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My true learning has come from all my failures and now i know what is takes to build a sustainable & scalable technology business. It is all about team, team & team which needs to be groomed and well fed.

My Journey So Far:

It has been 12 years since I started my professional career as mobile app developer, technology has come a long way since then, I have seen the world of mobile phone changing both in terms of memory, screen and performance. Feature phone to smartphone transition has been revolutionary and I have witnessed all these as a developer, tech lead, product manager & now as a product owner.

In this journey I had the privilege of joining a tech startup Twist Mobile in 2009 it was then only a team of 2 people and i was the third one to join. We struggled for the first year of the starting phase with multiple app failures. We then shifted our focus on an image based mobile solution which leveraged not so advanced mobile camera to enhance user picture and make them look smart & funny, it worked wonders and the series of image based app helped our company become a profitable venture and we went on to become the fastest growing mobile company in Asia.

We were the top app publisher and developer on the Nokia Ovi store. But that success soon faded with the market shifting swiftly to smartphones where feature phone sales suddenly fell apart and so were our revenues. We do raised funds from Matrix Partners and become a 200 person company in no time. As the company was going through the some strong transition and scale suddenly things started to look dark for me as my role was limited and so i decided to move on with no idea what i will do next.

Then Mobibit idea was conceived with an intent to build quality games and apps for Android and iPhone users. This decision to start on my own was not easy, there were a lot of tension, anxiety, all kinds of emotions were flowing all around and within me. But due to some financial support from closed family network Mobibit managed to survive and now here I am after running it for 6 years, after serving 50 + Clients, After developing 100+mobile & web apps all complexity, struggling to scale. .

There has been multiple reason for our current situation and no one reason can be clearly pointed out. Is everything lost not at all, we have a trusted brand, good client network, but that is not sufficient, It needs some strong finance infusion which is hard to come by.

Its hard time for me but i have decided to move on to more challenging and bigger role where i can bring all my learnings into practice to solve larger world problems through technology. I have learned to be humble, to be real, to be practical and most importantly, I have made some good friends in this journey which will always be my true asset.

I always say:

Invest in people and relationship building it will always remain your most valued possession, when you will say goodbye to this world

Now I am open to be hired, to offer my services to startups and businesses who are willing enough to have a person like me, who has mostly worked in small technology startups building them from scratch. My decade old experience being a technology leader, I strongly feel can help early growth stage companies to scale to new heights. I always love to act fearlessly taking some bold steps, adapting to new market demands.

I have learned that people up-Skilling at regular interval has to be the key focus area for every small and big level company. As it helps them to be competitive and sustainable. So would love to facilitate such initiatives with full vigor and enthusiasm.

Would you like to hire me ?…

Come I Will Take You Through My Professional Journey….

What Has Been My Major Work Area?

  1. Product requirement analysis
  2. Technical audit & recommendations
  3. Freezing technology requirements
  4. Freezing UI
  5. Drafting Technical Docs
  6. Finalizing Cost & Timeline
  7. Forming Apt Tech Team
  8. Creating Project Management System
  9. Enabling Smooth SDLC
  10. Implementing an efficient client coordination system
  11. Proactive product review and change recommendation
  12. Helping clients get more clarity on project needs dynamically
  13. Creating minimal App Ux Flow
  14. Ensuring project gets delivered on given time frame and if any delay happens preparing an efficient backup plan to minimize the same.
  15. Preparing Business model around product
  16. Market research and aligning promotion strategy through technical intervention.
  17. Acquiring clients and retaining them for longer periods.
  18. Team hiring and retaining.

All in all I ensure software gets into the hands of the real user fully functional and bug free(not claiming 100%, but functional as expected) in smooth and cost effective manner. And ensuring that company is making sufficient revenue out of its technical pool of resources.

Achievements As A Leader :

  1. Built a technology startup Twist Mobile India from scratch to a 100+ people brand. They have been the leading mobile app publisher & distributor backed my Matrix Partner. I have been one of their core founding team members.
  2. Founded Mobibit and helped it sustain purely by bootstrapping. It has served more than 50 clients and has published 100+ mobile apps with 20+ million app downloads to its name.
  3. Have developed, published & managed more than 200 mobile apps covering, BREW, J2ME, IOS, Android, COCOS2DX, Unity platform.
  4. Have been covered in SiliconIndia, YourStory for my product startup Locate(with 2lac+ user base)

Companies Worked In The Past:

