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Top 6 OTT Platform Providers to Create your Video on Demand Website

by Suresh NathanaelOctober 10th, 2020
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70% of US households have at least one video-on-demand subscription, and every American subscriber spends an average of $7.42 each month. Selecting the most suitable VOD providers is essential as it sets the base for your business. Top 6 OTT Platform Providers to Create your Video on Demand Website: Webnexs, StreamHash, Uscreen, StreamView, U.S. and U.screen are the top six OTT platform providers to create your VOD website.
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About 70% of the US households have at least one video-on-demand subscription, and every American subscriber spends an average of $7.42 each month. It symbolizes that VOD has the future, and innovative services are rising by giving consumers a unique way to see their media. The unlimited alternatives of VOD in the form of films, series, music videos, recordings on the VOD platform.

The massive extension of video streaming is growing with the exploding application of digital media appliances and smartphones. Advanced technology lets anyone from small industries to enterprises build their VOD platform. But, selecting the most suitable VOD providers is essential as it sets the base for your business. 

Now, let us talk about the famous VOD solution providers worth each buck spent to create your VOD website.

1. Webnexs

Webnexs is one of the best VOD platform providers who give solid cases to all kinds of users. It is a universal platform where broadcasters, artists, video makers, and media administrators can initiate their video streaming service. 


Webnexs VOD arises with all components required for compliance and scalability required for both classical and new broadcasters. When it comes to the (VOD) video on demand offered by the platform, besides SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, it allows pushing video on demand and catching up TV.

While catching up TV enables users to enjoy at their time after the initial broadcast, push video on demand enables content providers to move content to utilizer's set-top box even if they haven't asked the content. OTT TV, live streaming, video content amalgamation, 100% customization, digital rights administration are some other characteristics of Webnexs.


Mastering Webnexs doesn't need basic scientific knowledge or organizing skills. It emphasizes dominant CMS to manage everything from an admin panel. Various monetization channels and payment gateways are some other merits. 


It is intended essentially for media businesses, and entrepreneurs have the maximum advantage from characteristics. It doesn't cater to all business.

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2. StreamHash

StreamHash's StreamView is one of the best VOD solutions that assist you in building an acknowledged VOD platform for an attractive price. Being a white-labelled compound or a Netflix clone, it promotes originating a scalable and customizable solution for you on how to commence a business. The VOD platform grants all the conventional characteristics of Netflix, but you can operate through any modifications in front end UI, improvement, deployment, and maintenance. 

Like other Netflix clone scripts, StreamView doesn't provide hosting assistance. However, as it is self-hosted, you can select the hosting partner that suits your business necessities.


StreamView emphasizes the Nginx server that effortlessly transforms the HTTP setup to HLS and RTMP design for iOS, Android, and websites. It promotes various monetization channels like subscriptions and pay-per-view that lets viewers gain entrée to the video library for payment and buy individual videos according to liking.  

Most importantly, with StreamView, you can create a payment folder of your decision that can combine into your VOD platform. StreamView makes an excellent option if you are watching for a solution to improve your VOD platform. It emphasizes a robust admin dashboard with which you can change and combine characteristics and functionalities. Additionally, you can originate a mobile app with all the necessary aspects of delivering the best user experience to your users. 


StreamView allows you to set your VOD platform and the app instantly with the best quality and without a large expenditure. Conventional back end structure and built-in characteristics will let you kick-start your project with comfort. You get the entire reference code and advanced tech stacks for a one-time payment. 


Like other Netflix clone scripts, StreamView doesn't give hosting assistance. However, as it is self-hosted, you can select the hosting partner that suits your business needs. 

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3. Uscreen

Uscreen is a complete video hosting platform that permits video originators to share their content securely and successfully. An easy and powerful SaaS solution provides video producers full authority over video monetization. With Uscreen, both small and large-scale video sharing services can host videos for any market size. It lets you sell single videos and fix up subscription plans as well.


The platform is natural and straightforward to use and can be accessible for people with no technical knowledge to operate with it. Pre-built templates are ready to present your videos, and it can be customized according to your requirements using a visual editor.

Uscreen allows anyone to build a VOD platform and trade their content online without having to bother about hosting videos. With the increasing popularity of subscription-based VOD services like Netflix, Uscreen lets users access purchased content anytime through any appliance. 

Later, Uscreen has rolled out live streaming characteristics allowing the capacity to live stream via their platform. Live-streamed content can be either free, sold separately, or combined with the current packages. It arises with a robust CDN that lets you broadcast live streams easily from any device globally. 


