Top Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019by@R-Sharma
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Top Mobile Application Development Trends in 2019

by Ria Jaya SharmaMarch 28th, 2019
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An expert from a software outsourcing company, I keep myself updated with the mobile app trends. Global mobile app revenues are projected to generate a revenue of $188.9 billion via app stores and in-app advertising in 2020. In 2022, consumers in the USA will spend over $34 billion dollars on mobile apps via app store. You can hire mobile app developers to design & develop your application on technologies like blockchain and IoT. In 2019, you can’t go on without blockchain. More and more techies are producing powerful apps and software using blockchain benefits.

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Top Mobile Application Development Trends 2019

Are you a startup? a product company? Or, an application developer who wants to know about mobile trends? If yes, then in this post you will find this year’s top mobile app development trends that I have jotted down.

After working on hundreds of projects in the past years, one thing I can say- if there is something common in every successful app then it is THE ONE GREAT IDEA behind it.

However, the meaning of “the idea” is not the fantastic design that you have thought about or the unique feature you are planning to include in your app. What I mean to say is how much value it’s going to add.

Hence, before you start working on your next mobile application, you need to ask yourself questions like -

What do you need from your mobile app? What do you need to do to make it work?

Who is your audience? What is the best way to develop your mobile app?

One simple answer to all these questions is — Keep your fingers on the pulse of the mobile app development trends. It also solves your purpose of having that one great idea for your mobile application.

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I would like to add here is that each app is different and trends and technologies are always changing and evolving. However, what I’m sharing here is a piece of fairly standard information on the mobile app development trends to follow in 2019.

I’ll go into more detail about mobile app development trends shortly. Before that, have a look at the worldwide mobile app usage stats.

  • Global mobile app revenues are projected to generate a revenue of $188.9 billion via app stores and in-app advertising. (Refer to the below-given image)

  • According to a region-specific revenue, in 2022, consumers in the USA are projected to spend over $34 billion dollars on mobile apps via app stores.

As an expert of the mobile app development domain, I keep myself updated with the industry trends. Also, it’s needless to say whether you’re a mobile app developer or you run a business in the development sphere, it’s important to stay educated in the mobile space.

I’ve narrowed down the top mobile application and software development trends for the year 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

1.Blockchain the Game Changer

Blockchain is no doubt one of the revolutionary technologies in the current scenario. Why I am calling it a game changer?

It has helped so many startups and businesses to create their own blockchain powered apps, smart contracts, and blockchain based software solutions.

In 2019, you can’t go on without blockchain. More and more techies and developer’s producing powerful apps and software using blockchain benefits.

Here is the worldwide blockchain revenue estimate.

Union of Blockchain IoT

Blockchain in union with the Internet of Things (IoT) improves the way apps perform by speeding up transactions, reducing risk, and decreasing costs on your development project. Let’s know more about blockchain trends in 2019:

Ricardian Contracts

A Ricardian contract can be defined as a legal agreement that is agreed and signed upon by both of the parties involved in the contract. It can also be converted into a machine-readable contract that also defines the intentions of the involved parties. And, it’s good to use for your app development related to payment and financial transactions.

Blockchain As A Service (BaaS)

Another blockchain solution is BaaS (Blockchain As A Service), it is used by a number of business startups as well as enterprises. Basically, it allows mobile app developers with a way to link up their apps to a cloud-enabled backend space. It also provides features such as —

  • Sending push notifications
  • Managing users on your app
  • Connecting to third-party cloud services

Federated Blockchain

Federated Blockchain is a popular blockchain trend that focuses on specific use-cases as given below:

2. Artificial Intelligence for Your Mobile App Development Strategies

Most of us from the developer’s community, have tried deep learning and machine learning for building apps. Apps like FaceApp, Replika, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and IRIS aren’t new to tech developers anymore.

In fact, Deep Learning when it collaborated with machine learning can do wonders to your mobile app development project by giving you valuable data and real-time analytics.

Some Useful Stats on the Growth of the AI Industry -

It is expected that the AI industry will rise up to $40 billion by 2020.

ML industry is growing at a rate of 42% and will reach up to $9 billion by 2022.

Though AI technology has become a hit launch, you still need to know about its features properly through many of its components. For instance, chatbots will play a more integral role in the deployment of AI technology.

For developers, it’s now easy to integrate chatbots on their website and apps. In coming years, you’ll see chatbots more like the virtual assistants that will feel like you’re talking to a real person.

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AI can also help limit toxicity in cancer treatment by giving the physicians with more suitable treatment options like reinforced learning that follow commands and track any form of cancer.

