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Is Apple Planning To Release A Lower Cost Mac?

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Over the years, Apple has been known for producing high-end electronics. The company has never been a leader in the computer industry. Nevertheless, most consumers understand that they’re products are pretty amazing. In fact, Apple computers tend to be more reliable than their Windows alternatives. The only downside is the fact that Apple products are usually much more expensive. That could change in the near future. Rumors have spread that Apple is planning to release a lower cost Mac in the coming months. What do consumers need to know? You’ll find out in the guide below.

The Rumor

At this point in time, the news is not official. It is nothing more than a rumor from people familiar with the company’s plans. The rumors claim that Apple will soon be releasing a new, lower cost laptop. It is also believed that the company will be delivering a professionally focused update to its Mac mini-desktop. Again, this information is considered a rumor at this point. Consumers should wait for an official announcement before they begin saving their money with hopes of adding a new Mac to their collection.


Same Look

So, what should you expect if the rumors turn out to be true? Well, it is believed that the laptop will look almost identical to the latest MacBook Air laptops. However, there is one small difference. The rumor explains that the new computers will feature a much thinner bezel surrounding the screen. The display is expected to remain approximately 13 inches. Surprisingly, the screen will actually be a better “Retina” version than the company has added to other products. Those involved with releasing the rumor have refused to be identified. And, it should be noted that Apple’s spokesman, Bill Evans, has refused to make a comment on the matter.

Previous Prices

The truth of the matter is that Apple’s MacBook Laptops are very expensive. In fact, the current Air is going to cost consumers approximately $1,000. This is the company’s only laptop that doesn’t have a high-resolution screen. Regardless, all models are currently compatible with the MacFly Pro Cleaner, which can be beneficial for clearing up disk space conveniently. A 12-inch MacBook was launched in 2015. Many speculated that it could be a replacement for the MacBook Air. That never happened. The $1,300 price tag was off putting for many. Ultimately, the 12-inch MacBook never gained steam and was somewhat of a miss for Apple.

What Could Happen?

So, what should consumers expect? The truth of the matter is that the future remains unknown. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that a new Mac is going to be released sometime this fall. After all, the company almost always releases their latest computers in October right after the launch of its newest iPhone. Later this year, the company should be blessing consumers with new Apple Watches, iPad Pros and three new iPhones. Around this time, there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to get a more in-depth look at the new MacBook.

Apple fans will want to keep a close eye on the news.

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