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Building your Chat App From Scratch vs Integrating with a Chat API

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There is an argument that the pandemic forced business owners to digitize their operations, but I believe that even if the pandemic had not occurred, business owners would have followed the evolution of digital transformation and digitized their operations. Digitizing businesses can help you reach a wider audience, but it is only the first step. A loyal client base is necessary for a successful business, which can be achieved when you have a devoted workforce with a communication tool to interact with them.

Since you have the choice of Chat APIs integration into your website or app, you must be considering which Chat APIs to use or whether to build a new chat functionality from scratch, for which you will need to assign the task to your software team or hire a software company to do so.

Abhilash Engala, the vice-president-IT, Tvisha Technologies, says that, "integrating chat APIs into business web and mobile apps is one of the best ways to engage customers. Developing in-app messaging chat APIs helps us understand a wide range of use-cases where they can be used and implemented. For instance, a live chat app can be built using the Chat APIs, helping Banking, E-commerce, Customer Care and Support, and other industries attend to customer queries,". If you intend to develop the functionality from the scratch, the following explanation is for you. Every website or app, regardless of the domain, has included sophisticated Chat APIs and Chat SDKs, so just give a thought to how can your newly built chat functionality compete with such the best chat functionality?

For example, whether it is a 5 star or 7-star property, an experienced chef is confined to one single cuisine; despite they know other cuisines they would not work in multiple cuisines because they are experts in one cuisine, similarly, your team or others can simply build you a non-competitive chat functionality; all you need is Chat APIs & SDKs of some popular tools like Troop Messenger. Since such tools are known for their real-time chat features, they can improve your customer's experience while also adding value to your company.

Do you know what sort of effort a building chat demands?

While developing an app from the roots, business owners and developers must consider expenses, software development life cycle, time, product road-map decisions, infrastructure, and so on.


Before establishing chat functionality, it's critical to understand the costs, since you have to create a budget plan and all the elements should fall under the budget, which includes the cost of servers, messaging protocols, encryption, client platform, UI/UX design, network layer, VoIP, hosting, scaling, database administration, chatbots, cloud servers, and other variables.

Team Budget

As previously stated, assigning the duty of building a chat to your team will impact your budget and, more importantly, it will divert their attention away from their actual activities; their roles and responsibilities will be dispersed, disrupting the regular workflow. So, you shall have to hire a new team to build the chat functionality from scratch, which will cost more.

Once it comes to creating a new app or feature from scratch, having a fully functional development team is essential. You'll need a team of skilled professionals to focus entirely on developing the in-app chat function, which will require them to follow the full software development life cycle, which includes managing, maintaining, and scaling the app while staying within your budget. On the other hand, development teams must be on their toes to revise codes in response to emerging bugs, then diagnose the issues, deal with scalability challenges, and much more.


Select infrastructure that allows for on-the-fly scaling, such as a programming language, web servers, database administration, cloud hosting, and so on. It should be able to accommodate the features and needs you want. A bad decision or a substandard infrastructure can lead to higher costs and a poor user experience, which can lead to revenue loss in some situations. Yes, dependable infrastructure will cost more, but keep in mind that the quality of your infrastructure will ultimately define the quality of your chat function.

Additional Costs

Since a chat is useless if it isn't fast, and a feature-rich application necessitates an integrated smart hosting solution, chat hosting fees will be greater.

Moreover, some complications may arise when you deploy a chat app for Android or iOS after creation. You'll need to set aside additional costs to fix development bugs and maintain the infrastructure. Building an in-app chat solution comes with initial cost, maintenance costs, and upgrade costs.

Time Investment

It takes ample time to create a feature-rich conversation solution, in the process, development, launch, and maintenance will demand more of your time. The budget for your chat app development is determined by the passage of time. If the time exceeds your budget, more costs are incurred, causing you to lose funds, which you can't afford at this stage. For this reason, companies, especially startups should strongly consider purchasing chat APIs.

The Perks in buying Chat APIs & SDKs

If your needs are unique and demand customization, you should purchase a chat API. Purchasing a chat API and SDK is the most appealing option for creating a feature-rich chat app. The Chat API serves as a link between your application and the chat server infrastructure. The process of purchasing a chat API is significantly easier and faster than planning the construction of a chat app.

Since there are so many APIs on the market, you must choose the one that best meets your requirements. Below are some of the points you must consider before buying chat APIs & SDKs

  • The type of chat you are seeking to embed in your website or app
  • Platforms that you want to target
  • Is the Chat API compatible with the many regions you're aiming for?
  • Chat Security is important.
  • Developer-friendly API and SDK documentation
  • Is it capable of assisting you in the development of a scalable app?
  • Option for Customization

The Price and Time Invested in Buying a Chat API

Although purchasing a chat API is not called "plug and play," it is far more straightforward than developing your chat. Furthermore, the prices of purchasing a chat API are inexpensive when compared to the expenditures of developing a chat app. It could take a few days to be integrated into your website and app, depending on your requirements.

The cost of purchasing API varies depending on the service provider. There are a few low-cost APIs that provide basic chat API functionality including messaging and VoIP. If you want to create an advanced in-app chat platform, you'll need to invest appropriately. Although you may not feel compelled to use a productive chat API at this time, it is still a good idea to do so because, like any platform, your platform's requirements will grow over time, so rather than looking for an alternative in the future investing your time and money, it is highly advisable to use the best Chat APIs & SDKs with advanced features now.

Who Should Consider Buying Chat API?

The following companies should consider buying chat API.

  • Chat API can be purchased by a corporation or startup that wants to develop apps quickly and for a low cost.
  • Large Enterprises such as Banking, Finance, Hospitality Industry, Healthcare, etc., who want to develop competitive chat apps can purchase ready-made APIs.
  • A company without a full-fledged tech team that believes a chat app will be beneficial to their business and/or product must purchase chat APIs.
  • When a startup or business requires a White Label Chat App, they may purchase a chat API and SDK and focus on growing their business.

Any business, regardless of its domain, requires continuous communication with its customers/clients. As a result, an app or website with good chat capability would not be rendered obsolete due to a lack of communication.

With the flood of social chat apps and your competitors' integrated chat APIs, a standard has already been established, and any chat app or chat API that does not meet the standards will inevitably be perceived as a time-consuming task by your customers. Since communication is such an important factor in the growth of your business, you should never take any chances; instead, you should consider buying the best tool's chat API such as Troop Messenger.

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