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Top 5 Business App Categories during COVID-19

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In the business world we have to do research and analysis to get to know what users/market have been looking for. So, here is one of our online analytics regarding the apps that are searched by users. We have been doing research on our test website name and i found that these imagine stat that help you to build apps with target markets that have most searches through Google. This stat is based on Google Website and Google analytics data.

Due to COVID-19, All businesses have to look for online business to survive in their businesses. So as a tech company how are you going to decide which business niche you will target that? So here the top 5 businesses categories in businesses app that you have to focus on.

The stat of Google analytics of our ROI website:

The stat of Google Search Console Stat for our ROI website (flutterappworld):

  • Tik-Tok app Clone
  • Food Ordering App
  • E-Commerce App
  • Grocery
  • Medical and/or Service booking app
  • 1. TikTok app Clone: This is the most visited and searches app as per Google Analytics and Google Search console. So if you are planning the built app then you may clone the app on TikTok or a media distribution app that is on high demand as per user searches. This search might increase due to being banned in India and other places. There are already big tech companies like Facebook, Google start building the same idea. Facebook have launched Instagram Real and Google Launched YouTube Shorts. And others Companies Microsoft & Oracle are biding to buy TikTok.

    2. Food Ordering App: As per Google analytics and Google search consoleย  the 2nd most phrase search and visited url is Food ordering app. We all know the current scenario every business has to go online or think about online. And we all know the Food industries is one of the biggest industries. And If you go through the survey then you will find there are billions of small food joints and restaurants are still there that donโ€™t have their own online platform. So you might target this business niche to build apps.

    Image Source

    3. E-Commerce App: The 3rd most top searched and visited page is e-commerce apps. Users and people looking for e-commerce apps for their business like (Clothing, fashions and goods). Now people have been searching on Google and others search engines and looking for these apps.ย 

    4. Grocery App: Now one most picked up or growing keyword is Grocery after the COVID-19 lockdown, and it has been growing day-by-day. So if you are planning to develop a tech business in a tech niche then you may start with this business niche.ย 

    You may check the stat of online Grocery Delivery business growth in below image.

    You can see the details on the growing market in online grocery and delivery businesses. For example you may built an Readymade solution for users that help hyper/supermarket business owner to build online business in short time of period. If you are looking for a reference then this infographics will help you out. This is an inforgraphics of Readymade Grocery App.

    Image source

    5. Service Booking apps: This app categories on the 5th position, In services booking app there are small businesses like Individual Doctor appointment booking app, Laundry booking system, on demand spa services booking app, salon apps. Here you can create a readymade solution for these services.ย 

    The above mentioned data is based on purely our research website Google Search console and Google analytics data. I hope this research data might help you out. In case you have any suggestion then let me know. Or you have any other research data and want to add in this then please let me know.


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