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Top 3 Programming Language To Watch Out in 2019

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Every piece of code we software developers wrote/write is largely responsible for the progressive and connected world we are experiencing currently. It changed the fate of the humanity in a big way. So you need to be proud of what you have done and has to act more responsibly, as the whole world is looking towards you to create more magic and enable more innovation.

As the clock is ticking and days are passing by we all are heading for another new year which looks promising and challenging as well. We have seen how AI and ML has been raising lots of hope for all visionaries, how blockchain irrespective of Bitcoin mess is looking to be the most promising tech innovation of the current century.

The whole automation wave is taking industries by storm. While all these promising tech trends are catching all the eyeballs, we must not forget the programming languages & algorithms which are the main driver behinds this phenomenon.

So this article will look into the current and future world of programming languages which are empowering the new generation software developers to become a key player in making this digital world more robust, more connected and more meaningful.

Top 3 must learn Programming language for software developers —


1. Python:

Well python is not new in this world of programming languages. It was Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991, even though it is an old contender, but it always have been in the race from long time, but currently with AI, ML, Data analytics, algorithm based development suddenly catching loads of world attention, it has become the darling for most of the current generation programmers and seasonal coders.



With Industry 4.0 making its way and considering the way automation is becoming such a big priority for business owners looking to scale and grow, python is becoming a extremely relevant for all developers to learn and grow.

It is a real favorite for beginners and experienced developer, not only because of its simplicity to learn, but also because of its ever growing demand .

Python has always been favored for its simple syntax and ease of use and no wonder why it is so popular

Python Application:

1. Data Analytics:

Yes when it comes to data science, statistics, analytics, ML, Pyhton is one of the most legit language to have in your kitty. Yes it does have a tough competition with R. R is a statistical programming language. If you’re into that kind of thing, you could consider learning R.

But python being general purpose programming language is used not only for statistical programming, but is also well suited for building games, websites, business applications, and much more.

It is easily the desirable programming language to add in as a programmer, you will not only earn a lot, but also learn a lot in quick turnaround time. Its value to money and perfect considering the future of the tech world.

2. Web Development :

Python is very well suited for developing web application without much complexity. It comes with rich set of libraries and internet protocols like

  • Requests — An HTTP client library
  • BeautifulSoup — An HTML parser
  • Feedparser — For parsing RSS/Atom feeds
  • Paramiko — For implementing the SSH2 protocol
  • Twisted Python — For asynchronous network programming

It also has a very strong framework like Django, Pyramid & microframeworks like flask and bottle which helps you in quick and efficient web development. You can write CGI scripts, and we get advanced content management systems like Plone and Django CMS in python.

Web development using Python can be easily adopted for any newbie and professionals looking to switch their language.

3. Science and Numeric Applications:

Python is becoming the darling of many data scientist simply because of its library collection designed for statistical and numerical analysis:

  • SciPy — A collection of packages for mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • Pandas- A data-analysis and -modeling library
  • IPython — A powerful shell for easy editing and recording of work sessions. It also supports visualizations and parallel computing.
  • Also, NumPy lets us deal with complex numerical calculations.

4. In Education Sector :

Python is being taught in most of the school & colleges considering the ease it brings to all new learners.

5. ERP Development:

Python is being employed in developing software for business enterprise level solution . Already many popular ERP like Odoo & Tryton exists which is powering small and big businesses managing their entire operation and stock inventory .

Odoo is built on python and is a complete suite of enterprise-management applications in-effect.

5. Games Development:

Yes you can develop games using python even though most prefered framework for game development is Unity, python do have PyGame, PyKyra frameworks for game-development with Python. You also get a variety of 3D-rendering libraries to develop 3D games.

& Many more applications like connecting database, networking, programming, robotics, web scrapping, AI, ML is what makes Python the most robust language to be learned in 2019.


2. Javascript:

This is another strong contender which is swiftly catching up to challenge Python supremacy, and the major reason why it is gradually becoming a favorite choice among developer community is because of its ease and ability to support full stack web & mobile app development

All thanks to the popularity of NodeJs & MEAN technology stack which is quickly being adopted by big tech companies who are building their product using javascript.

With JavaScript, you can make Web Apps, Server Backends, Desktop Apps, and Mobile Apps. There’s hardly any language which gives you such a power to do multiple things with one language .


Let’s see how javascript helps you build a world class and scalable products :

Server-side development:

NodeJS have become a boon for many back-end developer. It gave a very strong base for all JS programmers, helping them build both desktop and server application in JavaScript, without any need of a browser. Yes, JavaScript outside browsers.

Node.Js Vs PHP : Battle of Supremacy & survival_What Is The Need For The Battle Itself

All About Node.Js You Wanted To Know ?_Lot of youth aspires to be a most sought after software developer and so goes on to learn the required programming…

Mobile development:

With the demand of mobile application growing at such a fast pace, there is lot of pressure on corporates and SME’s to adopt Go-Mobile as a strategy for augmenting their growth. To fulfill this ever growing demand many cross-platform frameworks are becoming popular, to cut down on time and cost. AngularJs, React Native using javascript are powering this development strategy to build cool mobile solutions .

React Native is in-fact is becoming very popular among mobile app developers who are looking to adopt cross-platform mobile development apart from learning Native Development using Android & iOS.

