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Top Augmented and Virtual Reality Companies

July 31st 2020
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The global augmented and virtual reality is projected to grow from 22.1 billion USD in 2020 to 161.1billion USD by 2025 and witness a 48.8% CAGR in just five years. With over 2,000 AR/VR developers listed by, the market today is saturated with diverse offers. With our rating, you can quickly overview the best offers on the market and pick the provider who will meet all your project requirements. We put the following criteria at the basis of our evaluation to assess and rank the selected companies objectively:

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AR and VR are taking the business world by storm today. Only recently confined to the entertainment and gaming industries, the technologies have majorly evolved and refined in the last five years, becoming less cumbersome but more powerful, mobile, and user-friendly. With this change, enterprises across verticals started recognizing the immense potential that extended reality has for their business operations. 

For one thing, AR and VR can drive the qualitative transformation of an enterprise ecosystem by making any business operations, from field services to prototyping and engineering, from treating patients to serving customers, from communication to teamwork, smarter, more reliable, and optimized. 

Apart from this, augmented and virtual reality can significantly level up vocational education and employee training, rendering it more hands-on and effective and providing a safe learning environment, completely devoid of physical risks. Also, since the extended reality technologies have not yet grown stale and commonplace, incorporating them into consumer-oriented solutions gives any brand a unique competitive advantage.

This spurred an unprecedented increase in AR/VR development and adoption. The global augmented and virtual reality is projected to grow from 22.1 billion USD in 2020 to 161.1 billion USD by 2025 and witness a 48.8% CAGR in just five years, according to the report by VynZ Research.  

As extended reality became a hot commodity, pure-play AR/VR providers began to appear on the market to meet the emerging demand for skill and expertise. However, they have to compete with an array of established IT companies and design agencies who timely extended their service offer with augmented and virtual reality services. 

With over 2,000 AR/VR developers listed by, the market today is saturated with diverse offers. Among this multitude, finding your perfect team of AR/VR specialists can be a lengthy and taxing task. To help you navigate the rich assortment of service providers, Explority carried out careful research and shortlisted a selection of the most trusted and experienced AR/VR developers on the 2020 market. 

We put the following criteria at the basis of our evaluation to assess and rank the selected companies objectively:

  • Online reviews
  • AR/VR expertise
  • Service breadth
  • Relevant portfolio 
  • Market presence   

Based on the outlined criteria, we drew up a list of top fifty augmented and virtual reality companies, each with its unique technological capacities, industry focus, set of expertise, and portfolio. With our rating, you can quickly overview the best offers on the market and pick the provider who will meet all your project requirements.

Most Qualified AR and VR Companies on the Market in 2020

1. Iflexion

Iflexion was founded in 1999 and since then has grown into a front-running software development company with a broad IT services expertise and 850+ engineers, QA specialists, UI/UX designers, and business analysts on board. For over two decades in the development field, Iflexion has completed projects for 500+ clients, including such global enterprises as Toyota, Phillips, PayPal, adidas, Shell, and Expedia.

Iflexion offers to enhance your enterprise operations or customer experience with a bespoke augmented reality solution compatible with mobile and wearables devices of your choice. Iflexion’s AR team is skilled in prototyping, designing, and developing solutions for the Gaming, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail & Ecommerce, and Entertainment industries.

Beyond this, the company can expand basic AR capabilities with AI, IoT, and haptic technologies. In addition to creating augmented reality software, the company develops high-end virtual and mixed reality solutions.     


2. CitrusBits

Founded in 2005, CitrusBits is a mobile app and AR/VR development agency with a long history of creating game-changing experiences for global enterprises, mid-level businesses, and startups. Specializing in multiple domains, from Gaming and Entertainment to Healthcare and Manufacturing, the company offers end-to-end AR/VR software and firmware creation, computer vision solutions development, and 3D modeling. CitrusBits has a long list of satisfied clients that includes Burger King, Sotheby's, National Geographic, and Quiksilver.



NEXT/NOW is a Chicago-based creative technology studio that designs high-quality digital and physical experiences. Their relatively small team consists of highly-skilled computer scientists, video game and AR/VR developers, 3D animators, and brand architects. Among the most notable projects of NEXT/NOW are a virtual tour over the Under Armour brand house, an AR product exploration app for the energy company Chevron, and a virtual crew pit simulation for McDonald’s. 


