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Top Chat APIs And SDKs to Build Your Own Messaging Application by@sam

Top Chat APIs And SDKs to Build Your Own Messaging Application

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Alex Sam

Hi I’m Alex. A voracious reader and loves to chew updates on upcoming web trends & technologies.

Call or Message? What will you prefer? According to a report 7 out of 10 people prefer Messaging over calling. So this statement is a shout out for those who are sharp mindedly thinking about developing their own Messaging Applications or are thinking of using the above data to make money. Don’t believe us? Read further

‘Communicate in your way, Set your own Messaging Application’ has been a new age mantra for all the developed tools or platforms of communication.

1.6 billion active users of WhatsApp as in October 2019 give a concrete hint about the use and dependency of Messaging Applications. Not only WhatsApp but the league of Messaging Applications i.e. Top Chat Software providers have a long list that speaks about modern-day communication.

  • The dependency on communication applications is increasing rapidly.
  • Designers are developing Mobile Applications with a special focus on how to make the communication a key point or the Unique Selling Proposition of that chat application while considering the communication aspect both one-to-one & one-to-many are taken care of.
‘Real-time Messaging Application for Business is a Smart investment to make.’
  • RDMS – Relational Database Management System, SOL- Structured Query Language, API- Application Programming Interface are few core terms connected with designing of application.

Real-time chat API & SDK are core terminology involved in making a chat application. The frontend & backend both are vital to be taken care of while building an application. Creating an application by own and creating a glitch-free backend functionality is not an easy task, here’s a complete guide that shares APIs & SDKs that can let one create Messaging Application in friction of seconds.

On What Basis One Should Select the Best Chat API for Business?

Is it useful for my business? If this question has been knocked up then let's understand how one can select the best chat API for their own business. Certain below-laid criteria should be matched and that shall help one decide about the utility of instant messaging solutions for business.

Isn’t it crucial to check all these points before developing an In-app messaging solution for Enterprise Business? Once the chat solution is ready and these criteria are left unchecked wouldn’t it be a blind investment?

The funda of creating In-app messaging solution for Enterprise Business says,

‘A chat application for business should act as a company’s goodwill agent’

A Knowledge Reel About Real-time Chat API & SDK:

What are APIs & SDKs? This is the first question one needs to know about before thinking about creating its own Messaging Application, without APIs & SDKs it is impossible to structure a messaging application.

API is a set or group of programs that are used for creating an application, a lot of people confuse API with a database, but API isn’t a database instead it helps applications to communicate & deliver high-quality results in form of Application Programming Interface.  In this digital era APIs are the big cards, it plays a vital role.

The most common APIs used by all of us are checking the weather updates, google it, or finding it via an application; the result of weather updates is displayed on the screen with the help of API.

SDK stands for Software Development Kit that comes in a downloadable package. It has an entire collection of software development tools. SDK has a set of instructions that help the developer to develop applications.

Windows 7 is an example of SDK that is being widely used; another example of SDK is MAC OS X.

 How APIs & SDKs Can Change your Experience of Using Application?

The need for APIs & SDKs has been accelerated in current times; the core reason behind its wide acceptance is the two crucial benefits of it. These benefits can help one experience a cost-effective & faster way of creating Best Chat Solutions.

  1. Win-Win situation for both: It’s a complete situation for both the users & the developers as well. It’s developer-friendly and easily accessible. API & SDK can entirely change the application creation experience. Besides, it can serve with faster software delivery that makes the work of developers easy and glitches free. API & SDK as discussed above, both provide a set of programs that helps to create an application in comparatively lesser time and in an easy way. 
  2. Budget-Friendly Option: A lot of resources like workforce or finance or time investment can be saved via APIs & SDKs, it helps in creating applications without involving too many lengthy tasks and simplifies the entire procedure of creating a chat application. As the functional framework of an application is designed with a predetermined API & SDK it assures guaranteed security as well.

These 6 Features Make Best Chat Solutions:


To make the experience of Chatting or Messaging better, the application is stuffed with features that make the layout & functioning of the app way better and worth using. In the situation of cut-throat competition, among many applications available it is crucial to shine out. The following features make an application Top Chat API & SDK Providers. 

