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13 Promising Mobile App Ideas For 2021

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There are millions of applications in the market that plan to change the world in the coming times. Hence, the year 2021 has to be walked in with much more deliberation than ever before. You cannot jump the gun until you have a mobile app idea that will touch the right emotion. We would not hesitate to say that in the year 2021, the tech world will be app-focused. 

Your application idea has to be explicit to survive through the competition in the year 2021. Do you have any such app idea concerns, or are you looking out for the best app ideas that would make through the next year and onwards? If yes, then this is your must-read blog. 

We have curated a list of some novel app development ideas that can put you at the top spot. However, be selective when it comes to app development partner selection because their skills and expertise would lead you to intuitive and functional app development. So, let’s get started with the first one. 


1. Virtual Study Apps:

Be it the pandemic situation or not, a virtual study is going to be “the thing” in the coming years. Parents are becoming comfortable with the online study scenario, and children are adapting themselves with virtual classrooms.

No doubt, the physical interaction is still being missed, but tutors are engaging themselves with students in one or the other way. The e-learning applications have made everything so comfortable and engrossing that most schools have started preferring virtual study over physical education. Schools can easily manage faculties, educators, trainers, and students without any hassle. 

2. Car Wash Apps:

This application idea allows the user to avail of the car cleaning service at their scheduled timings. Using a Car Wash Application like this one, users can easily avoid the long waiting hours at the cleaning station and book a professional to clean their vehicles. 

If the app idea becomes a success, you can gradually start, including car accessories and gadgets in the application. 


3. Grocery Shopping Applications:

The new generation seems to embrace the thought completely, “Happiness is not in money, but shopping”. Whether it’s shopping for family, house, cat, or dog, a grocery shopping application covers it all. 

Many grocery shopping startups have become household names in no time. And the success stories of these startups is quite inspiring. You can adapt various business models and also offer some out-of-the-box features like scan & purchase, compare prices, compare products, etc., to add an x-factor to your grocery shopping application. 

4. Logistic/Delivery Applications:

With the emerging on-demand application market, the logistics industry is also observing a revenue hike. People are moving towards online shopping. The logistic service provider, or say a delivery service provider drops the product at the desired location in the given timeframe. 

The app idea focuses on providing ultimate convenience to the busy generation in terms of food delivery, groceries, medicines, and more. 

5. Virtual Interior Design Applications:

People are looking out for options that will give them services on-the-go. Booking appointments and waiting for the scheduled meet is quite an old-school method in this tech-advanced world. 

The same ideology applies when they think of house-decorating options. Users find a pool of ideas online; however, if these ideas can be actually checked for possibility is a question. But a virtual interior designing application solves this problem. 

A virtual interior designing application facilitates house owners to place items, objects, and have a 3D view of the entire space using AI technology.

Also, if required, the application can connect them with the interior designer or suggest a nearby store from where they can purchase the decorative items. 

6. Hair Style/Care Recommendation App:

It has become imperative for actively engaged people to look good and feel fresh. An essential part of looking good is making up new hairstyles for meetings and hangouts. This application idea will allow the users to take a selfie and look out for hairstyle recommendations. The app will provide them new hairstyles and hair care tips based on their choice. 

The application will also connect them with the nearest salon where they can book an appointment and make a visit.


7. Music Applications (Karaoke, Music List and song identification)

The things mentioned above in the heading of the app idea may seem too much to give. However, there are already strong players providing individual service at its best. Hence, if you wish to deliver something remarkable, then you need to combine the best of the three worlds.

Music is an industry that will remain ever-green, and people will consume it for a lifetime. The audience will embrace a music application that allows users to sing just like their idols or customize a music list based on the occasion or even identify the song from the tune. 


8. Liquor Doorstep Delivery:

Here is an application idea for all the partygoers out there! A liquor doorstep delivery application allows users to order alcoholic beverages and get it delivered at their doorstep. This app idea will also be welcomed by users who wish to give alcoholic drinks as gifts to their friends and family, but have a  short window of time for purchasing it physically. 

9. House-keeper Finder:

Housekeeper finding applications will be a savior for all the working, aged users who find it difficult to invest time in cooking, house-cleaning, dog-walking, and more. This application idea of 2021 will also offer some employment opportunities to people with low salaries or unemployed. 

10. Airbnb for Cars:

People often find it challenging to find a car rental service that offers a car of choice on rent for months. This seems to be a new concept, but yes, people out there are looking out for such comfortable options. 

Just like users pay Uber, Lyft, for a short ride they offered to them, users can rent a car for themselves for a specific period.

11. Food donation Apps:

Here is an app idea that will contribute to the world and make it a better place to live. There are millions of people looking out for food and basic amenities. A food app for those needy people will give you a satisfying experience. You can connect with NGOs and organizations that facilitate food collection service.

A user can log in and get connected with the nearest food-collecting organization. Not only this, but restaurant owners can also contribute to the noble cause and donate food for charity. 


12. Doctor Appointment Booking Apps:

This app idea will serve as a boon, especially for the old age people who do not have a caretaker for themselves or someone to take them to the hospital. A doctor’s appointment booking application allows the user to book an appointment with the doctor, schedule a virtual meet, and get medicine for their respective issues. 

The doctor can directly prescribe the medicines, which they can collect from the nearest store or get it delivered to the home. This on-demand service offers the utmost convenience and comfort to the patients looking out for a reliable doctor. 

13. Virtual Clothes Shopping Apps:

Shopping sprees find it difficult to pick up a garment that will fit their size. Although measurement and size charts are provided in the clothes shopping application, however, things may go wrong with the size selection. 

A virtual shopping application uses artificial intelligence technology to provide exact body measurements. Users can actually try clothes virtually anywhere and see if it goes with their wardrobe collection. 

This application idea for 2021 is a blessing in disguise for the crazy and sassy shopper. You can collaborate with multiple brands and offer their exclusive collection to your audience. 


An entrepreneur’s mind is full of mobile app ideas for business. But, which one will hit the right chord and make it a success is difficult to make. I hope this fresh application idea alarms you, and you start preparing for the next app-war-game. Yes, the struggle is real in the fast-growing competitive field of applications. You may need help from a mobile app development company, who can validate your app idea and turn it into a profitable business in your journey.  


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