Uscreen is an all-in-one VOD development platform to sell and control on-demand videos. It operates on a subscription model, preferably a revenue share model so you can keep all the income for yourself. It also provides a live streaming solution for online events, which is one of the best incorporations. 


The major demerit of this platform is that it doesn't promote the AVOD monetization model. As it provides only three customizable website themes, the alternatives are scarce to the website creator.

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4. Muvi

Muvi is a full-fledged OTT platform provider of audio and video streaming and VOD services. The cloud-based platform lets content originators create and customize their VOD service and live streaming channels. Muvi is simple to use and assists with all scientific features of your video platform from maintaining IT infrastructure to set up payment gateways. 


Muvi comes with pre-built templates and a visual editor. Though the built-in templates are scarce, with a bit of trouble, you can build a customized website that describes your business. The platform practices AWS and Cloudflare CDN to produce videos with no buffering all over the world. It gives both TV and mobile apps that let you relinquish your users through multiple tools like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Android.

The company will build your apps and originate them in your branding. However, the apps appear as an add-on service that is chargeable alongside subscription fees. 

Muvi gives a complete set of characteristics, natural design, and versatile service contributions. The organization makes it feasible for anyone to launch its VOD site like Netflix or launch live radio assistance. Advanced content administration system, offering for a wide range of monetization choices, 


Muvi is a robust cloud hosted VOD platform that promotes on-demand content, live streaming, and eCommerce. It is simple to set up and provides various types of content and monetization systems to supplement your services.


The number of website templates Muvi provides is significantly less. Additionally, the marketing function is restricted, making it challenging, combining external email marketing solutions like AWeber.

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5. DaCast

DaCast is a cloud-based hosting program for on-demand videos and live streaming. It is a user-friendly, too operational, manageable solution that comes with an immersible white label player and paywall combination. 


If you are delivering on-demand videos, DaCast can assist you in reaching globally. DaCast allocates content via Akamai CDN to broadcast high-quality streams on every device. An adaptive video player decreases buffering and encourages multi-bitrate streaming, thereby allowing the users exceptional observing experience. 

DaCast emphasizes a regional HTML5 video player that is customizable. It also highlights a range of monetization possibilities comprising pay per view, subscription, and promotion to your channel. However, there is a precipitous commission of almost 10% for each possession. DaCast affords an easy and affordable live streaming solution enabling enterprises to broadcast high-quality live videos from their website.

To stream live utilizing DaCast, you require a camera, microphone, and an encoder. DaCast comes with a free encoder OBS studio, which is for beginners. However, as you increase your audience, a paid encoder is required to assist multiple bitrate encoding. Customizable video players, video hosting, fixed links, content administration API, analytics, etc. are some characteristics. 


DaCast is a solution for HD video on demand, live streaming, and video monetization. Another benefit is the white label characteristic and the capability to customize the linked video player and add a watermark for your content. Full API access lets brands create custom workflows and combine features. 


DaCast comes with a vertical assignment structure.

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6. Flicknexs

Flicknexs is a full-fledged video-on-demand solution to begin your video streaming services. It focuses on allowing customizable video streaming platforms for enterprises. Further, it provides robust monetization alternatives like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and more to improve your revenue. Their VOD solutions are cooperative across all web applications and mobile tools, making them flexible and scalable. 


Supported by AWS cloud, Flicknexs has a powerful back to control video database, analytical reports, user subscriptions, and more. It links with high-end transcoding to allow a buffer-free video streaming experience. 

The platform also expands adaptive bitrate to promote the seamless delivery of live streams. It also emphasizes natural video content management, allowing you to upload, store, and create video libraries. Effectual video player, video hosting, HD transcoding, podcasting, IP camera streaming, social media integration, digital rights management system, etc. are some features.


Agreement with AWS and Akamai server, inbuilt video analytics, live streaming abilities, reliable video hosting, etc. are some significant benefits. 


It doesn't give a free trial, which can be a turn off for the audience who need to attempt out the commodity before purchasing. 

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As video streaming websites like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, are overlooking its net value every day, the demand for a VOD website will be a sustainable one. There is sufficient space for new members on how to commence a business and create a video streaming website.

The primary thing for businesses is to focus on the business tactic to launch their video streaming solution and cooperating with the most reliable solution providers to have a successful video streaming platform. Let us discuss the more significant providers, namely Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu in another streaming services post.

The VOD mentioned above, and service providers give ensured quality solutions to create your video-on-demand services. While adopting a platform, make sure that you pick the one that best accommodates your business needs, objective, and budget.

For more data, make sure to view some of our posts comprising the guide to video monetization or average Video CPM Rates.