Top 6 Easy Steps To Quickly Buy Crypto Tokensby@fastinvest
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Top 6 Easy Steps To Quickly Buy Crypto Tokens

by Simona VaitkuneMay 2nd, 2018
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Still pondering whether you should purchase crypto tokens or not? Time is ticking and you don’t get any second back.

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Originally Posted on 2017–11–28 at Fast Invest Blog

Still pondering whether you should purchase crypto tokens or not? Time is ticking and you don’t get any second back.

Many current and future investors keep postponing getting into crypto investments because they don’t actually know how to buy crypto tokens. Maybe you’ve been investing for a while and want to diversify your portfolio with this modern and highly promising opportunity. Or perhaps you’re new to this and you don’t exactly know how to start.

Crypto lending is an amazing modern investment option that all smart individuals should learn more about. But firstly you need to have the digital coins to investwith. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the process.

What Exactly Are Crypto Tokens?

To put it very simply, a token is an equivalent to something valuable. The term ‘crypto tokens’ defines digital resources that you can own and make transactions with. Crypto tokens are sometimes referred to as ‘crypto equity’ or crypto assets.

They are used for fundraising through crowdsales called ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Platforms launch ICOs based on the highly secure blockchaintechnology (typically the Ethereum blockchain) and enable investors to acquire their crypto tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency. The reputable blockchain has even been used by some of world’s biggest companies including IBM, Nestlé and Walmart, which forged a collaboration based on this system.

Crowdsales involve a win-win situation as projects get funded and helped to further develop, while investors get the chance to have a piece of value and contribute to potentially wildly successful projects. If the protocol will become extensively used, the value will increase along with your revenues.

There are analysts who believe that crypto tokens will have the same impact that plastic did. A few decades ago, plastic was something unusual and rather puzzling. Now it’s tough to find something that doesn’t contain it. At this point, it seems a no-brainer to be able to invest in crypto but to choose not to do it.

Should You Buy Crypto Tokens? Why Or Why Not?

Crypto tokens brought along a revolution. If you didn’t stay updated with the latest news, you might think that investing is only for the rich to get richer. That was indeed true until recently.

Now crypto tokens allow people of all economic levels to participate in investments. You are not excluded anymore based on your financial situation.

If you want in, you can join. It’s as simple as that. And you should definitely buy crypto tokens from a reliable source as they represent the future of finances. If you fail to do so, you’ll be just missing out on opportunities sand extra revenues.

Here’s the catch:

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Keep some key facts in mind to stay grounded and know where you’re standing in the industry.

Not all crypto tokens will prove out to be excellent investments. Not all platforms allow easy access. Also, some will draw mediocre results at best. Therefore, go for a crypto token with a strong business behind it.

6 Simple Steps To Buy Crypto Tokens

Setting A Budget

Of course, the revenues grow exponentially according to your amount of crypto tokens. So here applies the old saying ‘the more, the merrier’.

Yet no one knows better than you how much you can afford to invest from your savings or monthly budget. Determine a certain sum that you are willing to invest and set it aside to preserve it in crypto instead of fiat currency.

Keep in mind that you’re building something with long-term value. So you might want to refrain from going all-in with an unreasonably high budget for your financial situation or for a one below your means that won’t allow you to enjoy substantial benefits.

Choosing a coin (or several ones)

You can buy crypto tokens with regular money (known in the finance industry as fiat currency) and it’s enough to buy them once. Afterwards you can perform any transaction you wish.

Crypto tokens are usually bought with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). After you buy ETH or BTC with fiat currency via an exchange online, you send the desired sum to an ICO address and the crypto tokens are sent back to you.

Analyzing ICOs

Bitcoin will most likely hit $10,000 before the year is out. Ethereum will keep soaring to the $500 milestone by 2018.

Along with the tremendous success of the key cryptocurrencies, the success of ICOs simply exploded. From game skins to Disney-related startups, there are crowdsourced vehicles that single handedly raised over $10,000,000.

All ICOs have a certain time limit and a target that needs to be reached. Transfers occur immediately. As there is no intermediate party, the costs of these investments don’t draw in further fees for investors.

There are plenty of ICOs out there. Yet, it’s a tedious task to try to find the gems between hundreds of ICOs. Also, before getting overexcited and wanting to invest in as many ICOs as possible, you should know that not all will thrive. Some might fail. Some might disappear. Many are not worth your time because the platforms are so poorly built that they’ll give you headaches.

There is one thing to have a strong product backed up with a real business that works to develop. It’s another thing to support shady ICOs without any business strategy, which just try to impress you with a bombastic white paper and few sensational traps that aren’t backed by real data.

Another key issue is that most ICO’s ideas can’t be put into action due to technical limitations. The white paper needs to contain all the principles of token allocation for the investor to know exactly how the project will materialize.

Safe storage

You probably lost money by putting it in a random pocket. That happened to everyone at a certain point. Just like in real life, you will need to storage your digital currency in a safe wallet that you have full control and access to 24/7.

Don’t trust platforms that just claim to ‘keep’ your crypto assets. Look for facts.

How will they do that? What technology are they using? The digital wallet should also offer flexibility to do whatever you please with your funds.

Fast Invest allows crypto assets management via the blockchain and enables you to have all the data access you need in a user-friendly dashboard. You’ll get a full analytics feature that will allow you to accurately track all your transactions.

Fast Invest will provide a web-based and a mobile app digital wallet. Also, FIT holders will be able to transfer fiat or crypto to other Fast Invest users for free.

You can keep Bitcoin and Ethereum in this wallet or exchange crypto to fiat, lend and invest crypto. This will be a closed community. So hurry up and get yourself a spot among the Fast Invest FIT holders.

Investing wisely

Doing something in a wise way doesn’t have to take you forever. Overthinking the process won’t make you wiser, but it could get you on a never-ending spiral where you seem to have so many options that you can’t decide.

Then it’s when analysis paralysis comes to play. The wish to get things right combines with the variety of alternatives and the mix becomes so overwhelming and confusing that you get stuck. This one can delay your investments, your future revenues, and your overall success.

One great option to invest is crypto P2P lending. With interest rates between 8–15%, your passive income will grow steadily and surely.

Buying crypto tokens is not at all as complicated as it might seem to be if you’ve never done this before. Moreover, if you pick a good ICO like the one provided by Fast Invest, you have all chances to enjoy an investment that will bring you a considerable flow of extra revenues.

Stick to our simple 6 recommended steps and you can get into the alluring world of crypto investments sooner than you ever thought. Today you can make a difference in your future financial situation.