Top Software Testing Companies in 2020: 30 QA Providers to Keep an Eye Onby@explority
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Top Software Testing Companies in 2020: 30 QA Providers to Keep an Eye On

by ExplorityFebruary 12th, 2020
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A1QA is one of the world’s 10 Best Pure-Play Testing Service Providers in the Multidomain Skills category by Gartner. Qualitest provides QA solutions to Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, and more. The company operates a wide range of testing services to various types of quality, engineering and engineering, next-generation testing companies. Cigniti, an independent software company, has grown from a team of three dedicated professionals to deliver a multimillion-dollar testing company to high-quality testing.

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According to Pew Research Center, 83% of US adults were using smartphones in 2019, and 74% of them were also desktop or laptop owners. Moreover, surprising four and a half billion people around the globe, which is 59% of the total world population, were internet users.

With the use of technologies constantly increasing, users get picky — the more sophisticated they are, the more powerful software is expected to become. This contributes to an ever-intensifying market competition.

At the same time, providing customers with software that meets all the expectations is only half the battle: before and once the product is on the market, companies also have to take care of their up-and-running systems, as well as ensure the cohesion and integrity of the IT environments these systems operate in.

Why Do I Need Software Testing Companies?

The more intricate the solutions are, the more potential faults they are likely to carry. Not only this affects user churn rate negatively, but also results in reputational damage the product owners may face, with hardly predictable losses. According to the research by CISQ, poor software quality costed US companies approximately $2.84 trillion in 2018. That’s why it’s crucial for software providers to consider quality assurance and testing as thoroughly as the development process itself, and ensure the following:

  • The software performs well and precisely fits business specifics 
  • There are no security flaws, so sensitive data is kept safe
  • The software satisfies users’ needs and makes their activities effortless

Quality assurance is a complex time-consuming process, which should be entrusted to experienced professionals with relevant expertise. In case you are looking for such a tech partner, we’d like to facilitate this challenging task and provide you with the list of 30 leading software testing companies. 

When analyzing the market, Explority identified six criteria that served as the basis for evaluation: 

  • Online reviews
  • Market presence
  • Geographic strategy
  • Industry experience
  • Customer experience
  • Portfolio

Each provider is a unique company with both strengths and weaknesses, so you are welcome to find the perfect one for your needs and budget based on the scores below.

Best QA companies to keep tabs on:

1. A1QA

Whether it is experience, famous clients, or a loyal team that determines the success of a testing vendor in your opinion, be sure A1QA has it all. In 16 years, the company has successfully delivered more than 1,500 projects to clients in various industries all over the globe, most notable of them including ForexClub, adidas, Kaspersky, and Yandex.

No wonder A1QA remains one of the best software testing companies in the US and a leading QA company on the worldwide market — providing spotless service followed by a caring attitude, their dedicated team of 700 professionals continue to prove their front-runners status. 

A1QA’s services include consulting, full-cycle QA and testing, and documentation services. With 10 offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Belarus, the company works with clients from more than 20 countries. Apart from being on the Clutch and GoodFirms lists of top software testing companies, A1QA is listed as one of the world’s 10 Best Pure-Play Testing Service Providers in the Multidomain Skills category by Gartner.

2. Qualitest

At the end of the 1990s, many tried to launch a business and get their share of the IT services market, but few were talented and devoted enough to succeed. Qualitest is among the latter. They have been delivering software testing solutions since 1997, and have grown to become the biggest testing company in Israel that is also renowned internationally. Qualitest works with such clients as Johnson & Johnson, Philips, and Intel. 

Qualitest provides QA solutions to Healthcare, Insurance, Financial, and other industries. The company operates in 16 cities around the globe, delivering a wide range of testing services to both large companies and startups. 

3. Cigniti

An India-based independent software testing company, Cigniti has grown from a team of three dedicated professionals to a multimillion company with offices in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Today, there are more than 2,100 professionals working for the company to deliver high-quality testing solutions to such industries as Transportation, Communications, Banking, Healthcare, and more. Within the wide range of their services are various types of quality assurance, engineering, and next-generation testing. 

In 2019, Cigniti won the ‘Corporate Leader of the Year’ award at the 15th Indo-American Corporate Excellence Awards. The company has already worked with a number of well-known clients, including Subway, Wales & West Utilities, and Ryanair. 

4. QATestlab

QATestlab is a Ukranian company with 12 years of experience in QA and testing and more than 3000 successfully completed projects. On QATestlab’s client list there are Shell Retail, Bosch, and more global enterprises.