  1. Group Call or Personal Call both are one card; one can opt group call i.e. one to many conversations that involve more than one person in the loop. Or just a personal conversation between two people.
  2. Multimedia Support makes an application a complete bundle of a facility, Building Your Own Real-Time Communications has obviously more focus on how the channel of communication is developed, whether it supports only images or videos for portraying the words or its supports the both. It's worthy to opt for making a messaging app that supports multimedia, isn’t it? The screen sharing option is cherry on the cake. ‘Share the screen. Share the space’
  3. A new age calling is way more than just a traditional call, Web Real-Time Communication Solution is incorporated with Video & Voice call, that makes it good to go with.
  4. The ‘encryption’ word is creating a huge difference, whether it’s a simple chat or it is about sharing a file, the feature of encryption is preferred by all the users. It gives a secure feeling to users and they can gell up with an application in less time. Moreover, the encryption will ensure data safety that makes it reliable for all sorts of business.
  5. Chat History is one such feature that has a lot of significance in making an application shine as Best Chat Solutions, because if communication is already established between client and company then a lot of time chat history is considered for referring the complaints or points of clients or to recall the entire talk between client and company.
  6. Push Notification is a wonderful feature as it allows the company to send a that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

Bunch of these mentioned features is all one needs to define the ‘Perfect Chat API for android & ios or Chat API for website’ that shall successfully mark its name among Top Chat API & SDK Providers.

Sector May be any, Benefits are many’ Real-Time Chat API & SDK are Multi-industry based:


It would reduce its significance if it was useful for some industries only, but a multi-industry support makes it an omnipresent. Real-Time Chat API & SDK has been used widely in several industries.

  • Online Education; The industry that is currently on high stakes as it has managed to successfully function during the COVID-19 pandemic, Real-Time Chat application has been a supportive reason behind its functioning because this feature made it easy for teachers and students to communicate with each other in person.
  • Digital HealthCare: A lot of people are being treated via Digital HealthCare, in current times layman is living under a constant threat and a lot of counseling has been done online via it. Moreover, some general prescriptions are made online by a doctor due to a live talking feature of Digital Healthcare. Traveling is not preferred right now, so experts' opinion for patients from doctors in other cities or states or countries is also being taken by this feature only.
  • Live Streaming: Passionate Performers are making money and fame via live interactions and performance. Live Streaming is just making the distance communication seem easy and real.
  • On-Demand Services: This is another sector that can sparkle with help of Real-Time Chat API & SDK, as the On-Demand Service Industry is next to be on a boom, it includes food or grocery shopping on demand, food delivery. Can you imagine it without a real-time communication solution

As real-time communication solutions are needed for an hour, we are in such a state wherein things are running faster with each passing day, to cope up with that setting a communication base that works on real-time funda is mandatory.

A Guide About Choosing the Real-Time Chat API & SDK as the Tool is a Beneficial Trait:

‘Set real communication goals with real-time messaging applications’

What can be of more help than using Real-Time Messaging Applications for setting an entire channel of communication of a company?

The terms ‘Chat API for android & ios’ are underrated because some people are not aware as to how one can use them effectively, or how it can create beneficial traits for the company?

Here’s a guide as to how selecting Real-Time Chat API & SDK for the tool can serve with perks:

1. 360-degree functionality: Now the scope of functionality depends and defers from company to company. Selecting an appropriate Real-Time Chat API & SDK as the tool involves checking whether the application so developed ensures the features needed by the company, does it have all the features mentioned on checklist or majority of it? If so, then it will be easy for the company to start interacting!

Pro Tip: If free trials are available, always go for it first.

2. Money matters: Pricing is another core thing that one should look at, pricing should not overshadow the benefits of the tool. Pricing should be by the benefits it is providing, thus it can be considered as an investment.

3. Tech Support: One likes to invest in technology, not for bugs. If the app provider has not fixed the bugs before fixing the price of API & SDK, well it’s a major disappointment.

Dive into Most Popular Chat API & Messaging SDK Providers & know Why they are Preferred the Most:

‘Chat API & Messaging SDK providers are many, reliable are few’

We have created a synopsis of top 10 platforms that are being coined as top 10 platforms for providing Chat API & Messaging SDK solutions.

1. MirrorFly

It provides multi-purpose software, that covers a wide range of services and allows you to perform video, phones & online channels for you and your entire team. It also includes In-App messaging VoIP & SIP that shall help you stay connected with clients and team mates


  1. It is a One-for-all platform that covers all sorts of communication. It has a highly reliable framework & it excels in providing a glitch-free experience. Extensive Security Measures are a key benefit of it.
  2. It has cloud storage of  Amazon S3 Bucket Storage, Amazon Web Service.


