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Top 7 Challenges Caused by Graphic Design Field — Designers, Be Aware!

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A picture speaks a thousand words — this maxim has never been more suited to anything else than how it suits the graphic design. Graphic design is a process of communicating with the target audience through the pictures, graphics, illustrations, and typographies to name a few. You can find the common use of graphic design in form of a logo, branding, design in newspaper, magazine, and various other platforms. Also, the website design is greatly impacted by the graphics design. That’s the very reason why the leading website designing companies like Intlum are considering the graphic design as one of the prime aspects of the websites’ success.

Who is a graphics designer?

A graphic designer is an individual who is responsible for mixing texts, pictures, symbols,and designs to communicate ideas and messages. All the three tools — typography, visual art techniques, and layout techniques are combined to create the visual compositions that make an impact on the site. As a result, the graphic designer is a vital member of the branding team of any company. However, often some challenges are posed by graphic design which makes the job tougher for the amateur and professional designers afterward. Let’s take a quick look at the challengesposed by graphic design.

Challenges Caused by Graphics Design

Below are the challenges a designer would face in the field of graphic design. You need to find the best way to get rid of these challenges. Unless you are going to step into a never-ending hassle.


As a result of the plethora of content regularly being published online that revolve around the information design field. What is disturbing is much of the contents are contradictory to one another. While some literature claim that information design is the latest invention, some say that it comes from the ancient civilization. This very aspect of overproduction and contrast in information causes confusion amongst the amateur as well as the experienced designers who want to grab information about the matter.


A myriad of wrong and misleading ideas will be perpetrated unless and until genuine information is available on the graphics design or communication design evolution. This misunderstanding will surely make the progress in the graphic designing field stagnant. The differences in elaboration will lead to a sheer misconception and misunderstanding which would never be corrected. Unless there’s proper clarity, graphic design would keep on offering the challenges.


Public perception regarding the field of information designing or graphic designing has taken a beating. Since the subject lacks properly crafted correct information, the field is going towards a more stagnant situation. Concepts like data displays and website architecture could have been explained in a far credible manner only if the genuine information was available. Due to the lack of reference texts for creating new literature, the know-how of this field is being undervalued.


Yes, it’s true that professionals from the designing field have been tried to be brought together by the popular and reputed organizations like the International Institute of Information Design and the Society of Technical Communication. Despite that attempt, a sheer ambiguity between the restrictions of information design, graphic design,and communication design can be noticed. Right now, all the professionals are treated in the same way. And consequently, the design of further curriculum from this field is being hampered. And the absence of curriculum would stop these fields from progressing.


A sheer insufficiency is seen in this profession. Today’s professionals assume their job titles based on what their respective companiesprovide them with. However, the skilled information designers stay out of the spotlight! A dissimilarabsence of further prospectuses on the subject may lead to the addedgrowth of the field and therefore, a shortage of skilled experts in the field. Only for this reason, professionals of this field would not be able to surpass the challenges caused by the field.


You will find the lack of memory in the web designing professionals when the topic revolves around going back to the roots. As a result of the absence of enough formal history on the subject, seniors of this field sometimes misguide the amateurs and control them by the advantage of their experience. Hardly anyone knows where to obtain the in-depth knowledge on the particular subject which turns out to be a great hassle. Basically, everybody in this field obtains knowledge by working in the field practically which results in providing them with experience and knowledge. There is certainly a lack of prominent study courses in this field and also, thereare not many educational institutes present at the moment who teach graphic designing. Check our other blog layerpoint


There is certainly a misappropriation taking place in the world of graphic designing. Marketing infographics are spewing out false information regarding the website analytics according to their own intention toshowcase. Instead of presenting the concrete information with legitimacy, these infographics try to extractreliable, previously false info on a particular subject of information design. The supporters of these infographics are flauntingknow-how and experience of the do’s and don’ts about a subject are enough to make an amateur of this field understand the whole scenario of the profession. In a nutshell, it can be told that almost no information you can find on the filed can be labeled genuine. Almost each of the information is false and intentionally crafted for own good.


So, the above 7 points are the challenges which may be caused by the graphic design field. In order to become a graphic designer and grow your career in this field, the above are the challenges you should know from before. However, these challenges should not be an obstacle between you and your passion to be a graphic designer. So, you have to find solutions to overcome these challenges and establish yourself to be one of the most viable graphic designers. But how to conquer these obstacles! Well, you have to learn from life and practical experience. No matter what you are doing, you have to learn by yourself, especially, if you are dealing with the graphic designing.


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