The expertise of their devoted team of 200+ engineers includes various kinds of manual testing, test automation, and such specialized solutions as the Magento test suite and voice technologies testing. It is their flexibility that makes the company great for any business — depending on project requirements, they offer a number of business models, methodologies, and technologies.

5. Abstracta

While this company is listed among Top Software Application Testing Firms in 2019 and Top B2B Companies in Latin America in 2018 by Clutch, the major reason for Abstracta to be mentioned in this rating is their approach: the company values quality and people before anything else. 

Abstracta was established in Latin America in 2008, and since then the company has opened offices in the UK and Silicon Valley. Accessibility, mobile and performance testing are among Abstracta’s services, along with test automation and software development. They focus on Ecommerce, Finance, Healthcare, and Tech industries.  

6. QualityLogic

Founded more than 30 years ago to help solve compatibility problems between printing systems and software applications, QualityLogic has transformed into a leading software testing company on the market, providing both testing services and testing tools created by the company. Their expertise includes various branches of QA, such as functional and usability testing, accessibility, and load and performance testing for web and mobile apps, IoT, printing systems, and more.  

Though the company focus mostly on Social Media, Ecommerce, and Marketing industries, their experience includes completing many projects in other business domains as well. Their major clients are AT&T, Adobe, and Hawaiian Electric.

7. Testlio

Testlio was established in 2013 to become a successful software testing company that has worked with such clients as Microsoft, American Express, Strava, and more. Although having offices in two locations — the US and Estonia — the company operates worldwide due to the fact that they hire both full-time and contractual experts. To date, Testlio delivers QA solutions in more than 100 countries. 

The company provides all types of testing, from functional to  exploratory testing, mobile and web apps testing. Also, Testlio has their proprietary testing platform that can be integrated with DevOps, Resource Management, Ticketing, and other systems, and has various modules to improve their clients’s data management and testing experience. 

8. Ubertesters

Ubertesters is a pretty unique one to appear on any list of the best software testing companies. The thing is, it’s a company that unites so-called crowdtesters all over the globe, which means there’s no team and no established workspaces, only a platform letting QA experts from anywhere offer their expertise to all kinds of clients. They use their own devices to test products, with services including usability testing, localization and functional testing. Such an approach allows Ubertesters to reduce labor costs and make company-client cooperation beneficial for everybody.

In addition to the crowdtesters’ services, Ubertesters offers their own testing platform. Designed for mobile applications, this QA management software provides multi-platform support, real-time team monitoring, in-app bug editing, marking, reporting, and more useful features.


Zymr was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012. Since then, it has developed into a team of 250+ professionals with offices in the US, India, and Finland. Its services include product quality verification, QA automation, DevOps and CI/CD. In fact, it is not pure-player QA company — in addition to testing services, they deliver platform engineering, UX design, and cloud development. Still, Zymr’s solid QA expertise provides for their strong position among software testing companies. Among their clients are such renowned companies as Vodafone, Webroot, and Cisco.

10. QAMentor

Established in 2010, today QAMentor is a software QA company represented in 11 countries. QAMentor delivers diverse QA solutions across 30 distinct quality assurance and testing services, including agile QA and business process management services. The company also has their own online school to provide testing courses and corporate trainings. QAMentor was named one of the Top Software Testing Companies of 2019 according to Clutch.

The company focuses on such industries as Ecommerce, Finance, and Gaming. Their core values are transparency and care about clients — that’s why the company provides seven different pricing models so that their service is affordable to anybody. 

11. QA InfoTech

Now a successful software testing company with three offices in the US and India, QA InfoTech was founded by a small team of devoted testing experts almost 17 years ago. Throughout these years, the company completed 700+ projects for more than 260 clients, with 1,350 consultants engaged in the process. As of 2020, QA InfoTech is named one of the Top Software Testing Companies in India by Clutch.

Among the services delivered by the company are quality assurance, in particular — functional and automated testing, mobile testing, performance testing, quality engineering, and digital assurance. They work primarily with Healthcare, Media, Travel and Retail industries.  

12. ThinkSys

With more than seven years of experience, ThinkSys is not just a software testing company but a team of 70+ professionals who deliver QA, DevOps, Analytics, and development services. Their QA expertise extends over localization testing, mobile app testing, automation and performance testing, functional, security, usability and more types of testing. 

Three pricing models and a money-back guarantee provides the company with a competitive edge. Besides, apart from offering their services, the company has designed their own framework for web and mobile development, available for free during the trial period. This tool enables cross-browser compatibility testing, keyword-driven testing, and automated reporting.

With the headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, and more offices in the US and India, the company serves their clients all around the globe. The major of these are Shutterstock, Atlas Financial Holdings, and Nowvel. 

