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How to Change Location on Hulu

by Adnan JiwaniSeptember 27th, 2021
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How you can change your location online to watch your favorite and movies on Hulu from any location!

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Are you looking for a way to change location on Hulu? Then, you have come to the right place because this content will tell you the easiest way to change Hulu location.

Hulu is an American exclusive streaming service, you will see geo-restriction errors while watching TV shows and movies on Hulu from outside the US.

No matter what geo-restriction error you are getting, there is one easy solution – get a reliable VPN to change location on Hulu.

How to Change Location on Hulu

Here is the complete guide on how to change location on Hulu:

  • Get a VPN with multiple US servers like PureVPN, PIA VPN, and IPVanish
  • Download the VPN app on which you are streaming Hulu
  • Connect with the US server to change the region on Hulu
  • Go to the Hulu website or app and start streaming!

Why Do You Need a VPN to Change Location on Hulu?

Hulu is only available in the US. If you are an expat living abroad or traveling outside the US, then you will not able to watch Hulu, here you will need to change your location on Hulu with the help of a VPN service.

Hulu traces your location by IP that is given by the ISP that discloses your original location. A VPN can help you connect with its US server. By doing that, Hulu will see your location within the US and allow you to watch its content outside the US.

How to change Hulu Live TV location

All Hulu users must set a home network. By doing that, you have locked the information about your region and ISP. Therefore, when you try to access from a different region, you might see this error:

“Video not available in this location”

Even if you are streaming from your home network, you see this problem, and there are many reasons why you may see this location error by Hulu

  • You are using a VPN service
  • Your internet is shared or is slow
  • The service is not able to find your network.

So, if you are using Hulu Live TV from two different regions, you need to change your home network for that to resolve the Hulu location error.

Install and Update Hulu Home Network

Update your internet home location using the following guide:

  • Visit your Hulu Log-in page
  • Click on Privacy and Settings
  • Click on change Hulu home location

Can I watch Hulu while traveling abroad?

You can stream Hulu while traveling abroad. If you are traveling abroad then you will need a reliable VPN and connect its US server to watch Hulu.