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Top Tech Support Communities to Help You with Computer Viruses

The situation when the home users come to their wit’s end attempting to remove stubborn malware can be rather tiresome. The constant progress of computer viruses poses serious challenges even to computer security specialists. This industry often lacks responsiveness to new threats that are not yet cataloged.

Authors of modern infections like adware, ransomware, and crypto-miners use obfuscation techniques to hide their components. So, relying on antivirus solutions that are based solely on signature-based detection methods is an inefficient defensive strategy. New malware can withstand commonplace detection and removal practices.

When you are tired of unsuccessful attempts to clean your computer from viruses, tech support forums is the only place where multiple opinions arriving from malware experts come in handy on resolving specific issues. In-depth technical analysis of victim’s PC combined with a priceless brainstorming process usually ends up resolving even serious problems.

Looking for help you can come across numerous tech help forums that are more like a marketing catch and serve as appendices to the main websites. Only several forums are helpful, active, and what is important — friendly to unfortunate newcomers who got suddenly infected. My post will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best place to handle different malware problems.

Bleeping Computer

The professional staff and trustworthy contributors of Bleeping Computer website are there to timely help with any malware issue whether it concerns a mobile device or a desktop computer. This forum is divided into 11 parts, including Security, Hardware, Applications and Guides, Microsoft Windows Support, Alternative Operating Systems Support, Internet and Networking, Gadgets, Tablets & Mobile Devices, Gaming, Gadgets.

Some of the most harmful and dangerous viruses were first discovered and dissected due to the members of the security industry who contribute to the Bleeping Computer website. The latest example is the GandCrab ransomware virus.

The Bleeping Computer team’s reaction and responsiveness is really remarkable and astonishing. Tens of new threads get opened daily and all thread starters receive quick replies. You get the first valuable tips within minutes or at least an hour. Most virus issues get solved in one day. Yes, the time greatly depends on the specific virus and the timely answers of the topic starter. Most automatic cleaning tools recommended there are free to use.

Malwarebytes forums

This is another great place where Malwarebytes experts and security professionals from all over the world like to hang out. This vendor’s name is well known and speaks for itself. There are tons of support opportunities to fight viruses of various complexity. Even non-tech-savvy computer users will enjoy browsing through Malwarebytes forums, it is very easy to use and work with. The intuitive structure consists of such parts as General Computer Support and Security Updates, Malware Removal Support, Malwarebytes Tools, and Research Center. Anyone may create a free account and add topics describing their issues. At the same time there are a lot of guides and self-help articles covering all widespread problems and viruses. Within a few hours of creating a new topic, the infected user gets down-to-earth, concise tips on how to send his HijackThis log to experts to have a look and provide a solution. As with other forums, before starting a new topic, it is recommended to search for possible similar technical problems that might have already been answered or solved.

Geeks to Go

This notable website unites hundreds of info-security fanatics in the praiseworthy attempts to lend a hand to users who fell victim to things like browser hijackers, ransomware, Trojans, keyloggers and other threats. Apart from providing virus removal support and guides, Geeks to Go features sections that cover cases where the PC will not start or the antivirus keeps crashing. All it takes to get expert help is sign up, which does not take more than a minute and describe your problem in the appropriate subsection. The “Trusted Helpers” guide users step by step through the nontrivial process of system remediation or virus removal. The Geeks to Go assistants and staff work on a volunteer basis, so it would be polite to provide prompt replies to all their questions. Be advised that posts will be deleted if the topic creator does not reply to messages within four days. Overall, Geeks to Go is certainly one of the most helpful and instructive community to receive professional virus-related support.

Microsoft Answers — Virus and Malware forums

Microsoft may boast a highly dynamic place for computer troubleshooting with the dedicated forums covering all possible technical problems. The most respectable contributors participate in this main Windows tech support hub. They offer and use top-notch security tools. Newcomers may use the search function and find solutions sorted by topic. In case no results match your issues, you can always ask the community. However, it is very unlikely you fail to find a similar topic given the high popularity of Microsoft forums. User-friendly interface allows you to easily sign up and start new topics. Getting a reply from MVPs or Microsoft employees is a matter of minutes. So, be ready to follow tested and effective tips. Be assured your problems will be treated according to the best practices of virus removal.

Google Product Forums

Most computer problems and virus issues discussed here often have to do only with Google products. In this regard, Google Product Forums stand out from the rest tech support forums. Nevertheless, Google provides a good deal of help when it comes to malware infections. In the first place, it applies to multi-platform and cross-browser problems known as adware. This type of infection is very popular among cybercriminals and so hundreds of thousands of computer users catch adware every day. The importance of Google Product Forums is constantly growing. Do not skip topics that feature the same malware name as yours as such problems could have been already discussed and resolved.

One of the main advantages of Google Product Forums is the quick response time, taking just several minutes. You are always just several clicks away from solving the problem considering the prompt responses, step-by-step instructions provided by the participants, and the best cleanup software.


Antiviruses tend to be not enough to stay protected from evolving viruses. Users should be very attentive and do not bluntly click web links and email attachments coming from unknown senders. Installing a VPN solution is also a great prerequisite to protect your data and computer. In case of a persistent virus be sure to visit the websites described above. Once on security forums, please respect their rules, use the search function to find similar problems before creating a new thread, quickly reply to all questions and attentively follow instructions to be able to resolve your issues. Do not forget to thank contributors for their work afterward.

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