4. CemtrexLabs

Established in 2009, CemtrexLabs is a company from New York that helps small and mid-market companies grow through digital transformation. Together with web design and development, the company also creates augmented and virtual reality solutions for retail brands who wish to revolutionize their customer experience with immersive technologies. For instance, CemtrexLabs’ developers created the augmented reality showroom Arcadium for Richemont, a luxury brands holding company. Beyond this, they completed projects for several big-name brands, like Panerai, LiveNation, and Bose.    


5. VR Vision

VR Vision is a Canada-based agency that delivers turnkey immersive experiences for employee training and marketing across industries. Its augmented and virtual reality developers create bespoke applications that allow brands to educate their staff faster and more efficiently. Also, they empower brands with new-generation marketing materials by designing promotional immersive experiences for conferences and tradeshows. 

The services of VR Vision are in great demand, particularly among large enterprises. In operation since 2016, the company has already worked with Toyota, Siemens, and Ernst & Young.


6. 4Experience

4Experience is a pure-play augmented and virtual reality company from Poland that specializes in solutions for Manufacturing, Education, Real Estate, and Retail. The team offers to create interactive VR environments, motion simulations, immersive training videos, and augmented reality applications. Working majorly for clients from North America and Western Europe, 4Experience has already built a solid portfolio of diverse projects, with such companies as Cisco, Ford, Walmart, IKEA, and MGA Entertainment among their clients. 


7. Bit Space Development

Bit Space Development is a Canadian design studio developing augmented and virtual reality software for employee training, education, entertainment and marketing purposes. They have the Utilities, Manufacturing, and Transportation industry focus and have worked with plenty of foreign and local companies and nonprofits, like The Manitoba Construction Sector Council, Red River College, and Safe Workers of Tomorrow. They are also partners with such AR/VR hardware manufacturers as Vive and Microsoft.


8. Softengi

Since 1995, this Ukraine-based development company has been building custom software powered by popular and emerging technologies, including AI, IoT, blockchain, and extended reality. Softengi’s augmented and virtual reality developers offer to create realistic simulations and impressive 2D or 3D object overlays for businesses in all fields, to help them enhance employee training efficiency and customer engagement. 

So far, the firm has proven its expertise within several sophisticated AR/VR projects, including the creation of a remote assistance solution for an equipment manufacturer and an automated virtual training assistant for RISC, Inc. 


9. Saritasa

Saritasa is a full-cycle custom software provider with offices across the US and over 15 years of experience in the mobile and web development field. The company completed over 1,700 projects and has such world-famous enterprises as Yamaha, Sony, and Verizon on their client list. Above all, they partner with Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, and other top technology firms.  

Having an extensive hands-on expertise with AR and VR technologies, he company designs and develops bespoke applications for mobile and desktop platforms. Saritasa is particularly well-versed in extended reality software for school-level and higher education, employee training, and marketing and sales. 


10. Live Animations

Founded in 2014, Live Animations is another pure-play AR company with offices in the US, Germany, and Ukraine. They specialize in developing immersive applications for large and mid-size retailers and manufacturers to help them stand out in the modern competitive market.

Over their six years in the field, the team has completed over 50 projects and developed over 25 mobile AR apps with an average rating of 4.5. Among them are games for children, ecommerce and entertainment mobile apps, and AR-based loyalty programs. Live Animations has an impressive list of clients that includes Disney, 20th Century Fox, Ferrero, Walmart, Faber Castell, and other industry-leading enterprises. 


11. Groove Jones

Groove Jones is an award-winning team of AR and VR developers from Texas who create high-end immersive experiences. Their expertise covers a wealth of solutions, from AR filters for Snapchat to sophisticated VR games for amusement parks. The company leverages a proprietary group of immersive technologies to build their products. Groove Jones worked with such world-famous brands as Amazon, IBM, Nestle, Google, Intel, Samsung, and others.