3. VR and AR Will be Deployed Into More Apps

More mobile apps will adapt to augmented reality and virtual reality in 2019. These apps incorporate the real world experience in your mobile application. The best example of an augmented reality mobile application is Pokemon Go Here’s the detail of the features of games-

All elements like grass, trees, sky, people in the game exist in reality that you can see through your camera.

But in reality, all the elements that you see through your device aren’t actually there.

Important Stats

According to reports, Pokemon Go has generated a revenue of $1.2 billion and was downloaded approx. 752 million times.

Around 5 million active users playing Pokemon Go across the globe.

It’s better to say that this was really a huge success for this gaming brand. And, that’s why more and more companies are going to try and use augmented reality and virtual reality apps to drive their app downloads and revenue for their business.

4. 5G Technology for App Developers

5G technology is going to be the most popular trend in the year 2019. For mobile application developers, technology is about to transform mobility forever. Thousands of mobile app developers are taking 5G mobile technology into consideration to enhance the functionality of their apps in relation to data security, speed, 3D gaming, augmented reality and adding new features to their mobile app.

Development related to these areas will be greatly influenced by 5G. With that said, developers should expect to see more and more users on their mobile app, as you will provide them with better and faster top-end speeds than ever before.

The features such as custom made network slices and ultra-low network latency can help improve your mobile app responsiveness and speed that is something beyond just a slower internet connection.

For example, AT&T has recently launched its AT&T 5G Innovation Program to continue to create and develop new customer experiences with the power of 5G. The program is for app developers to bring 5G ideas into experiences of life.

I also recommend developers use 5G network speed when developing and testing their apps. It is important because apps developed exclusively in areas with fast Wi-Fi and high-speed cellular services such as 5G operate satisfactorily for users with limited speed options.

5. Instant Apps for Mobile App Development

The concept of instant apps is getting more popular day by day. The best part is, instant apps are not only popular among individuals, but development firms also finding them useful because it helps iOS and Android app developers achieve a better conversion rate in comparison to a regular mobile app.

For example, apps like Hollar and NYTimes have increased their conversion rate by 20% and 27% respectively by using instant apps.

Additionally, development brands in the gaming industry like King and Hothead Games have also improved their player acquisition rate by using the Instant App.

In basic terms, instant apps are the type of native mobile apps that you don’t require to download and install on your Android or iOS enabled smartphone.

  • They are smaller in size when compared to regular apps.
  • These apps provide the basic functionalities of a website.
  • Deliver a great user experience
  • Does not consume extra space in your phone’s memory.

A few more examples of such apps include — Hollar Inc., New York Times Crossword, Red Bull TV, Wish — Shopping Made Fun, and Skyscanner. And, 2019 will have more instant apps emerging for both developers and individuals.

6. IoT Trends In the Sphere of Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things for mobile app development has become a big industry that is evolving with time. Using this technology, mobile app developers can create intuitive platforms to control different non-IT equipment via apps.

Almost all tech giants have started developing IoT friendly apps. It is expected that the IoT investment will reach $120 billion by 2020.

IoT app developers have to select a viable platform for app development. So what should be the best strategy? To help you with this, I have curated a few points here:

Android Ubidots — The mobile app developers can use the Android platform to create an account that can be connected to Ubidots. By doing so, you’ll be are able to push your app on smartphones.

Xively — This platform provides you with the IoT like features for your app development project.

Thingworx — This platform provides you with an advanced level of tools to market your mobile application. Generally, Thingworx is popular because of the following benefits:

  • It’s easy to segregate products and services.
  • Support optimization in your business activities.
  • Improve overall user experience on your mobile app.
  • Help you build and identify new revenue channels.

Another best platform for the mobile app developers is the Forester Wave Report that is helpful in creating viable IoT strategies for your app development project.

7. Mobile Wallets

In 2019, customers will shift towards m-commerce, as technologies like blockchain and IoT are entering into the mobile payments and powering the mobile apps with more secured transaction options.

The brand like Samsung is using mobile wallets to give their customers a more convenient and safe platform for money transaction and bill payments. In addition, encrypted mobile wallet apps ensure the users’ money remains safe from possible theft and vulnerabilities. Mobile wallet trends are in demand due to internet payment systems that require fast and secured channels for money transactions.

For example, Apple Pay in iOS 11 is the best way of making digital transactions for the peer-to-peer money payment system.

Final Words

A million of mobile apps are present in the play store. You have to face the struggle to stand out in this competitive space. To make your mobile application development successful it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies.

And I hope that with these points, I’ve shared give you complete insights for mobile app development trends to follow in 2019.

Also, while it would be a bit difficult for businesses to identify the exact benefits of all these mobile app development trends, and if that’s your case, just reach out to experts of the industry. I will assure you to make your app stand out in the mobile application market.