2006–2009 : Astute Systems Technology Pvt Ltd

Role: Brew & J2ME Developer

  • Writing optimal code for feature phone using c/c++
  • Understanding technical requirement & implementing it in min turn around time.
  • Testing it for minimal bugs before sending it to QA team
  • Documenting the project after final delivery
  • Developed 20+ Apps some of which were highest revenue generator for the company

2009–2012 : Twist Mobile India Pvt Ltd

Role: Technology Lead In Mobility

  • Developing Games using BREW & JAVA
  • Team building
  • Technology R&D
  • Understanding technical requirement of the client
  • Coding business logic
  • Project delivery and documentation
  • Client Communication
  • Created a team which helped company to become the top mobile app published across multiple store viz, Nokia & Opera

20012- 2018 : Mobibit Softwares Pvt Ltd(Entrepreneurial journey)

Role: CPO/CTO/Product Owner(Have wore multiple hats being a founder)

  • Team Building
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Building client network
  • Product Ideation, designing and development
  • Product Management
  • Have wore many hats as a co-founder
  • Client Communication
  • Client relationship building
  • Business expansion
  • Incorporating upcoming technology in the company
  • Training resources on the new technology

Technology Stack : I have Worked & Have exposure Of:

  • Native Android
  • Native iOS
  • BREW
  • J2ME
  • Angular
  • Node.Js
  • Data Analytics — Learning
  • Blockchain : DApps, SmartContract, ICO, Asset (Intial Phase)

Project Delivered : As a tech leader and founder

Some Chosen One:

Link: Mobile Enterprose App for Closed Network Usage

Zoop India: An Official IRCTC Partner To Deliver Food in Train Via App:

  • We are there exclusive technology partner serving them since 2 years

Train food ordering has never been so easy!!! With utmost care and with tender love, we deliver your favorite food at your seats. So sit back, relax and let us make your journey pleasant and comfortable.

Web Link:

App Link:

Locate : Family & Personal Tracking App

India most loved location tracking solution to help you keep track of your loved ones in real time.

App Link:

WhatAPic: Online Photo Voting & Rating App

Get Real Time Opinion Poll on your pics & products.

App link :

StyleWork : Most Stylish CO-Working Space Booking App:

Book unconventional workspace and do work in a style.

Web Link:

App Link:

99in: Backpackers Hostel

99inn is an initiative of a young traveler who was then joined by his creative friends to make it a reality. 99inn brings together corporate, travelers, artists, backpackers and anyone with ingenuity in them.


FIBC Jobs : By Flexituff International (Public Listed Company):

Project enables, skilled based employee hiring, training and rewarding through mobile app. IT is for enterprise level records management used internally by flexituff international company

Company Web:

App Link :

Our In-House Products:

Laddu Cab : Cab Hailing App

Web Link:

App Link:

App PDF:

PosClix : Mobile & Desktop PoS For Everyone

Locate ERP :

Track your salesforce on field anytime anywhere

Detail PDF :

Mobile Games:

1. Flummox HD:

Match 3 or more identical jewel Totems & crush them.

App Link:

2. Greedy Bunny:

A Physics based action shooting game with extreme adrenaline & adventure to deal with.

App Link:

3. SnowMan Dash :

Play this Classic Side Scroller Platformer game. Go nostalgic with this epic jumping game which brings you back to your old school days. Easy game controls , intuitive game play and challenging levels will keep you engaged for hours.

App Link :

What I Enjoying Doing In My Spare Time ?

  • Technical blogging : I am an active contributor on Medium. One of the top rated writer in technology, startup, business & other categories.
  • Researching on new technology
  • Helping client in their product vision
  • Consulting startups
  • Sharing my life lessons

New Skills Looking To Acquire:

  • Learning Blockchain Development: Already Started
  • Learning MEAN Stack : Just Begun
  • Data Analytics: Planning

Know More About Me:


Twitter :

What Next ?

Looking for bigger opportunity as a technology leader with an established or growing startup in the tech domain where I can bring all my experience into practice to help them scale to new heights. Yes, I am willing enough to move on from my current startup which has shaped me into a strong professional with hell lot of learning.

Hey! Growing startups & business owners will you be willing enough to have me in your leadership team considering my past entrepreneurial stint. If you think so, do reach out to me. Yes, I am willing enough to shed my past behind and move on to new assignments with all my limitations and capabilities.

Mail Me :,

Call Me : +91 9893571021

Skype Me : Pramod.Pandey83

Thanks for your valuable time !…

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