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Top 20 Digital Tools for Brick and Mortar Stores

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There are four essential things that a retailer needs to run a store: products to sell, a good channel to sell those products, a method of promoting those products, and customers to make a purchase of those products.

Just a couple of decades ago, these four things were everything that one
needed to have a successful retail business. However, things have
changed a lot these days.

To be competitive on the twenty-first-century retail market, you have to
have an entire arsenal of digital tools at your disposal to ensure
that your business operates well and receives a steady stream of foot

And here, weโ€™ve compiled some of the best tools in the industry that
you absolutely need to have in your arsenal.


This tool is like Google Analytics for a brick-and-mortar store. It allows
to collect various visitor-related data such as in-store acquisition,
behavioral patterns, time of day preferences, days since the last
visit, visit duration, visit frequency, likelihood to visit, most
visited location, and many more, so you have a complete picture of
your target audience.


Sophisticated big data and analytics technology used in Aislelabs is perfect for tracking in-store foot traffic and other customer-related data with
WI-Fi, sensors, and mobile apps.

3.Simbe Robotics

Tally, a robot produced by Simbe Robotics, is a good option for retailers
who want to automate repetitive and laborious tasks such as auditing
shelves for pricing errors and low-stock items,


Needto predict future demand or optimize inventories? This top-notch big
data predictive analytics platform is a good option for that because
it helps users to gain insights into specific customer shopping,
inventory analysis, and predict demand.


Get access to colorful beacons that send push notifications to your
customersโ€™ phones when they are nearby your store.


is a tool for those in need of an effective counting and conversion
tracking system that provides reliable foot traffic data.


A sophisticated system involving customer route mapping, mobile
marketing, and traffic sensors. The data provided by these tools
allows effective and efficient visitor tracking.

8.Blue Yonderย 

Another leading predictive data platform. Developed in Germany, it utilizes
the power of machine learning to produce valuable insights related to
visitor tracking and store management.


Accept payment both in your store and on the go and manage inventory for
ecommerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

10. Wave Accounting

Track your income and expenses, understand your spending, manage your bank account, and do other accounting tasks with this intuitive tools
designed for non-accountants.


Another powerful accounting solution for both small and large retailers.
Automate tasks such as organizing expenses, following up with
customers, tracking time, and invoicing.

12. Zoho Books

With this online accounting software, youโ€™ll manage your finances and
automate business workflows without an additional training.


Retail & eCommerce customer support solution that involves everything
from phone support and analytics to internal operations and social
media. For example, the tool makes communicating with customers easy
using web, email, chat, social media, or phone.


If you want your visitors to have a chance to search for product-related
data in your store, you need quality interactive retail displays.
This tool is essentially an interactive touchscreen that enables
in-store customers to browse product range, find directions, and make


Get a magstripe reader to accept payments for your products anywhere with this tool. Also, the systemallows to track sales and manage receipts, checks, and gift cards.


Produce effective promotional texts, product descriptions, business plans,
blog articles, and other written materials with this tool.


This is a product management tool for retailers that allows real-time
management by tracking the location and status of your merchandise
through the monitoring of sales, purchases, and transfers.


An intuitive product management system that enables the users to work
from the same page and automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks
such as product management, sales, brand management, vendor
management, inventory management, and others.

19. MarketTrack

This tool uses sophisticated solutions such as ecommerce price tracking
and brand protection solutions for competitive intelligence.

20. Aqute Intelligence

Get insights into competitorsโ€™ operations, pricing, product plans, and
internal structure to get ahead of the competition with this
competitive intelligence tool.

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