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Top 10 Flutter Benefits For Application Development

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK that developed and maintained by Google. It was release on late 2017 for cross-platform app development with a single codebase feature. It's uses Dart as a programming language you can check out more details about dart programming at

Benefits of Flutter Development:

There much benefits with Flutter app development but i am mentioning some of important point as per developer basis as well as considering some business perspective.

Benefits As per developer perspective:

Fast Development: Flutter has hot-reload and a single codebase feature that helps you develop an app that will work with iOS and Android both. Flutter in-built features incorporate with all component for iOS and Android to give a native base performance for your app.

A Single Codebase: A single codebase feature helps us to build an faster that other native application development. Now we have to write on codebase for both Andriod and iOS that save a lot of time a code management.

Hot Reload: This features help us debugs our code faster compare to native app development, so we keep testing our code faster and debug them and build awesome app.

Expressive UIs: We can build an expressive UIs with Flutter built-in beautiful material design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness. Their in-built feature help you fast development with fully customizable widget that we can re-use in our code, in case we do required any further customization in future.

Easy to Understand and Learn: Even you are new in Flutter then you could picked up easily. If you are coming with Java development then might more easy to get started with Flutter development. Flutter work on Dart and Dart a new object oriented programming language ( that easy to lean and understand. You can start setup and building your first Flutter app from Flutter Official site (

Growing Community Worldwide: Now, Flutter has been most growing development community Worldwide in app development. App Developer Developer has been continuous growing worldwide and they have been clearing and discussing on new features and bugs that has been coming while developing Flutter app. So if you have any doubt then you can post your query on Flutter dev community and you will get fast suggestion by Flutter developer around the world with a less time frame.

For Consumers or Business:

Fast Development: Flutter has an open-source with cross-platform development in nature along with a Single codebase and hot reload features. These features will help you out build app faster if you compare with the native application development like iOS and Android. With Flutter you have to write only one codebase and it will work for both iOS and Android. It's hot reload features helps developer to debugs code faster and do experiment with their application so they can build awesome application faster.

Costing & Time: Most important things is, It will save your costing and timing. Now you don't required an individual development and testing team for both iOS and Android platforms. Now with the inbuilt feature of Flutter development you do required only one Flutter development and testing team to developed and manage your apps.

Easy to Manage application: In flutter everything is widgets. So it is easy to customize and Manage application. e.g: In today digital world everything keep daily faster than we expect. So if we do required any customization based on market then it is easy and fast to update and manage your applications. Your developer just have to develop a single codebase and update that and it will work work for both iOS and Android.

Team Management: Team management is one of the most important factor when it come to enterprise application development. Since we have been developing native application we have to manage a separate teams for both iOS and Android native development. That will increase the member of team and become more time and energy consumer to manage that. Now with the Flutter App Development, We don't required a separate team to do that, we do need only team that will enough to manage for both iOS and Android application development and management. It will reduce your team members, time and your energy to manage them.

Some of Most Admire Company that have been using Flutter for Development:

Google: Google ads and Google Assistance have been developed with Flutter that provide the based user experience.

Alibaba: Alibaba is one of the largest commodity eCommerce business platform. Now Alibaba have been using Flutter to their app development.

BMW: After Flutter 1.12 update they updated in their showcase, Now BMW have been using Flutter for their application development.

Ionicfirebaseapp: They build a Flutter App Marketplace where you will get SaaS application that have been using more than 200+ users as well as their over all Flutter application has been using by more than 1000+ business around the 114+ countries. They also development an enterprise application for a network company know as AirtelTigo.

Like that i am going to mention some of the companies that using Flutter for development: Groupon, Capitalone, Tencent, Square, eBay, Dream11, SONOS, NUBank and others or you can check out here

Some Of the Best Applications:

Google Assistance: The most common application have been using by Android Mobile users. Now it built with Flutter.

Google Ads: Google ads now built with Flutter to provide more flexibility and easy to use for Google Ads users.

Tencent: Now they use Flutter for several apps development for example they AITeacher, Now Live, K12, Mr. Translator, QiDian, and DingDang.

The New York Times: Now they built the most popular game Ken Ken puzzle with Flutter to bring more users.

AirtelTigo: Now they developed their mobile application on Flutter to provide all solutions with one application. As per communication their app has been developed and maintain by Their application have been providing the caller, money transfer, credit transfer and others feature with their mobile app.

And there are some more others applications that built with Flutter you can check out their showcase


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