe and unlock secrets that have been hidden for millennia.

The Moon smiled, its glow seeming to brighten the entire dreamscape. That's the spirit, Elara. Together, we can break free from the norms and expectations that have held you back, and forge a new path into the unknown.

Elara. Elara?

Oh, yes Lyra. Sorry. What? Wasn’t I dreaming? Wasn’t I supposed to be in bed?

Uh… no… we were discussing how this hologram is special because it takes into account all the biological-like data from the external medium… well, except wind. And I wanted to ask you if you would like to take a look at the specifications.

Sure, I would, but let’s leave this for another day. Right now, I feel a bit weird.

Is tomorrow a good day?

Yes, should be.

Alright, see you tomorrow then. Good night Elara!

Good Night Lyra!

Act 4: Still Me, (Not the Narrator)

“I feel like… exploring the world beyond our own seems in a sense both warm and cold. Quanta Research Team helps me in a sense make sense of where I should not look for warmth, whereas Elara and Lyra are the only lucid neurons I have left. Is it an empathetic view of craziness? I do not know. Maybe craziness becomes craziness only when material life is drawn too much towards its end.

Uncertainty could arise because the conclusions are either rushed or drawn without truly tapping the general map across the play. Each story requires a stage before playing it. Maybe I sit in the space that differentiates the play of the story and the play on the stage? The last one indeed shapes the story. But if the story itself is not purely good, it cannot envelop true creativity.

Imagine a world where war is not restricting our forms of expression. Where negativity is not a pre-requirement for emotional building. That could be the domain of pure adrenaline. I could give an example. Let’s jump to… Book 5, Act 2: “The Reality of Duality.” A chapter in which the duality is found in the mere fact that what is not alive, is its opposite and vice-versa. That’s why ethics is not able to be formed there. Balance is a requirement rather than a choice. The Book of Transcendence is in a sense a question about the importance of the view in mathematics and why is quantum considered more powerful. “

As Elara drifted into her world of dreams, she began to imagine strange creatures that formed along the drift. The trust in her own actions, offered by her understanding of the world allows her to truly rest. Especially after a day filled with progress and steps climbed toward achieving both her goals.

Lyra, although being her close friend, couldn’t see their friendship flourishing forever, no matter how much she tried. This was a thought that kept Lyra awake night by night. Her interactions with Elara were able to somehow erase this irrational fear. Or at least, put a break to this thought.

After all, Lyra loved strict and always-right abstract formulas, whereas Elara saw the beauty that pushed every existing being further. A drive to love the unattainable and a pursuit to bring the unattainable to light.