12. Program-Ace

Program-Ace is a Ukraine-based virtual and augmented reality development company with over 25 years of experience in the field. Since the establishment, Program-Ace grew into a team of over 120 developers and designers and has completed over 800 projects for companies across the globe. The company offers an array of services, from R&D and consulting to development and QA, and specializes in Manufacturing, AgriTech, Energy and Utilities, Education, Automotive, and Entertainment fields. Their key clients are Wargaming, Pixomondo, GSN Games, and Namco.


13. WeAR Studio

This virtual and augmented reality company was founded in 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In these five years, they have gained rich expertise in AR/VR/MR software development and 3D modeling, opened offices in the Middle East and the US, and partnered with an array of large and mid-size enterprises, including Danone, Pepsi, and Skoda. 

WeAR Studio builds web and mobile applications for marketing, ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retail, employee training, manufacturing, real estate, and public security.  


14. Exyte

Exyte is a New York-based team of 23+ web and mobile development engineers whose main areas of expertise are AR/VR, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Founded over six years ago, the company predominantly serves small and mid-size businesses, although they have completed projects for such renowned enterprises as Delta Airlines, Monsanto, PWC, and Bayer.

Within their AR/VR expertise, Exyte offers to design, develop, and deploy augmented reality games, image recognition apps, and software for marketing and PR. The company also launched several proprietary AR/VR mobile apps, currently available on App Store.


15. Subvrsive

Subvrsive is a small but promising AR/VR development and video production company from Austin, Texas, whose ultimate goal is to help forward-thinking brands to up their game with high-quality immersive experiences. For five years in operation, the team has already cooperated with Lionsgate Entertainment, Ford, Google, and Procter & Gamble. Beyond numerous bespoke AR and VR apps, Subvrsive’s developers have also created, a proprietary AR content authoring platform, and StoreViz, a solution for planning store layouts.


16. Delta Reality

Delta Reality is an award-winning development company from Zagreb, Croatia, that specializes in delivering captivating AR/VR/MR-powered experiences and building custom web and mobile software. Its small but industrious team of 25 engineers and designers manage to complete over 40 projects per year, having worked with such renowned brands as Disney, Microsoft, A1, and T-Mobile. When it comes to augmented and virtual reality solutions, the studio’s focus is on three distinct fields: Marketing, Manufacturing, and Tourism.   


17. Chaos Theory

This Australian development firm was founded in 2012, and has been developing AR and VR mobile apps for universities, businesses, and marketing agencies ever since. Chaos Theory specializes in designing, developing, and launching immersive mobile games and software with captivating game-design elements to help clients level up their user engagement. Although this augmented and virtual reality company works mainly for the Australian market, it has completed projects for such global enterprises as M&M's, Samsung, and eBay.    


18. The Intellify

Established in 2018, Intellify is a young Indian company that has already made a name as a highly-skilled and reliable AR, VR and MR development agency. In the span of as little as two years, they have completed 125 projects, including for IBM, Bayer, and Merk. Having a broad augmented and virtual reality expertise, The Intellify offers to build apps for virtual product try-on, face tracking, object detection, wayfinding, 360-degree virtual tours, as well as AR/VR games.


19. Sensorama

Sensorama is a Ukraine-based company with a full focus on AR/VR development and video production. For over 10 years already, the Sensorama developers have been delivering bespoke virtual and augmented reality applications for companies from the Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education, and Advertising sectors. Beyond this, the company creates premium AR/VR educational courses supported by HTC and Lenovo, and often organizes events to help increase awareness of immersive technologies. 


20. OTR

OTR is an industry-acclaimed company from London, UK, that has been specializing solely in virtual reality design and development for over 13 years. The team provides a range of VR services, including consulting and business analysis, end-to-end application development, maintenance and support, and team augmentation. OTR has a broad VR development expertise with the focus on solutions for learning, entertainment, healthcare, and sales. Apart from their London headquarters, the studio has an R&D center in Minsk, Belarus.   


21. Intelivita

Intelivita is a software development company from Leeds, UK, whose main area of expertise is web and mobile app development and extended reality. Founded in 2015, Intelivita has grown dynamically and is today a team of 25+ diversely skilled specialists, who successfully accomplished over a hundred projects. 

