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24 App Ideas I Can’t Get Out of My Brain!

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In love with the stickers from GIPHY.

I’m sorry.

These apps are in the agile ideation mode right now. Someone has to help me build them, though.

I could rant about the signals/radio waves from the parallel universe. But this has been wolfing down my head for long.

A few days back, with full of that ‘want’ kind of feeling, I was in a LandMark store, hoping I would run into Gary’s recent drop — Crush It. Made sure I looked into every rack. Haplessly, couldn’t find a copy of it!

Examined every corner of the Management Books/Self-Help expanse.

Nope. No sign as such.

I gained on the store supervisor right away.

Me: Sir, I am anticipating a book to show up. Authored by GaryVee. (People say it’s raw and raving). Mind looking into the store’s digital directory?

Store Supervisor: Sure. (with the hesitant smile). Well, seems like you’re out of luck as we’re out of stock. Sorry xxx.

Me: WOW! Alright. FYI, I was scouting around for it for a while now. Anyway, thanks.

Trudged my own way out thinking why isn’t there an app to spot whether the store has the stock of specific book/item, by only running a rapid scan?! (May use image recognition technology to identify the book with its outer label. Or, pick the item out by plying its unique ID).

I become quite reflective sometimes.

So, here are the 24 app ideas I have been crushing my mind on since then.

Let’s group them and then push on so that you realize which vertical to set as the keystone for the next app you are willing to design.

Spoiler Alert: I might’ve stolen some of yours. :P

We all exist in the very same world and are confronted by the same set of problems.

Hence, some of the ideas might resonate with yours. Can even be the one from your post-life bookmarks. There are possibilities. Just saying.

Commencing now…

Durable Goods

Name these apps if you may and leave them as comments.
  • Refills the vehicle automatically (both fuel & gas. Gasoline too).
  • Alerts when the refrigerator runs out of anything from the list (customizable app inside the app) and purchases it online (I have a lengthy list).
  • Shows if the couch and the other furniture are rid of roaches’ poop (for those who’re dust/mites allergic).
  • Automates water recycle and reuse within the home.
  • Scans the trash bin and shows degradable and non-degradable wastes’ data.
  • Keeps track of the households’ warranty dates (shows us when to stop breaking stuff in anger).
  • Syncs UBER pick up time with the distance on the map and lets the sandwich maker know when you’ll be home.
  • Scans the prescription and shows the availability of medicines (location wise, name of the store).
  • Alerts when predicts unknown footprints inside the house.
  • Links itself to the headphones (neural networking). Determines the food choice and orders it in real time.

Food and Beverages

Name these apps if you may and leave them as comments.
  • Performs regular body check and shows the list of food to consume that day.
  • Predicts who could be the best match to go to the cafe, restaurants, taproom etc. (that particular day) using chat history.
  • Analyzes the social presence and scans billing history. Then removes contacts of who you spent more money with, on food.
  • Shows budget friendly beer (essential if you have linked your bank acc to your Pavlok).
  • Shows which Inn (budget-friendly) to choose by consolidating the bills.
  • Compares reviews of multiple restaurants, then diverts ride to the optimal destination (considering the trip’s desired allowance).


Name these apps if you may and leave them as comments.
  • Books best holiday spots understanding the monthly/yearly budget allocations.
  • Bids on the fastest delivering drones.
  • Freezes every functionality inside the home when it’s time to leave to work (syncs with the calendar, understands one’s priority).
  • Reserves slot in the service station with the due date for next vehicle service.
  • Virtual breathalyser (unlocks only when the driver is stable)


Name these apps if you may and leave them as comments.
  • Sends personalized grocery list to Wegmans.
  • Analyses the coupons online and uses them while billing (we don’t take effort to search and use coupons when in haste).
  • Reserves seat in the dollar stores based on one’s salary and spending ratio. (only beneficial app for ostentatious fellas)

These are a little of very many ideas I had.

But you know, our ideas buzz off as quick as our dreams. And in the midst of our day-to-day hustle, we forget to rub our shoulders.

Don’t you think that the upturn of the social medium has done its bit for each of us to stay connected, regardless of the physical detachment that we’re gaily accepting?

Of course, it has.

Let’s not assign fault to the boon (Social media, Internet, et cetera.) that some of the brightest minds from our past had left us with. Let’s also not incriminate those who’re trying hard to optimize this world to its best.

No? Boy, you got to be optimistic.

Hit that clap button if you liked the ideas. And remember to leave your ideas in the comments.

Ciao :)


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