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10 Best Selling Online Personalized Recommendation Engines

Online Product Recommendation Engine — What Is It?

An online product recommendation engine is an artificial intelligence technology based ecommerce tool that enhances shopping experience for customers and key metrics for online store owners. An ecommerce product recommendation engine has larger applications in the fashion industry where visuals direct the buying decision of a customer.

What Does an eCommerce Personalization Engine Do?

An online product recommendation engine also known as an ecommerce personalization engine, gives product cues that are visually related to their current product choices. It helps customer pick the right fashion apparel with a slightly different cut, model, color, pattern or size from their original choice.

Tailor Made for Each Individual Customer

Online stores not always offer the same experience as that of an offline store. However, with the help of an artificial intelligence ecommerce tool, it is possible to achieve a similar or even better UX. A visual recommendation system can be used to serve customers with personalized online product recommendations that will result in more upselling, cross selling thus boosting conversion rates.

Online stores with a visual recommendation system integrated experience better conversion rates, more cross-selling, reduced cart abandonments and overall improvement in other KPIs like daily sales, CTR, social shares, bounce rates, time on site, etc.

Merits of eCommerce Personalization Engine

The major reasons why an ecommerce product recommendation engine boils down to these three aspects:

  • They take conversion rates and click-through-rate to new heights
  • Boost turnover through cross-selling, upselling and complete the look
  • Set a new standard for customer engagement and brand recognition

Top 10 best selling online Personalized Recommendation Engines


Recolize is a personalized product recommendation engine that also gives store owners the benefit of curating their blog content in relevance to their customer’s shopping pattern. It offers two plugins, each for Magento and WordPress. The Magento plugin takes care of online product recommendation while WordPress creates blog and new page recommendations that will interest the customer.


Youchoose sends personalized notifications and product recommendations through newsletters. Customers are approached with custom offers for product recommendations devised from their buying behaviour and shopping pattern. Youchoose claims to enhance product search more customer friendlier through options like auto-fill, advanced filters, multi-lingual compatibility, etc.


Magevolve is an online recommendation engine Magento extension that is developed by Gravity R&D. The extension gives catalog synchronization, custom placeholder positioning, admin control from Gravity control panel, etc. Magevolve is an ideal choice for those Magento ecommerce stores having a lion share of their processes automated.


Unbxd’s product recommendation engine claims to be “built for merchandisers and personalized for customers.’ The features provided by the product recommendation tool runs on a machine-learning algorithm that helps recommend products that customers have more probability of buying. Unbxd also offers a range of upselling and cross-selling widgets that will improve the website conversion rates by notches.


Baynote flaunts its ‘Smart customer data hub’ which is a focal point of customer buying and behavior data collected from multiple device and data touchpoint sources. By delivering a real time experience across all the popular devices that customers browse for their favorite products, Baynote promises to redefine the user experience an ecommerce store.


Richrelevance does three major things: improves product search, gives online product recommendations and personalizes content for better lead generation. It innovates shopping experience for ecommerce stores by improving the store accessibility with user friendly options like power search, type-ahead suggestions, customer preference center, etc. is an artificial intelligence ecommerce tool that does more than just giving online product recommendations. For the customer, the product recommendation engine provides visually related fashion apparels that will ‘finish the look’ or suit their preferences more precisely. For the store owner, helps eliminate the quantum of duplicate products, gain more insights into store performance with the help of analytic reports, improve key metrics like CTR, product views, conversion rates, etc. significantly through superior customer service.


Barilliance is just the product recommendation engine an ecommerce store owner needs for bringing dormant customers to life. The online product recommendations tool send personalized retargeting emails for reigniting the interest of dormant customers and cart abandonment cases. Barilliance also provides live notifications related to the product like ’54 customers bought this product in the last 24 hours’ etc. for creating a sense of urgency in the customer.


Ntoklo uses a custom built algorithm that gives Amazon, ebay like product matching experience that not only rewards better user experience but also contributes the conversion rates of the store. Ntoklo offers online product, content and people recommendations through channels like email and mobile. The tool also offers analytics for measuring performance.


Nosto helps ecommerce stores connect with their customers through product recommendations and behavioral pop-ups. The site claims to study the customer behaviour pattern and shopping preferences before recommending products on a real-time basis. The website takes a certain percentage of the sales made through product recommendations as its revenue instead of an online cost to store owners.

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