In respect of AR/VR technologies, the company leverages them to create an array of immersive games, including geolocation games, sports games, table games, card games, and shooting games, to name but a few. Among its key clients are such big-name British and global companies as Microsoft, ITV, and Zink Media. 


22. Fishermen Labs

Fishermen Labs is a Los Angeles-based design agency that focuses on developing mobile apps powered by augmented and virtual reality technologies. Since its foundation in 2014, the company has worked with a diverse set of startups and big-name brands, including Walmart, Cartoon Network, Fox, Puma, and Sony. 

Fishermen Labs specializes majorly in entertainment and marketing solutions, assisting companies in designing and bringing to life compelling visuals and simulations that capture viewers’ attention at first sight.


23. YUQIO Games and Apps

Yuqio houses teams of game designers as well as augmented and virtual reality developers based in Kyiv, Ukraine. For over five years, the company has been delivering its services to small- and mid-market companies from Gaming, Education, Gambling, and Real Estate sectors. Yuqio offers to create AR/VR applications compatible with a variety of devices, from Google Cardboard to Microsoft Hololens and Samsung Gear VR. Beyond taking on clients’ projects, the firm develops its own AR/VR-powered games for app stores. 


24. HQSoftware

HQSoftware is a globally operating IT service provider from Tallinn, Estonia, with a focus on emerging tech, such as IoT, AI and ML, and AR/VR. Established back in 2001, the company now employs 85+ specialists with diverse roles and expertise and has over 300 happy clients, including Skoda, HTC, BBC, and the World Health Organization. 

Within their augmented and virtual reality services, HQSoftware offers to build sensor-based AR/VR systems, power up applications with computer vision, enhance AR/VR with IoT, or integrate the software with an array of hardware devices.   



Founded in 2017, this Ukrainian AR/VR development and design agency has managed to prove itself in the nearshore market in under three years. LOOKINAR delivers desktop applications, cross-platform mobile apps, and games powered by high-quality VR simulations and 2D and 3D overlays. 

The company specializes in Retail, Manufacturing, Education, Architecture, Entertainment, and Culture & Arts sectors and has a proprietary R&D center. The team’s client focus is mainly on SMBs, although they have successfully cooperated with a range of Ukrainian governmental institutions and large private companies.  


26. FS Studio

FS Studio is a product innovation and R&D technology team from Emeryville, California. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been building custom desktop and mobile software enhanced with AR, VR, computer vision, machine learning, and IoT technologies for mid-market companies and startups. Focusing majorly on solutions for the Gaming, Manufacturing, and Education sectors, the team has also had prolific partnerships with Samsung, Google, T-Mobile, and Facebook.


27. Lucid Reality Labs

Lucid Reality Labs is a provider of full-stack spatial tech services with offices in the United States, Singapore, and Ukraine. The small team of highly skilled engineers and developers offers to create VR simulations from scratch, AR mobile games and social media apps, and web-based AR/VR software. Apart from this, Lucid Reality Labs also specializes in AI, computer vision, and smart robotics technologies. The company works across industries and has an extensive client list featuring such big-name enterprises as Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, Philip Morris, and Mars. 


28. NotionTheory

NotionTheory is an innovations agency from Washington, DC, that provides bespoke web, mobile and AR/VR development services to SMBs and large enterprises globally. Since 2014, NotionTheory has been designing, building, and implementing immersive experiences for companies from Manufacturing, Technology, Life Sciences, Energy & Oil, and Security domains. In addition to offering their expertise for outsourcing, the company has worked on internal projects and recently launched Abstrakt, a proprietary virtual reality collaboration platform. 


29. Spinning Rock

Spinning Rock is a mixed reality studio founded two years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. The company designs augmented reality camera effects and filters and builds AR-powered mobile and web apps. They also provide VR app development, 360-degree video capture, and interactive visual mapping. Spinning Rock has partnered with many mid-size and large enterprises, including Nike, Lyft, and Snap. 

Beyond development work, the team offers education to their fellow AR/VR designers. For instance, they created a Udemy course on how to build Instagram AR effects. 


