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Top Web development Trends in 2019


In the age of digitalization, people are focusing on exploring the opportunities of online business. There are a variety of options for earnings on the internet which is why new online shops are opening every day.

According to Netcraft, it was found out in their web server survey that the number of websites has reached 1.7 billion. According to their survey, there has been a steady and fast growth in this number.

Below is an image that is depicting their findings in a bar graph:


The increasing websites on the internet have given scope for experiments and innovation. Every software development company come up with some great new ideas that change the web trends.

Moreover, it is not difficult for anything to become famous online. Trends change in every industry, from housing to clothing but trends of web development industry have a little different characteristic.

There is no single trendsetter developer of this industry The technological acceptance by people is the main reason behind the setting up of trends. There are millions of users who contribute to this dynamic industry.

It was estimated in a recent study by we are social and Hootsuite that the users of the internet have reached up to four billion in 2018. Similar is the case to developers as well. The counting is accelerating every year at a fast pace.

Ideas are developed to provide greater customer satisfaction which is changing our society as a whole. Some of the topmost web development trends in 2019 are:

Voice search integration

Mobile friendly designs

Artificial intelligence


Motion user interface

Progressive web applications

We are discussing the top 6 web development trends in 2019:

Voice search integration:

Voice search integration is a technology that has crossed all barriers to give us comfort. While using computers and smartphones, if you don’t want to type or you cannot type due to some reasons then voice search integration comes for rescue.

Google assistant is an example of such a voice search facility which gives us the liberty to make our smart devices do anything by just giving instructions verbally.

Software development companies are including this technology in their products for providing maximum customer support and satisfaction. Below is an image of the google voice search feature:


Mobile friendly designs:

The number of mobile users is rising every year. It is estimated by Statista that by 2020, the smartphone users will reach up to 7.48 billion. A graphical and pictorial representation is given below for a better understanding of the accelerating number of mobile users:


The rising figure clearly depicts the need for mobile-friendly designs of websites. It is essentially vital that we make them accessible on mobile phones so that more users can browse them without any constraint.

It is a challenge for a web development company to develop a well-designed website that will help the end user to drag up-down, scroll, and zoom in-out without any issue. Today, almost all websites are designed keeping in mind the need for smartphone users.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular and talked about technology in the current age. It has changed many industrial processes drastically. AI is present today in healthcare, psychology, gaming, mathematics, etc.

The reach of artificial intelligence is rising every year and it is estimated that 2019 will be yet another year for some amazing innovations in AI. this is the reason many businesses see it as an area of investment.

It is a strategically essential field of business and it is agreed by 84% respondents in a study by Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management. In the below image there are some other findings of the study given:


This creates high business opportunities for web development companies as every enterprise is looking towards them for solutions of Artificial Intelligence.


As the name suggests, it is a robot chatting with a customer. Have you ever chatted to customer support on a website? These are the robotic replies that are by-products of artificial intelligence.

As per research of Gartner, it is estimated that 85% of the humans will be interacting with an enterprise without a human. The main reason behind this is the ability of the businesses to serve the customers throughout the day and night without interruption.

Motion user interface:

What do you enjoy more, watching a video or reading written content on a web page? Most of you will answer in favor of video because of the fewer efforts required. People watch videos to understand easily and speedily.

The major reason behind this is the diminishing attention span of humans in this new technological environment of our society. A research was done by Renderforest on traffic attracted by businesses after adding video content.

It was found out that about 78% of traffic was attracted after this. You can get a better understanding of the research through the image given below:


In this image, it is also explained that what percent of people will watch video for how much time. A majority of people feature video content on their website to attract more retained visitors.

Progressive web applications:

These apps are a hybrid of web applications and mobile applications. They are easy to access and works brilliantly with poor internet network quality also. Moreover, the development of this app can also be done with low internet and surprisingly even on the 2G network.


These are the reasons that progressive web applications have become the most trendy technology in the online market. Apart from these benefits, it is also highly suitable to reach millions easily.


The web development trends discussed in this post are shifting our global society from a loosely connected to a closely connected one. The comfort-providing capacity of this industry is increasing amazingly year by year.

These web development trends in 2019 will be bringing many revolutionary changes in this arena. It is essential for web development companies to move forward along with them. Constant and updated work performance is a must to make a special place for yourself in this industry.

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