  1. It doesn’t provide any free trial.
  2. It provides quotations on demand.

2. Apphitect

It has 250 working team mates that serve professional services. Apphitect has developed three such solutions namely enterprise chat app development and mobile commerce app development, marketplace respectively.


  1. It’s a complete package of Enterprise Communication, social interactions, and & In-App Messaging.


  1. Unprofessional Customer Service is one major drawback and bugs in the application are other?

3. 8x8

It is a cloud-based business solution that ensure easy usability and there services are extended to provide hosted VoIP, business phone service, hosted contact centers, unified communication and much more is provided by them.


  1. It has marked its name for creating APIs that increase customer engagement and marketing impact by including images and video in WhatsApp and other applications. It offers 3 package based services all with different pricing. It has great customer care support.


  1. Limit people can connect on conference calling i.e. only 15 people can participate at a time.

4. Chatcamp

It is a real time SDK and API provider for Mobile Applications and Websites that can function well or without any technical glitch over android, ios & Java based applications. Their USP is to create an engaging platform for chat products.


  1. Customization is their key USP, they excel in it. It is developer-friendly and can be installed into Android, iOS, and JavaScript applications in no time.
  2. They have an expert C2C marketplace.


  1. Crashing down on the software is a disappointing point. The tool is a bit complex and it involves a long procedure of set up.

5. Twilio

It is basically a developer platform that makes varied add ons like voice, video & messaging along with APIs to serve the clients. Moreover, Twilio APIs are preferred as it is  a Super Network, a software layer that connects and optimizes communications networks around the world. 


  1. “Recording” is the most desirable feature of it. Besides, layout & media control, co-browsing & screen sharing are other USPs.
  2. It offers a Programmable video API for building real-time applications using WebRTC and cloud infrastructure.


  1. Peer-to-Peer communication includes limited participation of only four people. Their pricing policy is based on a per-minute cost.


Its a cloud communication platform which supports a chat SDK  and messaging API.

 Its a platform that supports one to one and group messaging services along with HD voice & video calling. Users shall feel free to share the multimedias files without struggling at all. Moreover, unique personal elements like emoticons, GIFs and stickers provided are a complete cherry on the cake features. 


  1. It is among the most loved and widely accepted one, it has majorly got a 4-star review based on its features, functionality, and customer support. Readily available and cost-effective are major good points. It’s a top-notch product and highly responsive.


  1. The quality of images and videos gets compressed at times while sharing. Some addition in context to emojis and GIFs needs to be done.

7. Cloudless

It helps to add multiple services to your existing software that can be added without any complexity or tough knots, integration and ongoing maintenance is also taken care of by the company.


  1. It provides a free trial; it has a 24*7 customer support team working efficiently. It functions only as a website solution.


  1. The price is $990 per month, per user. It may not be affordable by everyone. It doesn’t support android or ios.


It's a platform with a proven stock of applications accompanied with an extensive portfolio of APIs. Basically it's a company looking after the customized chat application for their clients. The clients can get things designed as per their need as customization is their forte.


  1. It specializes in developing fast and easy communication platforms to exchange words and media. It adds live video, voice, and messaging communications into online and mobile websites, apps, and services.


  1. The cancellation of packages can’t be done online. Customer support is not really much active. The credit period given by them is not being practiced well.


Its a make in India, Cloud Communication service providers that has made a place for itself in market by serving without any technical glitch, it helps in creating the communication driven software that can help staff or members of organization to build their network remotely.


  1. It is a platform for embedding video and voice calls & messaging as well into apps and sites. They provide free trial as well, with a 24*7 active user support. It also develops necessary tool-kit for large scale webinars and one to one conversation.


  1. It will not support the web formats of windows and MAC. The pricing is not disclosed.

10. Talkjs

Its a SaaS based star up that has entered into world of creating APIs and SDKs. It offers its clients a freedom to make up their customized application by giving them reliable API & SDK. 

Its VC funded and completely product driven platform.


  1. It is a full-featured chat API; it supports multiple languages as well. It supports free trial and after the trial, charges would be $49 per month.


  1. It only supports Web-Based, clouds SaaS.

Which software is appropriate for you? It completely depends on the needs and preferences of a company. Above listed are the top 10 providers, surfing their services will be fit for every company. In the current situation, it is essential to stand out from others with some unique features. Be the first among your field to enhance your business speed with Real-time messaging applications for business.

Alex Sam Hacker Noon profile picture
by Alex Sam @sam.Hi I’m Alex. A voracious reader and loves to chew updates on upcoming web trends & technologies.
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