30. Day 8

Day 8 is an AR/VR company founded in Boston in 2019. Its team is proficient in full-stack development of extended reality apps, mobile games, machine learning and artificial intelligence integrations, and voice assistants. The company focuses on enterprise and mid-market clients from Marketing, Education, and Retail domains and has already partnered with such renowned enterprises as Red Bull, Game Show Network, Kellogg’s, and Maybelline.


31. The Parallel

The Parallel is a pure-play AR, MR, and VR development company with offices in London, UK, and Minsk, Belarus, that has around five years of hands-on experience in the sphere. Operating internationally, the team delivers custom applications for sales and marketing purposes, corporate training, and school and university education, as well as XR software powered by big data technologies. In 2018, The Parallel was recognized as a Top Pick startup in the Hardware, Robotics and IoT category. 


32. StreakByte

StreakByte is a young AR/VR and game development company from India. Founded in 2017, they have completed 50+ projects and already have more than 20 happy SMB clients from diverse industries. StreakByte offers to create bespoke virtual reality tours, VR-driven ecommerce apps and games, as well as educational solutions for kids. The team develops AR mobile apps for product detection, way-finding, and product try-on.


33. ServReality

ServReality is a Ukrainian AR/VR/MR, artificial intelligence, and game development company. Since its establishment in 2013, it has grown into a team of 100+ highly skilled software engineers, designers, and business analysts. The company builds custom augmented and virtual web and mobile apps for a wide range of industries, from Healthcare and Transportation to Real Estate and FinTech. Well-versed in solutions for specific VR hardware, SurfReality’s specialists can create software that is compatible with the most common eyewear, headsets, and haptic devices on the market.  


34. Delivr

Delivr is a team of AR, MR, and VR developers from Gransk, Poland. For over three years, the company has been delivering an array of innovative and universally acclaimed extended reality software, the prime examples being the world’s first VR training simulator for firefighters and a soft skills training tool for the banking industry. Delivr also develops internal projects and has three AR/VR solutions available on App Store and Google Play. Its key customers include Heineken, Land Rover, and Schneider Electric.


35. 3DTOUR

3DTOUR is a visual content agency from Kyiv, Ukraine, with over a decade of experience in the extended reality field and 300+ completed projects. Partnering mainly with companies in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, and Marketing verticals, 3DTOUR specializes in creating location-specific virtual tours, AR and VR apps compatible with an array of hardware, architectural visualizations, and interactive content. On the company’s clients list are such leading Ukrainian and global enterprises as Arterium, TEZ Tour, and KIA Motors.


36. is a full-stack software development agency that specializes solely in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technologies. It was launched in 2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and has successfully finished over 25 projects so far, among which were solutions for companies like Meditainment Group, American Gymnast, and Think Digital. offers to develop an AR or VR mobile app from scratch, design immersive UX and UI, and render XR consulting for startups.


37. CADmech Design

CADmech Design is a software company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. Since the establishment in 1995, its major focus has been on the emerging AR and VR technologies, but they also partially provide engineering analysis and design services. CADmechXR’s team is most accomplished in extended reality solutions for Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Hospitality domains and has completed projects for Mitchell Plastics, Motor Coach Industries, and Ontario Power Generation. 


38. App Mechanic

App Mechanic is an India-based development company founded in 2016 and specializing in virtual and augmented reality development as well as custom software engineering and 3D designs. The team of 20+ specialists is well-versed in an array of extended reality devices and technologies and is particularly skilled in creating games and apps with gamification elements. App Mechanic partners mainly with startups and small- and mid-size businesses. 


39. BidOn Games Studio

BidOn Games Studio is a web and mobile app development provider whose major technology focus is on augmented and virtual reality applications. The company was founded in Cherkasy, Ukraine, in 2012, and since then has been a reliable partner for numerous Ukrainian and foreign businesses. 

True to its name, the studio specializes mainly in immersive game development as well as software for entertainment, marketing, and advertising. With over eight years in the field, they have accumulated a rich portfolio, which includes projects for Ghost Robot, Helen Doron, Engage, and BLK Sport. 

40. YORD

YORD is an AR/VR and mobile development company, established in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2018. It has quickly risen to prominence on the market of extended reality providers. Today, the studio has such renowned brands as PwC and Skoda on their client list. YORD specializes in applications for fashion, beauty and furniture sectors, and partners with another studio, Spark AR, to create high-end Instagram and Facebook filters.