13. QASource

QASource was founded in India in 2002, and today it’s one of the leading software QA companies on the international market. Their vast experience in delivering high-quality testing solutions is based on working with such renowned companies as eBay, Ford, and Oracle.

The company’s services include automation, manual and API testing, as well as mobile QA, security and performance testing, and QA analysis. QASource also practices crowdtesting, providing an on-demand crowdtesting platform for websites and mobile apps.

With more than 900 team members on board, QASource has offices in three countries: the US, India, and Mexico. The company focuses on Cybersecurity, Retail, and Healthcare domains. 

14. Testbytes

A team of 30 testers who love what they’re doing, Testbytes is an Indian company delivering QA solutions for a number of industries, including Ecommerce, Healthcare, and Banking. Almost 10 years of their hard work resulted in 500 websites and 300 mobile apps tested, with 200,000 bugs reported. The company’s services include web, mobile, and automated testing.  

The core values of the company are team spirit and service quality, that’s why they prioritize the individual approach to each customer.

15. TestingXperts

Founded in 1996, the company never stopped expanding and developing. Today, TestingXperts is an international company with 11 offices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, and India. Among their services are functional and non-functional testing, specialized testing, test advisory and consulting, all available under different pricing models. The company is included in the list of Top Software Testing Companies in 2020 by Clutch.

Throughout many years of delivering QA solutions to such industries as Finance, Insurance, Retail, Education, Media, and Healthcare, TestingXperts has successfully completed projects for more than 260 clients. The company has worked with Domino’s Pizza, Hewlett-Packard, Invesco, and 8x8, among others. 

More software testing companies to consider this year: 

16. Testhouse

Testhouse was founded in London, UK, 20 years ago. Since then, this software testing company has won international recognition and opened offices in Los Angeles, Dubai, Trivandrum, and Bangalore. Focusing mostly on Finance, Real Estate, and Transportation industries, the company has successfully completed more than 2150 projects for 300 clients in 20 countries, including such names as Emirates NBD and easyJet.  

With a team of 500 devoted professionals, Testhouse offers managed testing services (functional and performance testing, test automation, etc.), DevOps, digital assurance, and QA consulting. 

17. BugRaptors

In 2016, a team of ambitious professionals decided to establish a software QA company, which resulted in BugRaptors. Today, it is a company of 75+ testers who have successfully delivered QA solutions to more than 500 clients worldwide. BugRaptors is among Top Software Testing Companies in 2020 recognized by Clutch. 

The company provides a vast range of QA services, including consulting, functional and compatibility testing, web and mobile testing, and more. BugRaptors’s primary targets are Healthcare, Ecommerce, Banking, and Media industries. 

18. TestArmy

With 10 years of experience, TestArmy is one of the leading software QA companies on the European market. Based in Poland, this company delivers high-quality testing solutions to clients all over the world, including Philips, Yves Rocher, and T-Mobile. 

TestArmy specializes in QA consulting, functional testing, security and performance testing, test automation, and user survey. Their team believes that establishing close relationships with clients and finding an individual approach to each of them is a key to successful partnership. 

19. Belatrix Software

In 1993, a father and his two sons launched a company focused on industrial process automation for automotive companies in Argentina. As years passed, they switched to providing software product development services. Today, Belatrix is among leading IT companies in Latin America, with 750 employees across three continents. Their software testing expertise includes software QA, automated and mobile testing. 

The company operates in the United States, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Spain, and provides their services to Media, Fintech and Healthcare industries. The list of their clients includes such enterprises as Disney and Adobe. 

In 2019, Belatrix was one of the Top Custom Software Development Companies according to GoodFirms. Belatrix Software was also named the “Company of the Year” at the Annual American Business Awards in 2019. 

20. KiwiQA

A specialized software testing company, KiwiQA is a team of experienced testers who operate in India, Australia, and Norway. The company has won international recognition for delivering advanced QA solutions to such industries as Retail, Ecommerce, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Telecommunications. Their services include automated and manual testing, code audit, mobile testing, performance and security testing, and consulting. 

Clutch listed KiwiQA among Top B2B Service Providers in India in 2019, and Top Software Testing Companies in 2020 based on reviews. 

21. TestMatick

TestMatick is a team of 125 devoted QA experts with offices in Cherkasy (Ukraine), New York (US), and Strovolos (Cyprus). Throughout 10 years of their existence, the company has tested 945 sites for 68 clients around the globe. 

The vast range of services offered by TestMatick include mobile, web and multi-platform software testing, functional and usability testing, and more. Additionally, if you decide to hire a QA engineer for your project rather than onboarding an entire team, TestMatick provides recruitment services for you to find a perfect professional with little to no effort. 