3. Blazing Fast JavaScript engines:

All popular browser powerhouse Mozilla, Google, and Apple — they are all competing to build the fastest JavaScript interpreters inside your browsers to ensure browser gets the ability to imitate the environment similar to native apps. They are competing to give web apps the features, speed and peformance, which naturally comes with native mobile apps.

Javascript is empowering the vision of bringing a native app experiencing on browser and making life easier for web developers.

JS FrameWorks : You Must Learn

There are many popular JavaScript frameworks, which made their debut in the recent past has been wowing developers for multiple reasons. One of them is strong adoption of these tech stacks and also the strong community which has been built around JS. So let’s explore some of the popular JS frameworks


This google powered JS framework is one of the leading & hugely popular among a skillful community of developers. Released in 2010, this open-source framework took over with a refined approach of building web applications in least turnaround time. It helps you craft beautifully designed, stable, secure and innovative mobile & web apps.

It gives a completely new life to the HTML code when HTML attributes blend with Angular directives. Plus, it is simple-to-comprehend and easy-to-deploy.


Facebook & Instagaram apps are powered by React.js. It helps you develop scalable apps which accommodates all the dynamic requirement todays programming world.

ReactJS is incredibly reliable and stable. Smooth front-end development and a Virtual DOM implementation are the key reasons that the it is being favored by developers today.


This is one of the easiest frameworks a beginner in the field of programming should consider. It is inspired by frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS and Knockout.js to create an ecosystem that is productive in every respect.


Released in 2012 by Meteor development group under MIT license, Meteor.js is an open-source JavaScript framework making it easy for developers.

It’s a fully loaded framework, extremely stable and uses pure JavaScript to build end-to-end scalable web as well as mobile applications. It covers full stack development resources & provides a myriad of resources, tutorials and packages that can revolutionize your web or mobile app development process.


It was released by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010 under MIT license. This opensource frameowrks is extremely powerful with lots of inbuilt functionalities. It is capable of building a fully functional framework on top of it by writing the code or by using third-party frameworks. Some oof the big giants like Pinterest, Delicious, Disqus, Walmart and Foursquare have adopted it.


Google released this JS framework in 2013 with the aim to extend HTML capabilities via web components. It grants power to developers in structuring custom HTML elements on the basis of browser technologies. The main reasons for its growth lies in its ability to adopt modern and innovative approach to power web development

So if you are looking to have a great career opportunity ahead in 2019 add this full stack develop language and you will never regret. Every JD you will see most of them will demand JS knowledge. So As a result of learning JavaScript, you’ll prepare a rock solid base for your future growth as software engineer.


3. GO: With GO Language

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

It is one of the new entrant in this programming world.

Go was conceived in 2007 and officlally release in 2012 and was adopted at google to improve programming productivity, in an era of multicore processors, computer networks, and large codebases. The designers wanted to resolve common criticisms of other languages, while retaining many of their useful characteristics. like

  • Static typing and efficiency (like C++ or Java)
  • Productivity and ease of use (like Python or JavaScript)[19]
  • High-performance networking and multiprocessing

So it encompass all the ease of python and peformance of traditinal C++ & Java to help you build scalable applications.

This is the language which has raise lots of hope for new breed of coding geeks. I am also quite fascinated by GO and has been lately learning this language having loads of fun. No i am still a newbie but enjoying it and looking forward to fully adopt it.

It is quite new and has yet to catch up with the likes of Python, JS, Java. But it is slowly becoming one of the most promising langauage to learn and adopt in the coming future.

Why GO?

Go’s increasing use is due, in part, to the fact that it is a lightweight, open source language suited for today’s microservices architectures. Container darling Docker and Google’s container orchestration product Kubernetes are built using Go. Go is also gaining ground in data science, with strengths that data scientists are looking for in overall performance and the ability to go from “the analyst’s laptop to full production.”

The Stack Overflow Survey 2017 shows signs of Go’s rise in popularity. Stack Overflow’s comprehensive survey of 64,000 developers tries to get at developers’ preferences by asking about the “Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages.” This list is dominated by newer languages like Mozilla’s Rust, Smalltalk, Typescript, Apple’s Swift, and Google’s Go. But for the third year in a row Rust, Swift, and Go made the top five “most loved” programming languages.

How Programming Languages Are Ranking In Current 2018 Dynamics:

Let’s see top ten Languages of 2018, as ranked for the typical IEEE member and Spectrum reader?

Though python has maintained it popularity for a long time along with conventinals C++ & Java, what is more interesting is the growth JS and GO Lang has been showing they are catching up with incredible pace and i will not be surprised to see them at the top of the ladder in the coming future.




The choice of programming language totally depends upon the purpose of what it is going to be used for and also largely due to th ease of learning and adopting. So go ahead and make your choices based on your personality and market demands. It is good to have deep analysis at your side but at the end of the day it is you who should feel confident and comfortable . You choices will decide your current and future so make it wisely based on your need, research and the kind of growth your are looking for. It should be fully customised to suit your need as an individual.

I see great future for javascript and Go lang going forward. If you need to get into data mining, intelligence and analysis adopt python, R and if you are looking to adopt mobile app developent go with javascript along with native platform like Android & Swift. There is no one clear cut choice in-fact mixing up your skills to suit both front-end & backend needs of current development trends will help you stand out among others.

Leaving you all with this very informative infographcs:


Wishing you happy programming and a great career ahead in 2019 .

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