More Augmented and Virtual Reality Companies Worth Partnering with in 2020: 

41. Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is a small studio from Slovenia that has been delivering immersive AR and VR experiences since 2015. This award-winning firm focuses on bespoke software for marketing and product promotion as well as employee training and upskilling. 

Creative Solutions offers an end-to-end service that encompasses project planning, design, development, post-launch support, and maintenance. Its main client focus is on small and mid-size companies, while it has also partnered with global corporation Verizon.


42. Fair Worlds

Fair Worlds is an AR, VR and XR development agency with offices in Austin, TX, and Seattle, WA. The company employs a team of 10+ specialists with a background in graphic design, 3D animation, and filmmaking. Fair Worlds specializes in custom AR/VR applications for sales, VR platforms for employee training, and integrating AR into ecommerce solutions. Its key customers are Dell, Environmental Defense Fund, and POOLCORP.  


43. Kodbiro

Kodbiro is a pure-play AR/VR development company from Croatia, established in 2013. They specialize in creating web and mobile augmented reality applications, AR filters for social networks, and immersive virtual experiences compatible with an array of hardware types. 

The company leverages a wealth of extended reality technologies, including ARKit, XZIMG, Vuforia, DeepAR, and Visage Technologies, to name but a few. Kodbiro works majorly with SMBs from Arts & Entertainment and Marketing domains. 


44. Archy

Archy is a development studio based in Petrozavodsk, Russia, that provides full-cycle AR services, as well as mobile app and wearables software development. The company renders its services to startups and SMBs from Ecommerce, Education, Finance, and Healthcare sectors. 

The Archy team offers to consult their client on tech stacks for AR projects, design UI/UX and 3D overlays, build back-ends, train ML algorithms, and help with app store publishing.  


45. Dyfuzja

Dyfuzja is a firm from Poznań, Poland, that specializes in AR/VR and custom software development for mid-market and small businesses. Dyfuzja has a broad industry focus and can deliver extended reality solutions for the specific purposes of healthcare, retail, educational and construction enterprises. In over five years, they have completed 15+ projects and partnered with Idea Bank, Mercedes, IQ Money, and Aviva. 


46. Marevo

Marevo is a small aspiring AR/VR studio from Kyiv, Ukraine, that creates extended reality tools for various business purposes. Apart from iOS and Android apps, the company also designs AR filters for Instagram and Facebook and creates 3D animations. The company mainly worked with manufacturers of food, homeware, and construction supplies. Unlike many of its competitors, Marevo does not specialize in game development. 


47. UP360

UP360 is a team of software engineers and UX/UI designers that create custom-tailored augmented, virtual and mixed reality mobile apps for large enterprises and SMBs. Beyond their services for other market players, this Canadian company has a proprietary product — an immersive staff training platform aimed at helping organizations educate their personnel in a more efficient and hands-on way.


48. Mammoth XR

The award-winning AR/VR development studio Mammoth XR was founded in 2015 in Calgary, Canada. For over five years, this team of 8 extended reality specialists has been delivering high-quality immersive content and applications, and now boasts 16+ projects in their portfolio. The company specializes in solutions for employee training and brand promotion, as well as virtual reality cinema, location tours, and games.


49. Holovision

Launched in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, Holovision creates bespoke immersive experiences, leveraging 360-degree video and augmented and virtual reality technologies. The team specializes in software for Marketing, Real Estate, Education, Retail, Entertainment, and Arts domains and has plenty of hands-on experience developing versatile solutions for companies from Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, UAE, and Kazakhstan. Among Holovision’s most notable projects are the VR sculpture exhibition for Mytets Art Gallery in Kyiv and an interactive installation for iForum, the largest IT event in Ukraine. 


50. Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a young Ukrainian company that develops mobile apps, games, and AR/VR solutions, creates UX/UI design, and carries out software QA. It was founded in 2018 and since then has completed 70+ high-quality mobile games and served 40+ happy clients. Even though the company is most skilled in game development, it can also deliver solutions for the Business Services sector.

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