TestMatick is one of the Top Ukraine Software Quality Assurance Companies and features among Top Software Testing Companies in 2020 according to the reviews on Clutch. 

22. CresTech

CresTech was founded in India in 2005 to become an international software testing company. Working with both large enterprises and startups, the company provides QA solutions for Ecommerce, Retail, Media and Telecommunications industries. Among their services are various types of testing, including performance and functional testing of web and mobile applications, as well as cloud software testing.

Since 2014, CresTech has been operating in two countries: the US and India. The company is a nominee for a number of  Gartner and Deloitte awards. 

23. QAwerk

Whether you need mobile software testing, website QA testing, or desktop app testing, QAwerk covers all these services. The company was established in Ukraine in 2015, and even though it is much younger than most companies on this list, rest assured they are experienced enough to deliver excellent QA solutions to companies of different sizes and requirements.

This company is a team of more than 30 testers who have already successfully completed 300+ projects. With offices in the US, Ukraine, and Germany, QAwerk has provided their services to clients in the UK, France, and New Zealand, and is always eager to cooperate with companies from any corner of the world. 

 24. TestFort

Since it was launched in 2001, TestFort, a software testing company from Ukraine, has delivered 800+ solutions to more than 500 clients. With 160 QA engineers on board, they focus on web and mobile application testing, testing documentation, IoT testing, cloud and game testing. 

TestFort is an award-winning company: it has been chosen as one of the Top 20 Leading Testing Providers by The UK Testing Magazine, as well as listed among numerous top software testing companies rated by Clutch. The most notable ones in the list of their clients are Microsoft and Huffington Post.

25. Global App Testing

Global App Testing was two men’s response to low software quality. That’s why, when founding a QA company seven years ago, they set high expectations for their deliverables. 

Today, Global App testing seems to have exceed these expectations: it is a crowdsourcing QA company that unites 25,000 testers all around the globe to provide quality assurance services. Moreover, they have released their proprietary platform for functional testing. 

Global App Testing operates globally from the offices in the UK, Romania, and Poland. Among their clients are such renowned enterprises as Facebook and Dialogue.

26. DeviQA

A Ukrainian software testing company, DeviQA has 10 years of experience in quality assurance. Founded in 2010 by two devoted testers, it evolved into a company of high repute with 100+ employees, who have already worked with more than 500 clients, including We Heart It and Solebit. The company focuses on Media, Social Networks, and Cybersecurity domains.

DeviQA delivers full-cycle testing services, including web and mobile testing, functional and agile testing, DevOps, and more. Recognized for their excellent service, the company received a number of awards and acknowledgements, such as Best Automation Project by the Software Testing Awards in 2019, and  became one of the Top Software Application Testing Firms in 2018 rated by Clutch.

27. Codoid

Based in India, Codoid has been delivering QA solutions for eight years now. A team of more than 80 professionals, they have tested 900+ mobile and web apps for 60 clients so far. The company values innovations and sticks to creative approaches.

Among the services provided by Codoid are various types of QA, such as consulting, testing automation, mobile and web application testing, and other. The company delivers testing solutions mostly for Finance, Ecommerce and Information Technologies industries. 

28. Testrig

One of the leading software testing companies in India, Testrig has five years of experience on the market. Their core values are integrity, commitment, focus, and flexibility. With offices in the US, UK, and India, the company provides high-quality QA services worldwide, to businesses of various sizes, particularly those in Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail, and Ecommerce verticals. 

Testrig delivers such QA services as web and mobile application testing, security and usability testing, automated testing, cloud testing, and other. The company is included in the list of Top India Software Quality Assurance Companies by Clutch.

29. iBeta

iBeta is a software testing company founded in 1999 and headquartered in Denver, CO. With years of experience in providing QA services to companies around the globe, iBeta is a team of experts who have already worked with such world-class clients as Vimeo and Hasbro. 

With the focus on Ecommerce, IoT and Biometrics Systems domains, iBeta provides a vast range of QA services, including accessibility, web and mobile testing, localization testing, brand auditing, and others. The company is the first QA and biometrics testing facility accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In 2019, iBeta was listed among Top Software Testing Companies by Clutch.

30. UTOR

Utor is a young but rapidly developing Ukrainian QA company. Launched three years ago, it quickly won its place on the international market, and today Utor is listed among Top United Kingdom Software Quality Assurance Companies on Clutch, in addition to being recognized by GoodFirms and Upwork. The list of their clients includes companies from Germany, Brazil, and Canada.

Among their services, Utor provide various types of manual and automated testing, as well as performance testing. Their main targets are Finance, Advertising, Education and Ecommerce industries.