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Forum Blockchain for Business (B4B)

Blockchain as an innovative technology of the hour also for companies of great importance

André Matter will share his experience of n’cloud.swiss ICO for the expansion into new markets on November 22nd , 2018 as a speaker at the Forum Blockchain for Business (B4B) in St. Gallen.

Blockchain as technology of the hour is discussed intensively by both business and IT managers. Increasingly, decision makers see in Blockchain a possibility to develop new disruptive business models and create new innovations. The potentials and possible benefits of blockchain-based applications are manifold. If you want to use them for a specific field of application, a series of questions usually arise. This includes the implementability of blockchain-based applications in the industry, but also the sensitivity of the data to be considered and the technical limitations. However, the key question is how blockchain technology can really help a business. The first and best-known use cases arose mainly in the context of the digital currency Bitcoin and the popular crowdfunding method Initial Coin Offering (ICO). ICOs represent a new way of raising capital for companies (and their projects) from around the world.

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To answer open questions, fill in gaps and point out the possibilities of blockchain for companies in a practical way, the Institute for Business Management IFU-FHS organized the Blockchain for Business forum on November 22nd, 2018. In the course of presentations, a knowledge base for subsequent experience reports and practical examples will be created. Networking opportunities throughout the day make it possible to interact with various experts and make contacts with them.

Founder and Chairman of the Swiss cloud provider n’cloud.swiss AG André Matter is among the speakers and will share his experience with their ICO for the expansion into new markets. As an internationally operating and highly qualified service provider in the areas of IT and cloud solutions, the company is already operating in various countries and aims to establish itself worldwide as a Swiss alternative to the leading cloud providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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Innovation, solution-oriented and visionary thinking are top priorities for André Matter. In 2009, he created one of the first European “clouds” called n’cloud, at the same time as Google and Alibaba. Unsurprisingly, the company supports partners through its Innovation Center in the implementation of new IT and cloud technologies with exciting projects across multiple business lines and use cases. These include, for example, blockchain, machine learning, edge computing, AI and big data projects.


The forum “Blockchain for Business” will take place on Thursday, November 22, 2018, from 8.30 am at the restaurant Lagerhaus at Davidstrasse 42 in St. Gallen. All lectures are in German. Registrations and further information at www.blockchain4business.ch

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