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A Crypto Marketer’s most essential tool

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Why BitcoinTalk should be first on your list

In my previous articles on BitcoinTalk, we’ve covered what the forum can be used for and how to get started. We discussed that the Forum created by Satoshi has been home to multiple milestones and it continues on today as a treasure trove of research, discussion, services, and bounties.

Satoshi’s 2nd Gift — BitcoinTalk_The lesser known forum that is the epicenter of the crypto world_hackernoon.com

Satoshi’s 2nd Gift — “Part 2” : Guide for Newbies_How to use BitcoinTalk for the first time_hackernoon.com

Satoshi’s 2nd Gift — “Part 3” : ICO Research_Using BitcoinTalk for Evaluating ICOs and STOs_hackernoon.com

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why BitcoinTalk is essential to any Crypto Marketer’s strategy.

This specifically covers:

  • Generating awareness with an Announcement Thread
  • Growing community with a Bounty campaign
  • Finding help within the community

If you’ve never used BitcoinTalk — drop everything and go signup an account now. Use the guides posted above for help. This has to be your first step as you’ll want a high rank to post images. The date/time you sign up is relevant to ranking up, so make sure to do this immediately.


Announcement Threads

When launching a new blockchain/crypto project, you’ll need maximum visibility for the lowest possible cost. All of the interactions on BitcoinTalk are free, so this becomes a very attractive value proposition. Most important of all is the Announcement Thread (ANN).

The main purpose of the ANN is to share basic information and act as a center for interacting with the forum community.

The main elements you’ll want to cover are

  • The product
  • The team
  • The tokenomics
  • The roadmap
  • Links for social,whitepaper,website

Here are a few examples throughout time that show how much activity these posts generate and some ideas of what you can do with your announcement. By using the quote function, you can copy an existing ANN and use that as an outline for the one you will construct.

[XMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrencyXMR] Monero - A secure, private, untraceable cryptocurrencybitcointalk.org

⚡ [ANN] ⚡ DeepOnion TOR ⚡ DeepVault ⚡ Cryptopia 🚀 Airdrop 24/40 🚀 WE DOMINATE!⚡ [ANN] ⚡ DeepOnion TOR ⚡ DeepVault ⚡ Cryptopia 🚀 Airdrop 24/40 🚀 WE DOMINATE!bitcointalk.org

Minexcoin - A new era of paymentsMinexcoin - A new era of paymentsbitcointalk.org

Some tips

  • Don’t post the ANN under an account with the name of the project.
  • Don’t post under a newbie account. It shows that the team has little experience in the crypto world.
  • Do post using an account that is controlled by a teammate or someone close. You’ll want to be able to make edits on your own.
  • Make sure team members that can answer questions are also on BitcoinTalk. The community wants to see that people are involved and answering questions about the project.
  • Try to be active on a daily basis. The announcement posts get lost very fast since there is alot of activity in this part of the forum. By keeping active, you ensure that visibility stays too.


Crypto Bounty Treasures!


One of the strongest marketing tools an ICO has is the allure of a generous bounty program. Crypto Bounty Programs are lists of tasks that generally anyone can partake in and receive tokens from the project. Tasks usually include actions meant to generate community growth, like joining the telegram channel, retweeting content, liking on facebook and signature campaigns on BitcoinTalk. You can find the list of Bounty programs here.

Newer versions of Bounties can also include translations, meme/graphic work, and YouTube/Article creation. Even rarer, there are bug bounties and developer bounty programs that are much harder to participate in, but also offer a much larger portion of the projects coins/tokens.

In a Bounty Thread, you’ll need to cover

  • What are the actions that users need to do to receive tokens
  • How many tokens are being paid out during the bounty campaign
  • When they will be paid out

Here are a few recent bounty threads

🌫🌫💰[BOUNTY] Bitcoin Air - Payments as Light as Air! [$1,000,000 XAP!]💰🌫🌫🌫🌫💰[BOUNTY] Bitcoin Air - Payments as Light as Air! [$1,000,000 XAP!]💰🌫🌫bitcointalk.org

[ANN][BOUNTY] WEMARK - License Photos Directly From Top PhotographersANN][BOUNTY] WEMARK - License Photos Directly From Top Photographersbitcointalk.org

⚡[BOUNTY]⚡ ATOMIC SWAPS WALLET - 💰[3 000 000 AWC]💰 REWARD!⚡[BOUNTY]⚡ ATOMIC SWAPS WALLET - 💰[3 000 000 AWC]💰 REWARD!bitcointalk.org

Bounty programs take alot of work and community interaction. This previous article I wrote will help you decide if a Bounty Program is right for you and your team. If you do move forward with one, here are some tips from one of the best in business, Andrew from Amazix.

There are several precautions to take when planning a bounty campaign:

-Care has to be taken not to commit too many funds that could represent a very high percentage of the total supply in case the sale doesn’t go as planned (as in the current bear market)

-Bounty campaigns have to be customised towards the goals each particular project wants to reach (which channels are more relevant? What is the message the projects wants to convey? etc.)

-Remember that the main goal of a bounty campaign is to build up the community, it doesn’t replace a proper marketing campaign

-Prevent fraud (bots, multiaccount abusers, etc.) that is very present and hurts both the project and the community. This means using KYC in most cases, which is not ideal but necessary to minimise these issues.


Getting Help

The 3rd and final reason that a Crypto Marketer needs to be on BitcoinTalk is for the access to talented and experienced help. As someone that has only been on BitcoinTalk for 6 months, I would never have been able to learn what I have in such a short time without all of the friends I’ve made. One of the Bounty Managers I’ve worked with the most, Commander11, says “BTT is so important that every project needs to build a reputation there — not only because the majority of retail investors come from that forum, but because there are talented developers out there who can criticize, suggest or improve your ICO. Unlimited possibilities in this field.”

Help can be found in responses to your ANN and in the Services section of BTT. Under Services, you’ll find postings for ANN creation, Bounty Management, Design, and even legal services. Starting your own thread will bring attention to your issue, and dont hesitate to ask questions and throoughly feel comfortable before employing someone. Remember, everyone started from zero, so its expected that you’ll have plenty of questions. Ask for help often and without hesitation.

This was part 4 of the “Satoshi’s 2nd Gift” guides

I’m going to explore the following topics in more detail in subsequent articles:

-Services: What’s available and how to choose them

-Bounties: How to make crypto millions without investing

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article

Feel free to add me on Linkedin here, follow my twitter there →@xldean, and send me a Telegram. New article ideas are always appreciated!


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