5 Best Anonymous Browsers: How To Stay Protected Online

In 2019 our devices know us better than close friends and relatives. Browsers, messengers, social media trackers analyse the actions you do online and your interactions with content to expand their manipulation. The history of browsing is used to target ads and create more triggering banners for you exclusively. These technological advancements might look smart and comfortable, but the invasion of privacy has gone too far.
Corporations, delivering the tried and proven software, participate in the program of data collection across the web. Every time you indicate personal info in Google Chrome, be sure it might be used for machine learning. But this kind of intrusion is the most righteous. Usually, data masses are handled by data brokers, which leads to identity theft.
Moreover, auto-fill technology, especially for the credit card details, implies that the sensitive data is stored on a server, which can be hacked one day by fraudsters. Many opt-ins making our experience comfortable don't contribute to security. Do we have any alternatives? Luckily, we do. Privacy-conscious users install anonymous browsers cutting the long-term relationships with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.
Let's investigate the list of the best secure browsers of this year!
5 best anonymous browsers in 2019
#1 Idyll browser
Idyll is a fundamental part of Utopia – a P2P encrypted environment offering robust toolkit. The browser enables safe viewing of the internal
pages hosted within Utopia – this principle struggles for the in-house 100% anonymity. Idyll never handles sensitive information. Idyll browser is entirely ads, and tracking-free. A user's IP, location, browsing history, and device specifications remain confidential. Robust encryption mechanisms, involving swift Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES, guarantee the secure data transmission across all the Utopia tools. What other features do Utopia users take advantage of?
  • uMessenger;
  • uMail;
  • uWallet;
  • Mining bot.
The in-builds suggest a unique user experience empowered by the three core privacy principles – encryption, decentralization, and anonymity. Idyll and the other tools don’t involve a central server, which diminishes the potential of hacking and data leakage. Also, the registration on Utopia takes place without a name, phone, extra email indication so that the user's personality is kept in secret.
Regardless Idyll is an emerging browser; it is a proven and up-to-date tool
helping to surf across the web anonymously. Download Utopia and make use of Idyll browser – it is available for all widely used operating systems!
#2 Epic Browser
Epic is one of the best anonymous browsers for macOS and Windows. Browsing the web with Epic, you can be sure that trackers and third-parties
won't have access to your sensitive files. What is crucial, Epic doesn't save the browsing history, and the private mode is active all the time by design if compared with mainstream browsers.
Epic doesn't employ DNS prefetching so that the user's location stays confidential. Moreover, advertisers can't use targeting by the geo, and you won't get distracted by annoying ads. The browser stops this kind of manipulation when you see the ads on the goods and services you searched for recently. Epic blocks cookies automatically, so numerous websites won't ask you the same question considering their Cookies Policy. Plus, Epic doesn't save cache; that is why the passwords to your accounts can't transfer to hackers.
Handy but dangerous regarding privacy auto-fill function is cut off. For this reason, Epic doesn't assist corporations aiming to record and analyse
your behaviour. Epic supports private links and won't suggest an automatic translation. When Chrome translates the pages, it analyses what do you read and how do you think. Eliminating tracking, Epic doesn't slow down the session in comparison to other browsers. This web surfer is an excellent option to try when privacy matters.
# 3 Comodo Dragon Browser
Users who own a Mac computer or Windows can set up Comodo and enjoy high standards of privacy. Similarly to other anonymous browsers, Comodo Dragon blocks cookies during sessions along with fast loading and
What makes this browser different is a technology enabling the distinction of the weak and robust SSL certificates. SSL is a mechanism that is responsible for the encryption and further transfer of the data set from a server to a browser and vise verse. Numerous SSLs don't serve user's security so that assuming the source is important for any browser claimed as anonymous. When Comodo figures out the SSL, it protects the private information you mention on a webpage.
Comodo team suggests antivirus software and extensions when users install the browser. The integral antiviruses are an excellent way to save
some money on expensive programs serving web protection. Every time
you follow a fraudulent link or surf a questionable webpage, the malware tracker deactivates harmful files, so your device and data are secure.
#4 Tor
This browser is ready to install on Windows, Mac, and Linux making it
amazingly handy and broadly-used. The principal purpose of Tor is to
provide users with genuinely secure communication. The browsing is so challenging to track that Tor has converted into the go-to software for surfing the darknet. The anonymous browsing experience utilized many proxies, which cause Tor's slower speed contrasting to other browsers. Still, the set of features against online harassment is advanced and time tested.
To get a precise understanding of what Tor does for your security, you
should be aware of Network Traffic Analysis. Data miners observe how you act online to trigger your best in the commercials. Namely, hotel booking services may charge you more after assuming your locations.
When you transfer any information across the web, it contains two core
elements – the header and payload. Usually, encryption protects the payload – the exact content of the message, but does nothing with the header, indicating the location, time, etc.
Tor's algorithms, namely multilayered onion routing, are so sophisticated
that they convert the data into a useless piece of information for hackers. Data flows via Tor could be visualized as a zigzag intended to decode the information through redirections. This is a simplified explanation of why Tor is so slow.
Also, remember that Tor is portable so that you can run the browser with a USB on any computer remaining confidential. Make sure your device is free of viruses and malicious apps before the Tor installation. Otherwise, the protection won't work.
#5 Brave Browser
Brave is focused on Android-based devices, and you can install the browser right from the Play Store. Brave is built on the open code so that experts monitor the privacy level and contribute to its functionality, improving the customization. Plus, Brave is available on mobile, making your everyday experience secure.
The stiff upper hand is that Brave includes an opt-in ad blocker, but you might find it daunting to figure it out on the mobile. Blockers shield your eyes against ad-driven popups and destructive viruses. This option saves
the battery of your phone since you don't waste the charge on useless
commercial vids and media.
The interface of the Brave browser will appear familiar to you since this is the Chromium-based app. Brave offers one-of-a-kind visualization of the number of ads and fraudulent extensions it blocked – the graphs appear right on your dashboard. Use this browser if you need to operate several accounts on social media at the same time; you won't need to register again and can handle communication in different tabs.
More than 10 million people surf the Internet anonymously daily via Brave;
this browser enables unparalleled anonymous communication on the mobile. Install for your device to enjoy the freedom of speech!
The bottom line
The best anonymous browsers of 2019 are emerging and proven programs that deserve your attention in a matter of privacy. Utilizing any browser listed in this review is a right and free way to stay away from shady personalities, global manipulations, and governmental investigations. Set up an encrypted toolkit or download a solo browser considering your online behaviour, device specifications, and goals!



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